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Military re-education camps: Farangs Next?


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Interesting article on military (re-edcuation) response to citizens using social media and causing Thailand to lose face. 


Photo gallery in full article kind of suprising, time are changing. 


But come to think of it, maybe Thais are on to something.

  • Online bully..to boot camp. 
  • Sex revenge postings...to naked boot camp in Jungle:)

School hazing gets stern penalty in military-ruled Thailand (AP 04-10-15)


Full article here




The military junta that seized power over a year ago pioneered the idea of "attitude adjustment" as a technique to silence critics. The junta summons politicians and others who voice dissent to military bases where they are typically incarcerated several days, interrogated and made to "confess" to their transgressions and sign a contract to not repeat them — a practice that has been widely criticized by human rights groups.


Now there are signs that the mentality of military rule is being applied to civilian issues — like college discipline.  For the students from the film school of Bangkok's Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, a three-day boot camp included reprimands, public humiliation and a grueling endurance test.


"We're not telling our film students don't make creative films, but in Thailand there are social limits. They need to be creative within the limits," said Chin Tangtarntana, a lecturer in cinematography and one of several professors who chaperoned the 3-day session last month that included silent meals and group lodging on a barrack floor lined with mattresses. "We have to reset their clocks. That's why we're here, to rewind. We're saying, 'Go back. Start over. OK, now be creative.'"

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Lot of the youngsters in Thailand (or all around the world for that matter) could do with some education on how to behave on social media . 


The girlfriend shows me a movie today on Facebook of an adult guy (18/19) with a knife taped to his hand and a sword in the other bullying

two 14/15 year old kids half his size . Hitting them on the head with the sword , absolutely disgusting behavior . Some other moron is filming

it and puts it on Facebook ... about time something is done about this . 

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Yeah I can imagine it, "the floggings and sleep deprivation will continue until behaviour improves"  !  LOL.

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Social media was the fuel that led to the  Arab Spring democratic uprisings  in Middle East  , in 2010 /11 . Any social media controls that the Thai Military put in place would be so the same thing doesn't happen in Thailand ...is that really a such a bad idea , bearing in mind how badly things have now developed in the Middle East  ?



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