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Latest Topics

  • How I blew a threesome because of impatience

    This is a story and a lesson about why you should never be impatient when you are visiting Thailand, and how I blew a threesome with two stunning hotel girls. This was back when I had only been in Thailan...

  • Have You Been Called "Papa" Yet?
    I turned 50 earlier in the year and so far so good regarding been called Papa. So what about the rest of you guys, have you been given this title prematurely and if so how did you feel?

  • honey inn or 247 or lk legend
    I want to stay soi honey area for a change but I'm racked with indecision. I don't care about food or parking. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Still Excited after all these Years

    Well I am flying up from Singapore to Thailand in 7 hours but still woke up two hours earlier than planned with excitement. Like a bairn Christmas morning.After over 20 years coming I still get this??


  • Best quote ever
    As you may have heard, there were some complaints that a leading role in the new Star Wars was given to a chocolate man. He responded to racist critics with the following quote:


    “I’m grounded in who I am, and...

  • More signs you've been to Thailand/Pattaya too much
    1. You automatically and without thinking pepper your every day banter back home with a sprinkling of Thai words and phrases, leaving people with baffled expressions.


    "Mmmmm, that was aroy."

    "Sorry about...

  • black friday
    Off out for a final piss up in swansea before patts for new year.

  • Star tattoos?

    Do you have an idea if the "star" tattoos which some girls have below their eyes have any meaning? Is this somehow a sign for lesbians? Or is this just a kind of make-up fashion trend?

  • Sin Sod for Farang - How much for you?

    Just came from an interesting thread. In the caribean alot of the girls on 'the game' save their

    money as a dowry for their future husbands. Things  being reversed her in Thailand and the

    girls h...

  • Bumping into Bar girls in your own country
    I just had a funny experience.. i was walking home after work and as I was walking I glanced at a hot Thai girl with her bf. She ran up to me and said "i know you!" I asked her how do you know me? She said from Sky Ba...

  • Best place for dating

    Besides Phillipines and Thailand. What is the best place in asia and africa for dating, not mongering?

  • Why some Thai sex workers say they are happy in their jobs

    This article is based on conversations with more than 20 active and former Thai...

  • Legit massage
    Before I get blasted I'm over seas and only have my cell phone so I can't use the search function.

    Does anyone here have any good recommendations for legit massages in patts. I like getting one after a good night...

  • Before you have another drink... look where your ice comes from ;)

  • take it to the LIMIT.. one more time
    Ok so who has actually taken it to the limit ?

    What is your limit..?

    One more time...


    I don't have an actual limit..

  • Have you always held a linear (positive) view on prostitution?

    I'll admit I did not, however that was a long time ago & certainly my travels to LOS have always been on a positive frame of mind.


    While reading through various posts & threads it does...

  • Super Condom can help combat AIDS

    Aiming to increase global use of condoms as a way to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS, researchers including an Indian-American professor have developed a new non-latex condom which contains antioxidants and...

  • top shelf whisky?

    anyone know where in pattaya i could find some nice expensive top shelf whisky?  would love to find  a bottle of craggenmore or yamazaki or hibiki.  didn't have time on my layover in narita to grab a...

  • First Trip to Patts: Solo or with Wingman?
    Hey fellow addicts, I've been following PA daily for a couple weeks and I got to thinking.


    Would you fly or did you fly solo on your FIRST voyage to Patts? First time is exciting and kinda daunting to a newbi...

  • A Little Obsessed?

    Found this on Facebook...




    Who knows the country?

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