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Additional documentation now being required for extensions of stay?

G Baht

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On 23 October, Pattaya City Expats Club reported the following:  “We confirmed with the head of Chonburi (Pattaya) Immigration that they are now requiring evidence confirming that you actually live at the address shown in your documents (lease, ownership papers, recent bill from service provider such as TOT, CAT, TrueVision, etc.)  So expect to be asked for such evidence – for renters, we were advised that they are asking for a letter from your landlord and a copy of your landlord’s Thai ID card.  If your landlord is not Thai, they will probably want a copy of their passport face page in lieu of a Thai ID Card.  However, a report received from someone who renewed last Monday said they only asked for his rental agreement - nothing from his landlord. Our advice is to renew early to give yourself time in case they ask for additional documents to confirm you live at the address.”


I've renewed my annual extension of stay for the purpose of retirement ("retirement visa") twice since moving to Pattaya, and each time I was asked to provide proof of residence...Chonburi Immigration (Jomtien Soi 5) accepted a copy of my monthly True Visions bill both times.  Curious to learn if any BMs have been asked to provide a letter from their landlord along with a copy of their landlord’s ID when renewing your annual extension of stay (for the purpose of retirement). TiT…it’s always at the discretion of the immigration officer to request additional documentation...your experience may vary.

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I had to provide a copy of my landlords Tabien Baan and ID card along with a copy of my lease when I got my recent 1 year extension of stay based on retirement. So I can confirm that this new requirement is very much in effect.

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Did my extension to stay about two weeks ago. Supplied a copy of my True invoice, like I've done for the past five years with no issues or problems.


Side note. Got the extension to stay just before I headed back to the States for my once a year visit. On returning to Thailand last Friday they stamped my passport with Admitted Until 16 Nov, 2015, the expire date of my Re-Entry Permit and my previous extension to stay. When I pointed out on the next page my new extension to stay is for 16 Nov, 2016 they told me I'd have to go to Pattaya immigration on Monday to fix. Not sure if they were being lazy or there's something I'm not understanding about the Admitted Until stamp. Anyone have a similar problem?


Edited to add: Back from a visit to Pattaya Immigration and the end result is I no longer have a valid Non-O Visa. Still trying to wrap my head around how a Re-Entry Permit with a valid until date of 16 Nov, 2015 expired on 29 Oct. Not wanting to hijack this thread with OT info, I started a new thread Gotcha With Extension To Stay And Re-Entry Permit Valid Until Dates with the details.

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