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Latest Topics

  • i love living in Vietnam even the dj is hot :)


  • Western Girls changing their Mentality?

    I am wondering do you guys think over time with women in our own Countries will eventually change their mentalities on how they treat their man being that  more and more men realizing that the only thing they...

  • Buddhist Lent Day (Wan Awk Phansa)

    According to http://www.boomboomme.com/resources/holidays/thailand/starting in 2015 the holiday on October 27 this y...


    One of the reasons I come Thailand is dancing its  a passion and at 58 its a bit hard in Fortitude valley mixing it with the young bucks! .

    Got in there at midnight plenty room on the dance floor during...

  • Massage final act: what do you do with your hands?
    So she is going to town on your manhood...are you massaging her breasts, trying to finger her, trying to kiss her or do you keep your hands respectfully at your sides?

  • Road rage video goes viral



    Ronnie Pickering :GoldenSmile1:

  • Who is the hell is this guy?

    Almost every time I have been to Patters I have seen a white  guy on Walking Street who sits outside a shop, and he seems to do nothing. He is sat there wearing a a luminous workmans jacket with a  helmet...

  • russias intervention in syria
    was just watching the news and heard putin speaking about the syria conflict.at last a bit of common sense.

  • Pattaya bay resort If you can tolerate the noise of construction

    If you can tolerate the noise of construction is the Pattaya bay resort still good place to stay, its just so cheap for a hotel and in a great location

  • I've found out what's important in life.

    For the last few years I've stopped mongering,


    I've been in a loving relationship with my University educated 26 yr old Thai Girlfriend.


    I"ve spent more time with my family...

  • Mini TR, BKK vs Pattaya

    Just got back from a mini trip where I was looking for room in Pattaya that I might be interested in buying or renting. Was only there for a couple nights and only went to Walking Street both nights. I'm an avid BK...

  • T.I.E Bar

    Can anyone tell me where this bar is? I can't remember ever seeing it on previous trips. I've done a search and nothing comes up.


    Thanks in advance

  • 5 thai kids knifed to death

    What a horrible thing here, cant download but Yahoo.com has info, a 24 year old mentaly ill guy has lost the plot and stabbed these infants to death and the pregnant lady who was caring for them was knifed but up t...

  • Whats the matter with the Forum ?

    So many errors that don't seem to be being addressed ? Or has someone seen the writing on the wall with the Thai Government threatening doom and gloom on a single gateway blocking certain sites.

    I was going...

  • Costs of Going LLT with a TG

    Just after some consensus from those who have went LLT with a TG before and the financial costs involved


    Upcoming trip I am planning on taking a TG with me and heading off to various parts of L...

  • Weather

    Hi guys, 


    Please can anyone on the ground tell me what the weather is like atm? I saw some pics last week of flooding and the forecast is thunderstorms and rain now and the next few weeks....

  • 7 Reasons Why Americans Retire in Thailand

    I love it how these types of articles always, always, leave out one of the biggest reasons why, the women (bargirls and all).


    Some articles conveniently group P4P into the 'n...

  • Three day rule
    How many stick to the 3 day rule? I don't stop in Patts for long only a couple of days usually as I use it to relax after backpacking around Asia. I know lots of lads who reckon it's really hard to stick to especiall...

  • JP bar
    did the infamous tardis (JP bar) get raided last week or just another untrue rumour?

  • Note to mods

    I wasn’t sure how to contact the guys that run this form or if this has been discussed before so I’m just posting here, hope that’s OK.  Anyway, since the forum came back online the quote function has looked d...

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