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Latest Topics

  • Has Patts made you less content at home?

    Does it add to that "grass is greener on the other side" feeling when back home in the West? I'm guessing it probably does

  • Has anyone tried renting condo on Airbnb in central pattaya

    Hi fellas


    for my upcoming trip i was looking to rent a condo of AirBnb in central pattaya

    has anyone of you took this road, was it girl friendly , tell me your experience if possible


  • I just dropped my girl off at the club

    So i'm seeing this freelancer who works  the night clubs in Patong ( groups of 3+ TG's get a free bottle of alcohol in a few of the big name clubs here, so it is quite the incentive for the TG's to frequent th...

  • Clothing Advice for Pattaya - Linen Suits Etc




    My self and the crew need a little advice on clothing for pattaya. I was thinking just flip flops, vests and shorts for day/night wear (as i keep reading, the girls are not...

  • Denmark vs Sweden soccer. Where to watch?
    Greetings fellow PA's.


    Anyone know if theres is a bar we can watch the match between Denmark and Sweden the 15/11? It starts 02:45 here in Thailand. Any info is much appreciated.


    - cheers

  • TGs ain't sure about their own age.
    If you have been using any social/dating apps with TGs, you might read one age. Go to her profile on another site, then you will see another age. Ask her in person, then you might hear a third age. Look at her ID...

  • Thai STD Tests

    Anyone able to enlighten me on these.


    How reliable are the Thai medical side of things?? Ie Would you accept their results as you would with Farangland medical operations??


  • what dietry supplements do you use to build up your load b4 arriving at LOS

    Liken a training before climbing Mt Everest!


    I use these to charge up for a month before hitting Patts



    1) Tongkat Ali

    2) Ginseng

    3) Zinc


  • Win a ST BF @ Sexy in the City!...

    As the title says, I have a free, short time bar fine, up for grabs, if you can name the bar/restaurant  breakfast!..



    • Back side of a cow
    •  Not quite kosher

    • Am i going to the wrong places - advice please

      Guys whats going on, I have been coming to pattaya about 3 times a year for the past several years. Initially when i came, every trip was just amazing, Felt like a king in the sense of how the girls made you feel a...

    • r.u.a lover or a fighter?

      i love to get my daily fix of PA but i am amazed sometimes at the amount of aggression shown towards fellow members.i know many topics could have been researched better or sometimes people are quite green and ask w...

    • xmas new year hotel

      just been giving 15 day stand down over xmas new year booked flight

      when i come i stay at flipper lodge but they booked out for that time of year

      can anyone help me with good hotel to stay. like to st...

    • Thai Girls have Amazing Memories

      I am constantly amazed in how TG seem to remember everyone and everything.  Yesterday, I went out and had a couple of beers before going to dinner.  First bar I went into, a girl that I have not seen for...

    • What percentage are 9 or 10 out of 10 for you?
      I have started this tread based on a recent comment "another PM newbie over planning!" on a thread. The PM obviously has his own reasons for asking for information. Judgemental comments based on your feelings or busi...

    • Are you happy with your life and how it has turned out (so far)

      How do you feel about your life so far and how it has turned out? Any regrets? Are you in general happy nowadays? Ups and downs? Would have done things differently? This goes for young board members too, who have m...

    • Thoughts about women back home when returning

      Was thinking how you guys view the girls back home in your own countries after being in Pattaya!


      What kind of differences between cultures and the way home country girls conduct themselves?

    • Green Signal Suite

      Anyone know anything about the green signal suite? can't seem to find much info around here on it. location good? rooms nice and clean? any info is appreciated

    • view talay 6

      Hi    I have just booked view talay 6   arrive on the 23rd dec for 10 nights

      I booked with honeys and paid 19500 baht  the condo is on the 14th floor Hilton side


    • Apartment for a month under 40k baht?
      Any recommendations for apartments/condo with AC, and wireless Internet service for a month for under 40k baht? Near or in the action?

    • Fingering another guys BF.
      Wanted to mention this so I can get a good view of was I wrong or was it slightly abusive to the girls.


      So at windmills in the back end of my last trip and BF a naughty devil who would do anything, even lettin...

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