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Phuket soapies: Pearl Hotel (thumbs down)


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I found websites about this place and figured it'd be worth a visit. There are supposedly only two soapies in the city and this one is the cheaper one "but the girls are pretty". Well well well.


The first time I went there after 11pm. No one around. A cleaning lady told me there were closed already. Ok. So I try again the next day. 6pm this time. No one is around. I walk back and forth the hallway but there's absolutely no one there. Fine. Then I come back after 11pm that night and again, no ladies are working. The same lady is cleaning. She said all the girls must've been working at 6pm. Hmmmmm. 


Tonight I finally got lucky. ... or maybe not really lucky. So this is on the 3rd floor of the hotel. Turn left from the lifts and walk in the room with a sign. The door is open. Four girls to choose from. I didn't see any stunners. I was trying to look very carefully if I could see anyone pretty there. I chose the one that looked the youngest. A MILF in her 30's. Or maybe 29. 


She walks me to one of the rooms on that floor. I'll have to mention that this hotel has seen its best days a long time ago. (so have the ladies) The bathroom is old and filthy but she fills the tub and instructs me to lie on the bed while she gives me a massage. It's very rushed and hurried, her hands moving up and down my back and legs but missing all the critical spots. Not very relaxing huh. Then we're off to the bathtub. It's full to the brim. Imagine the splashes when two people sit down. Half of the water is gone. Anyway, she washed me with soap. No complaints about that but it's not the same experience that you get at a real "soapy massage". There's no mattress, there's no foam, there's no bodyslide, but there is some soap. (Is that enough to call it a soapy?? Or is this Phuket?)


The bath doesn't last long. I don't know why she had to fill the tub only to wash the front side of her customer. No massage, no rubbing, nothing that could be described as "sensual". She was naked but I couldn't call the experience erotic without compromising the honesty of this report. She told me to wait on one of the beds while she dried herself. Yes, there were two single beds in that room. My own room has a big double bed. 


So I wait on the bed. She enters the room wrapped in her towel, finds her bag, puts a condom and lube on the other bed, unwraps her towel, applies that lube, and starts with a BBBJ. It's quite mechanical but it does its job. Then her on top, at least for 90 seconds, then she wants me on top. Yes, the condom is on. She interrupts me after some time to see if I came yet. No, not yet. We switch positions a few times and she interrupts me after 1-2 minutes every time. She's not really listening to me when I suggest things we could do, like kissing or hugging. Having sex with another person is somewhat easier when the distance between you two is minimal. It also feels different. So I try from behind for another minute. Then she gets tried/bored/whatever ... and takes off the condom and sees if she knows how to give me a handjob. No success there but I did get worried a few times. Either she was going to break her palm or she was going to break my pelvic bone. Then she decided that it was enough already. She tried all she could. She doesn't have the skills to do more. I disagreed. It's not that hard to learn how to hug or kiss or even how to not rush throughout the act. I was her last customer so maybe she was in a hurry to go back home? 


Then she goes to the bathroom to take a shower. She comes back and finds me waiting on the bed. She says we're almost out of time. First she says it's 1am already, then it's midnight, ... right. I'm sure it isn't. Then she agrees to give me 5 more minutes to try if I can come. She starts with her hands, then a BJ, but all that time she's too far away from my hands reaching her tits or any other part of her body. I could touch her shoulders but I generally don't find that very arousing. She rolls on the condom but it's too early. You can't get it in before it's hard and it's easier to make it hard before rolling on the condom but tonight's theme was "a rush" so I couldn't change the way things were going. I decide to give up. She invites me to the shower while she takes a third shower during that session. She washes and rinses me and points at my towel. I walk out and find soap all over my butt and balls... I walk back in so she can spend another 10 seconds rinsing the soap off. 


Time to get dressed. I check the time. 23:50. I wait for her to get ready and go. She comes out and we walk back to the lifts. She disappears without saying a word. 




  • Price 2500Baht, paid after choosing the lady.
  • Time spent 45 minutes from payment to the last view of the lady.
  • Very rushed service included a washup in the bathtub, BBBJ, sex in three positions.
  • Service did not include: kissing, hugging, touching, DATY, a farewell.

Just for the record, I did try to suck her nipple. Her reaction was "Ow that hurts". 


I don't know. Is it just me or should I not be happy with this? I guess her service might be ok with someone with an extra 2500 looking for a quickie. But I already know 3 places in Phuket where you get more value for your money. The bathtub just isn't worth it. 










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  • 3 years later...

i think that's the saddest report i read on this website :(

i feel for you bro

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Thanks for the heads up. I actualy thought Pearl hotel soapy was closed down (gone belly up) .

Where are your 3 beter places in Phuket ?

I have 4 very nice places to suggest all with excellent service and value :-

Katherine massage and Escort

The One massage

The Carnation massage

and Nuru massage (Patong)

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16 hours ago, Conceicao7 said:

i think that's the saddest report i read on this website :(

i feel for you bro

Lol. Do you what is also sad? That it took 4 years for someone to reply to him.

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