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Latest Topics

  • Pattaya empty

    Why do pattaya feel so empty? Just take central festival as a example. Any other mall like that in a similliar big city in that good location would be packed with people, with or without tourists. But central festi...

  • What Will Your Thai Stunner Look Like at 68 years old?

    woops! i just noticed this has been posted before, so please delete!

  • Thailand's roads second-deadliest in world, UN agency finds

    Shouldn't come as a surprise to even the most casual of observers.


  • To what extent are you a closet monger?

    I'm curious how much information mongers share with their social circles back home.  Does everybody know you bang Thai girls or is it a total secret? Does your mother or father know?   Your brot...

  • BBC to block VPNs

    BBC shuts off iPlayer to UK VPNs, cutting access to overseas fans Terror as millions of expats suddenly silenced


  • How long, after arriving in Patts, before your drinking and oggling women?

    I usually fly with EVA so get to Patts about 5.30pm.

    I pack my case so the clothes I'll be changing into are on the top. I turn the shower on when being shown around the room. I'm in the shower 5 seconds aft...

  • "dont do that..."
    ok usually im an optimist but other times I can be a cynic...


    I went for a massage today and while the sweet girl was giving me a BJ she would intermittently whipe my cock with a rag to wipe my pre cum and her...

  • Exposing the Pattaya Inflation Myth

    Thread after thread we hear how Pattaya has gotten more and more expensive since the "good old days". I only first came here 10 years ago, so I can't compare to the Pattaya of 15 or 25 years ago. But during that te...

  • Cambodia IP's cannot access PA via web or Tapatalk - Great Firewall?

    Since yesterday it seems that we in Cambodia cannot access PA via a browser ( multiple browsers tried ) or via Tapatalk ( diff phone companies data plans )


    Get this


  • Get with the program
    As my 4th trip is fastly approaching (t minus 30 days) I've been on this site more than usual, reading trip reports and posts.


    I'm not too young @ 31, but as I've become more experienced with the Patts scene I...

  • Thai police nab masked Australian man Zachary Cronin robbing Bangkok bank

    A YOUNG Australian has been arrested in Bangkok after allegedly robbing a bank using a fake gun and weari...

  • Learning Thai
    At 41, I have made the decision to sell my share of my company and want to move to Thailand for at least a year and study. I have informed my business partners that I will not be returning after Christmas and to get t...

  • Reclined Seat Rage Allegedly Leads To Mid-Air Choking on Southwest Flight From Los Angeles

    I'm surprised more of these things don't happen.


  • SAS - who dares wins
    It's on the telly right now! Could everyone watch it and see if they recognise any faces from Pattaya?


    I have met two 'EX SAS' in Pattaya myself....

  • Simon 1 beer bars
    Hey guys can anyone tell me where abouts Simon 1 is situated. I only know of Simon complex on Walking Street across from Alcatraz is this the same place or not? Thanks in advance

  • Pickpockets in Beer/Go Go Bars or Clubs

    Sorry if this isnt in the correct section. I didn't know where to post it.


    Anyway.... has anyone had an experience or been a victim of having their pockets rinsed by thai girls in any of the Ba...

  • Dangers of riding a motorbike in Thailand
    On your bike! Moped rider begs mercy from angry elephants who attacked him because they are sick of noisy motorcycles in national park
    • ...

    • Beachroad gals using my toothbrush

      I should explain that 1 or 2 holes with the Coconut Bar ladies never seems to be a problem for me. But when I try the 3rd hole, more than one has interrupted me with "I go shower tootbrush come back". They usually...

    • Cheap flights from UK

      Heads up.

      Just booked and got that "happy feeling."

      Quatar airways have some very well timed short stopover flights available from Manchester for Middle to end Jan 2016 . (£419 to £439)

      Try Exp...


      Hi there PA members I have been going back and forwards to Pattaya for about 15 years and I will admit that I am not as

      young as I was well 15 years older now 60 but it seems to me that Pattaya is chang...

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