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Help Needed from Medical Professionals Here on Cancer Diagnosis


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No, not me. A girl I used to go with got out of the business and had a baby. Now she has been diagnosed with what I believe to be a pre-cancerous condition, but I know there are some medical professionals here who probably will be able to give me a fuller explanation.


She sent me the results of her biopsy:



Clinical Diagnosis:

Gross Examination: (some Thai here, a name?)
The specimen labeled "12 o'clock" consists of a piece of rubbery grey tissue, measuring 0.5 cm. The section is submitted as A.

Histological Examination: (More Thai, similar)
Section of Cervix demonstrates CIN-II. The lower two-thirds of epithelium displays dysplasia, while the upper one-third show normal maturation. They dysplastic cells show loss of polarity and have enlarge nuclei and coarse chromatin. Kollocytes are identified in the superficial cells.

Pathological Diagnosis
Cervix, 12 o'clock, biopsy
-CIN-II with kollocytosis


They say next month they will operate. I assume they'll take out the bad tissue?


Any help would be appreciated. I'm sure they've explained everything to her, but it would be good if I could re-explain.


Thanks in advance.

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Read this: 





Its not cancer, yet anyway. I think usually they do a minor surgery and remove parts of the cervix. Like its mentioned they remove like a cone of the cervix. Follow up is important of course.

90-95% get successfully tretaed with surgery.  

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Thanks. I'll make reassuring noises to her with more confidence.


My Thai isn't good enough to explain fully though.


Edit: she seems reassured.

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Sounds like cervical dysplasia which is precancerous but not cancer. Basically, changes to the cervical tissue. Can be caused by HPV for which there is a vaccine against the nine most common types.


My ex-wife was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia and once she heard '---cancerous' she thought her life was coming to a quick end. It did not. But I think she stressed a decade off her life expectancy.


Ah, and ex-wife managed to conceive and deliver a healthy baby some ten years after the diagnosis/treatment.


Get it treated. She should have her yearly Pap smears and check ups. Recommend she look into the HPV vaccine too; has generated a solid record thus far.

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On a more business side.. does she have the Thai medical card  (they often call if the yellow card)?    


What hospial she goes to will certainly matter in potential outcomes.   Most major hospitals have an oncology department.   The quality of some is suspect.  Had lady freind expereince gross mastectomy, then an infection while hospitalized.. almost died.   


If this girl matters to you, you might wish to have a private hospital take a look see.    But that will cost you.  I am not endorsing any hosipital or staff, just giving you more info: 



" Remember, no matter where you go, there you are " - Confucius

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She matters to me, but they seem to be taking good care of her. She's having an operation next month. Here's what she said:  "หมอบอกว่าแตต้องผ่าตัด" or "The doctor said I need an operation."


I'm not thinking I have to help--I'll leave that to her husband and the Thai healthcare system. They seem to be doing a good job so far with diagnosis and treatment. I'll continue on as a cheerleader.

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I am not a medical professional but have had skin cancer surgery. If someone has anything to do with cancer do it in Bangkok, there is no Pathology in Pattaya. A lesson i almost learned the hard way

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