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A Muppet in Angeles City 2014 Trip Report

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This was my cherry trip to Angeles City, Philippines. It took place in April 2014, but I wanted to post it here so people could read it. A lot of people found it very funny and entertaining. It contains a lot of humor, bareback fucking, bargirl banter and pesky Koreans. I started off posting live, but had to finish it off when I got home. On the first few days, I forgot to take pics of the girls, so the pics start on Day 4.


In Angeles City, there are basically 3 main areas:


1. Fields Ave/Walking Street - Mostly nighttime Go-Gos, pretty much like Walking Street in Pattaya.

2. "Blow Row" - Raymond Street and Santos Street - BJ Bars open 24 hours (800 peso ST)

3. Perimeter - Long stretch of road with daytime bars/gogos opening around 2pm and closing around 10pm. (Barfine 1500 approx, then tip to girl) There's also a small section of bars on Perimeter called "Koreantown".


I was staying on Perimeter and only took girls from Perimeter or Blow Row. However, I did it all wrong. The proper way to monger in Angeles is as follows: Go to Perimeter around 2pm, select a girl, hang out all day with her and get 2 pops out of her. Then let her go around 10pm and go down to Fields. Select a girl from the Go-Go bars, take her home for 1 pop, sleep with her overnight, then fuck her again in the morning and let her go.


Transport from Fields to Perimeter is by trike and it cost 100 pesos per trip.


All prices are in Philippine pesos. (100 pesos is approx 75 Thai baht or just over 2 US dollars)


I hope you enjoy my adventures and if you're interested, you can find my other trip reports in my signiture. 

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Enjoying this , thanks . 

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Day 3


I had breakfast in Puzzles Cafe (beside the Phoenix hotel) - Burger, fries and coleslaw for around 250 peso. Then took a trike down to Walking Street. Had two beers in Paradise Beer Garden (65 peso each) and went for a massage in a little pink place across the road called Imee massage. Full body massage was 500 pesos and there was no pair of shorts for me to put on, indicating possible extras on offer. The massage girl was young, thin and kind of cute. When I turned over and she saw my erection, she kept asking me "you ok sir?" and seemed to be prompting me to ask for extras. I guess if you want extras, it's not like Thailand. You really have to be proactive and speak up. I only wanted a massage, so I didn't bite and gave her 100 tip at the end. It was a good massage, but there are cheaper options on Walking Street.
Had lunch in El Nida's. Food was lukewarm but tasty and extremely cheap. For some pork and noodles plus a coke, I think it cost less than 100 peso. If you're a monger on a tight budget, this is the place to eat. Rock bottom prices for lukewarm food that won't give you the shits. When I tipped the girl behind the counter 20 peso, she turned around to the other local in the place and said sarcastically, "look here is my tip." 
Took a trike back up to perimeter and went into Candy Bar. It was around 3pm and there were about 8 other customers and approx 10 girls dancing on stage. The selection here was good, all of them young and with good bodies. Beer was 65, LDs 125 and barfine 1500.
I picked a little 18 year old with a cute baby face named Jenna, called her down from the stage and bought her an LD. After talking for a bit, I asked about barfine and she told me she was on her period and couldn't go with me. Another girl finished dancing and sat near us during her break. It turned out this was Jenna's cousin, Sol. I have no idea if they really were cousins, but when I questioned it, they showed me their nipples. "see, same same nipples," they said. Their nipples were identical, so I guess that proved it.
Looking closer at Sol, I saw that she looked good. I though there was something genuinely beautiful about her. She had good bone-structure in her face and her stomach only had a little barely noticeable stretched skin, indicating she had a baby. I thought I might barfine her instead. At first, the girls were a bit quiet, but when I started making boom-boom, pussy and ass jokes, they livened up. It seems like this is the level of conversation the bargirls are comfortable with. The cousins wanted me to take them both for threesome and the idea grew on me. Jenna said she would kiss and suck me while her cousin fucked me.
I asked them if they ever boom-boomed Indian men and they said, "no don't like indian men." I told them "Sometimes in Thailand, Indian man barfine one girl and back in hotel, 5 indian men are waiting. All boom-boom one girl." Jenna was wondering how this worked. I told her "One two three in mouth pussy ass, what about four and five?" She started miming wanking off two guys with her hands and both of them fell about laughing. I told them, "Don't worry, I am like Korean man. 3-3-3. 3 inches, 3 minutes. 3000." They got a good laugh out of that. After a lot more talk like this, I decided to barfine the cousins for threesome, paid up 3000 plus drinks and we walked short distance to the hotel.
"Yay! Boom-Boom in Boom-Boomerang," said Sol.
After a quick shower, I tried out my stock joke about Obama coming to AC for boom-boom. "You know who Obama is?" I asked. Jenna's sweet innocent baby face lit up and she yelled, "yeah! nigger!" I just about shat myself laughing. These bar girls don't go in for political correctness.
This was my first threesome and I really enjoyed it. Jenna took off her top but kept her shorts on. Sol got naked. While Jenna kissed me and sucked my nipples, her cousin sucked my cock and licked my balls. When it was time to fuck, Sol insisted on a condom. While I banged her, Jenna went in and out of the bathroom and lay on the bed beside us with her back turned. So it wasn't a genuine threesome, but I enjoyed it and when I eventually blew my load, Sol was covered in my sweat.
(I didn't take any pics of the girls, but here are some pics of Sol, taken when I barfined her again, later in the trip.)
After the boom-boom, the cousins started hinting at how they wanted me to take them bar-hopping, followed by disco in High Society. All I could think about was how much this was going to cost me. They were hungry so they wanted to eat first. We too a jeepney to Fields and the girls brought me to a cheap Filipino restaurant. To get there, you go down the side street beside Mini-stop. About 7 shops down, there is a little local restaurant with a woman's name on the sign, something like "Jenny's". Dinner for 3 including soft drinks was 285 peso and no tip required. The pork and rice I had was really good and the girls said they ate there many times. I didn't suffer any ill effects, so this is definitely a hidden gem for the monger on a budget. The food was much better than El Nida's.
Went into Voodoo first. 3 San Miguel Lemons for 315 peso. The girls on stage were all older and sporting big bellies. The cousins were not impressed. "This is like Midnight Rock," I said and they almost fell out of their seat laughing. They didn't like the music so we moved on to Equus and I shelled out for another 3 SM Lemons. The girls on stage were nothing special. The cousins were the best looking girls in the place. It was kind of draining, trying to keep two bar girls entertained and I was getting tired fast.
Sol started telling me her life story. At 16, she had 2 kids with a 30 year old filipino guy and was with him 4 years until he started taking drugs, broke her arm and she left him. She sent the kids to her mother and started working in bar. She had a 3-month relationship with an Australian and an 8-month relationship with a German. Both of them left her and she is unwilling to fall in love again unless she can trust the guy and yap yap yap yap yap. After a while, I was bored and I was also tired from getting up so early. I wanted to go back to the hotel to rest. The cousins didn't like this, but they didn't object either.
Back in the hotel, I didn't have the energy for another round and the cousins were hinting that they wanted to leave. I let them go without a tip and they didn't ask for one. They were so happy about being allowed to leave early that they kissed the tip of my dick and sang a song about how much they loved me before they went. They said they were going home, but I'm sure they went to meet up with friends in High Society disco.
After a few hours rest, I was wandering around with nothing to do and decided to pop into Club Rio. Although I wasn't in the mood to fuck, I thought I might let one of the girls suck on my balls for a while. When I walked in, I was shocked to find what was probably the greatest floor show in AC. Three of the girls were dancing topless on the makeshift stage. Their faces, tits and lower bodies were nothing much to look at, but the atmosphere was excellent. They were doing little synchronized dances that they had choreographed themselves. Make no mistake, this wasn't high class fields entertainment, this was sleazy back-alley fun, mostly due to one of the girls who works there. She is a hyperactive loudmouth, always screeching and shouting for attention, but tonight she was conducting the filipino hooker equivalent of a comedy act (while dancing topless) and she had the place in stitches. 
There were only approx 7 foreigners, a smattering of other BJ girls and a few local men and women (who probably work at the bar) but she was entertaining them all, keeping them on the edge of their seats wondering what she would say or do next. She was stalking up and down, doing silly dances, joking with the customers, singing the wrong lyrics, harrassing the staff etc. It was the most energy I've ever seen a bar girl give. I was truly impressed. There was a guy in his 30s sitting at the front of the tiny stage and his father was sitting beside him. During one song, she was singing "20 dollars in my pocket" and pointing at him. He gave in to the pressure and slapped 20 pesos on the bar for each girl. The loudmouth picked up her money and yelled "I said 20 dollars not 20 pesos!" She continued making fun of him, saying "oh 20 pesos. thank you so much sir. is this straight from your heart? let me dream of all the things i going to buy with my 20 pesos!" The entire bar was roaring with laughter.
At the end of the night, I gave her a 100 peso tip and asked her if she did this show every night. "only when i feeling drunk and crazy," she replied. I asked again about the barfine and she told me it was 1300 to do it on the premesis and 1500 for take-out. 

This would be Joanna... Lovely person but a source of tension with the other girls.. She was the catalyst for a group of them to move round the corner to XXX

(Due to popular demand, Day 4 will come with a couple of pics. Stay tuned.)
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Mr Wombat

Great read Muppet. How many baht is 100 pesos?

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Day 4
Breakfast in the American Legion restaurant, around the corner from Boomerang hotel. Fried chicken, french fries, coleslaw and a bread roll for 220 peso. Food wasn't amazing, but it will do for the monger on a budget.
Took a jeepney to Fields and wandered down to Raymond Street, which has 4 bargain basement bars. 3 of these were closed for a month after being raided, but they're open again. They used to be named Jumpin Jack Flash, Aby Lyn and Lovely Paradise, but they've all been renamedThe fourth one, Prince of Wales didn't get shut down and still has the same name. Jumpin Jack Flash is now called Sea Lord. Aby Lyn is now Love Knots. Lovely Paradise is now Affection Night (The girls in Prince of Wales told me they call it "infection night")




I sat down in Prince of Wales, had a beer and started chatting to the girls. A big fat British guy came in with a bag of toblerones for one of the girls. The presents turned out to be for the ugliest, fattest girl in the place. She was like a Filipino Shrek, but "Brit Fatterson" seemed to be smitten with her. He sat down at the table beside me with his hideous turd straddling him like a hippo balancing on a whale. 
I was chatting with two girls, Jelli (around 22) and G (around 32, she claimed). Their bodies were out of shape and their faces were too, but this isn't Beauty Contest street. None of the girls I saw in this bar are good-looking. No stunners, no cuties, just uglies and not-so-uglies. One younger girl had weird scabs on her legs, as if she had some kind of disease. If I was looking for the bottom of the barrel, I think I may have found it. They told me the other bars were closed down for underage. Their own bar didn't get closed because "no underage here". The mamasan of Aby Lyn is still in jail. The owner won't pay to get her out. "nobody care about her," they said. When I said that the owner should pony up the cash, they told me the mamasan was taking all the girls tips and commissions, so the girls don't want her back anyway. The banter back and forth with these girls was a lot of fun and they were full of quick quips. When one old punter walked past, G yelled out "hey sir check out Our bar and if you don't like it then check out our CR!" "And our swimming pool out back," yelled Jelli. G was joking around, telling me she was a cherry girl. "Well, I'm a cherry boy," I told them. "I'm saving my ass for a rich Korean." "Let me take your cherry," said Jelli and she held up her fist. I bought some street food for all the girls which cost me 10 peso each. After a lot more pussy and ass banter, I decided to take Jelli and G for a threesome. "and you want me to lick her?" Jelli asked eagerly. "no! no! i don't want!" protested G. The mamasan of Prince of Wales was a wizened old crone who looked about 80. When I was paying the barfine, she told me to stop looking at her tits or I'd have to barfine her as well. The bill was 800 pesos each for Short Time.
We took a trike back up to the hotel and in the room, the two girls were a lot quieter. They weren't up for any lesbian stuff and seemed kind of shy. I chased G around the room and started biting her ass-cheeks to break the ice. G gave me a blowjob and licked my balls while Jelli kissed me and licked my nipples. Then they changed places. While sucking my cock, Jelli drooled all over my balls. She kept cleaning the drool off my cock with a towel. I noticed it was my towel, not their towel. Tossing G on the bed, I took a close look at her pussy. Despite her face, she had a good-looking pussy and yet again, I went in bareback. While I fucked her, Jelli lay beside us and watched. After a while, she curled up and turned her back to us. "Did you think I forgot about you?" I said, slapping her ass. She wiped my cock with the towel and after a quick pussy exam, I went into her bareback as well. After fucking her for a while and a quick wipe with the towel, I was back inside G and decided to give her my sperm. At that point, I had only been with them for about an hour, but I was spent and let them go. There were a few loose coins on the bedside table. G picked them up and asked, "money for jeepney?" I gave them 100 peso instead and said, "Why not take a trike?"


I took some photos of them. Jelli is on the left and G is on the right. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't Touch them with your dick, but this is all in the name of research.




Lunch in Myrnaki greek restaurant, down a side street. Had Mousakka for 300 peso. They also do Filipino food. Went into Nasty Duck and found 6 smiling girls shuffling on stage. They were all young but 4 of them were chubbs.  Unfortunately, there were no other customers, so the girls, the waitresses and the mamasan all stared at me expectantly while I drank my beer and tried to look relaxed.


Dinner in Boomerang hotel. Beef Carpacio for 310 peso. I have to say, the food was piping hot and tasted great. One good thing about the Boomerang is its location. Right beside Nifty's and Rio, so you can roll out of bed, crawl across the road and have a mouth on your cock in 60 seconds flat. When I crawled into Nifty's today, 3 girls pounced. Jane, who I had been with previously, another girl with a nice ass and a third named Rachel or Rochelle, who was young and would have been cute if she didn't have some kind of lumps or acne on her cheeks. They massaged my cock through my pants and wanted LDs. I bought them 3 LDs, which turned out later to be DLDs (Double Lady Drinks). They cost me 750 peso total and I was kicking myself for falling into the old trap. (Watch out for this in Nifty's and Rio. If you don't specify Single Lady Drinks, they'll make them doubles).

Although I was pissed off, I eventually agreed to barfine the one with the cute ass because she promised to tongue my asshole for me. Her face was allright, definitely not ugly, but the wrong side of beautiful. She was one of those hispanic-looking filipinas. In the room she seemed to really want only one shot, asking "how many times you boom-boom short time? one, yes?" I joked with her, saying "I am like Indian man, I boom-boom five times for short time." but then I told her I would let her go after two shots. In the shower, she said she was 34 and had a 15 year old daughter. It took her a while to convince me this was true, because she only looked 24 at the most.


While I was towelling off, she asked me, "did you washed your ass?" "Yes, of course I washed it," I lied. She started off with a good BJ, sucking my dick, sucking my balls and did a little tentative ass licking. Then, she stuck her finger in my ass and licked my balls while I jerked off. She insisted on a condom and had a medical lecture ready for me if I didn't agree. The fucking commenced and after a while, I could feel the tip of my cock rubbing against her cervix. This sent her wild and she grabbed my ass-cheeks and started pulling me in deeper. "yeah yeah fuck me more more." After she came, I pulled out and she spread her legs and began flicking her clit and thusting her gaping pussy into my face. I think she came again, so I put my cock back in and blew my load. 
After the sex, she seemed a lot more affectionate. She was all over me, kissing and hugging. She told me "jane say you good boom-boom". (Jane was the previous girl I took from Nifty's). She was also very concerned about how good she was compared to Jane. "how many times you cum with jane? she better than me, no?" I told her they were the same and said I might barfine both of them and hold a competition to see who was the best. She was delighted with this and started imagining how the competition should be held. "we blowjob together or one after one?" We fucked one more time, but I was so worn out from her that I couldn't finish. "you done! you done, i win!" she shouted and then gave me a high five. I let her go and gave her 200 peso tip.
I was hungry, so I made my way to Porky's, which is a new place that deserves some discussion. It's beside Midnight Rock. The setup is very different to the other bars. It's more of a traditional western sports bar with no dancers but a lot of pretty waitresses who are very friendly and talkative. Beers are 55 and LDs are only 100. They have a pool table, play 80s/90s music on tv and their kitchen serves a tasty selection of food (same as Bunny's Burgers, if you like that). I got a big portion of special fried rice for 170 peso.




Porky's was packed when I was in there and most of the customers were foreigners in their 50s/60s. They were having fun with the girls, flirting and dancing with them and it had a really good atmosphere, much more relaxed and fun than the usual bar setup. Seems like a good place to have a meal, meet some cute girls and have a laugh with them. I was talking to one waitress and she said they had been open for 2 months. She said Porky's owner was an Australian, a nice guy to work for and the girls got paid more than if they were working in another bar. She said had been a bar girl for 2 years. She used to work in Ice Bar and one other bar. There was no LD pressure, but I suppose if you don't buy a LD, the girls will naturally wander off to talk to other customers. (This girl also said they can go for barfine, but they are not under pressure to do it. If they don't like the guy, they don't have to go with him. I found out later that this wasn't true at all. You can't barfine these girls, but if they like you, you can arrange to meet them after work and go on a date with them).
To finish off the night, I chose to get an outcall from VIP massage. I got their number from the Pattaya-Addicts forum. The number is 09278712030. They only do outcall service. You call them and the girl comes to your hotel. Prices are: 300 for 1hr, 400 for 1.5hrs and 500 for 2hrs. I called and 20 mins later a girl showed up. She was not beautiful, but she was small, thin, young and cute. She gave me the best massage I've received so far in AC. I asked for hard and she gave me hard, surprising me by how strong she was. I was nude for the massage, lying on the hotel bed and she put a towel over me. Half-way through, I got an erection, but she ignored it. I'm not sure, but it seems like there are probably no extras on offer. I didn't ask for any and she didn't prompt me.

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... Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't touch them with your dick ...



You're dam right you wouldn't Touch them with my dick ... 555 . 


Keep it coming  :WinkGrin1:

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Day 5


Breakfast in Puzzles Cafe again. Burger and fries 215 peso. Side of potato salad 55 peso. Nice and clean place with good selection of food. Popped into Porky's for a beer at 2pm, just as they were opening. Two of the girls sat chatting with me, still no pressure for LDs. They told me it was the first bar they had worked at. Almost all the girls here are attractive and good talkers. (Again, I asked about barfines and they said that when they opened initially they didn't do barfines, but so many of the foreigners were asking about barfines that its now up to the girl. I later found out this was not true at all). So the focus seems to be on LDs and tips.


Matrix Brawn is supposedly closed, but actually open on the hush-hush, providing blowjobs for 700 peso in the bar or in your hotel. The opening time is whenever the girls get there. It opened at 2:30pm today and there were 2 girls sitting outside when I passed by. They weren't lookers, but they could suck a mean cock. I opted for a double blowjob and I sat on the barstool, in the darkened bar, drinking a cool beer, while they took turns, one gobbling my dick and massaging my balls as the other fanned me and let me suck her tits and finger her pussy. 1400 peso total for the best blowjob so far in AC. These girls are desperate and eager to please. It's always good to have a talented cocksucker on speed-dial, so I took their number in case I ever need a BJ-on-demand. 




I went into Porky's again for dinner and ordered some local food at a reasonable price - around 250 peso. My waitress was a cute little girl named Carol. She and another girl sat and chatted with me for a long time. After a while, I decided to buy Carol a LD and she was delighted. Every now and then, as we talked, another girl would come over to chat for a while, then leave. One of the girls said they have a lot of cheap charlie customers who don't leave tips. While I was there, one big group of old, fat men left without so much as a single peso tip.


Wandered into Midnight Rock because of the live music (every Thursday). Dave Taylor was on stage, playing 50s rock and roll on piano. He was quite entertaining and at one point, he was playing the piano with his shoe. I sat down and ordered a beer, but I was immediately accosted by 2 dancers and 3 waitresses. They wanted me to buy 5 LDs for them. It was high pressure and unfortunately I gave in and bought 2 LDs for the dancers. One older waitress was still pressuring me relentlessly and wouldn't go away. Eventually, to get her to fuck off, I caved and bought her a LD as well. She still wouldn't fuck off. I was really pissed off about it, especially since I thought Midnight Rock was laid-back and low pressure. I guess they pegged me as a sap and tried to milk me mercilessly. The LD pressure was much, much worse than when you walk into Nifty's or Rio and at least they would have had the common decency to take out my cock and wank me off in public. One dancer was a big fat lump and the other was a mildly cute girl. Both were 21 and they half-heartedly massaged my cock through my pants. Two chubby Korean guys were sitting at a table opposite, laughing at me. I was so ashamed. The only way it could have been more humiliating was if the chuckling Koreans had come over and waved their 3-inch penises in my face. Dave Taylor was good, but the intense LD pressure pissed me off so much that after I finished my beer and they started demanding more LDs, I got up and left. I won't be visiting there again.


Next stop was Ice Bar and the older waitress I had tried to barfine previously came over to chat. I ordered a beer and examined the lineup, wondering who to choose for barfine. It was close to 10pm and much too late to be without a girl. There were a lot of dancers on the stage, approx 15 and the barfine was 1500. One girl at the back with big boobs and a pretty face caught my eye and the waitress sent her over. I bought her a LD. Her name was Apple and she was very odd. She told me she was quitting her job and tonight was her last night. She said, "i have a fucking job, you understand me, right? a fucking job, right? hahahaha!" She had been there only 3 days and was leaving to become a salesgirl somewhere else. She hated being a bargirl and it was depressing to talk to her. I found myself agreeing with her. I wouldn't like to be dancing on stage, showing my wares and sucking old men's cocks for money either. She started asking me for my facebook, so I got rid of her quick before she spoiled my mood. Next up for the audition was a skinny little girl with huge boobs for her size. These were normal boobs, but hung on such a small frame, they looked massive. After buying her a LD, she told me she was on her period and could only do blowjob. She promised she'd do a great BJ, but I told her I needed boom-boom and would come back for her another night when her menses finished. After feeling up her tits for a while, I gave up and moved on. Rookie mistakes. I should have confirmed the girls were not insane and not on their period before shelling out for LDs.


It was late and I was desperate to fuck something quickly. I walked into Nifty's and they only had 2 girls. The 34 year old I took last night and a younger girl. Did not want either, so moved on to Rio. There were no customers and all of the girls were curled up asleep on the seats. I spotted one of the girls who had wanked me off the first time I ventured into Rio. She was the smallest, skinniest, youngest-looking girl I'd seen so far in AC, but she was definitely no looker. Actually, she kind of looked like a monkey. I would have taken her the first time I met her, but she was on her period. Her period was finished now, so I barfined her for 1500 peso. On the way back to the hotel, I made her go back and get her ID. She looked so young, I was afraid someone might see her and call the cops.


Before going into the room, I examined her ID with a fine tooth comb. She had 4 forms of identification, all of which looked legit and said she was born in 1992. Although she looked positively illegal, she was definitely legal. When she took off her clothes, I saw she had a full bush. However, on a body that small, a full bush is really only a quarter of a bush. She was no beauty by any means. She didn't fall out of the ugly tree, but she fell out of one very close by and she was missing a front tooth, but I couldn't care less. After the shower, I threw her on the bed and started kissing her flat chest. She whispered, "i love you." When I burst out laughing, she said, "i really mean it. i love you." Frightening if true. She started off with a blowjob, sucked on my balls and licked my taint. Then, she got on top of me, grabbed my cock and slipped it in bareback. I should have resisted, I know. It surprised me, because the other girls I had taken from Rio and Nifty's all insisted on condoms. I guess this girl didn't pay any attention to the doctor. She was very quiet and compliant, letting me do whatever I wanted until I finally sent a spunk torpedo down her love canal.


Afterwards, I tried to talk to her, but her English was very poor. Her name was Jovelyn and she had been working in the bar for 3 months. She had a cigarette burn on her right leg and a scar on her left leg from when she was 8 years old and her uncle shot her. Maybe he had his reasons. She also had a weird tattoo on her thigh that she said was from the city jail. She spent 3 months in jail but wouldn't elaborate on the reason. She had 3 boyfriends in her life and her last boyfriend died. When I asked her what happened, all she would say was "one night, 4 AM, trouble start, Manila." Make of that what you will. I gave her a chocolate bar and she was delighted. Because of her size, I realized I was treating her like a child. I had to resist the urge to tuck her in and read her a bedtime story. That would have been too creepy.


I put on a Filipino movie for us to watch called Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo. It was a typical Filipino romantic comedy about a girl with enormous eyebrows who falls in love too easily and it featured all the usual filipino things, a cheating boyfriend, a gay brother and a rich foreigner relative. The characters kept telling her, "you love like a gay. stop loving like a gay." I don't know how you love like a gay, but apparently it's a bad thing. Halfway through the movie, my monkey bride got hungry and asked for room service. I felt generous so I ordered Pancit Bihon for her (230 peso) and Shanghai Fried Rice for myself (230 peso). I fucked her bareback one more time and let her sleep. She stayed the night and I barebacked her one last time in the morning, before sending her on her way with a 300 peso tip. The barebacking has got to stop. It's unprofessional!


I took a photo of her before she left. In the picture, she doesn't look as small and young as she does in real life, probably because she has a strangely small head. This was taken in the morning after Jovelyn had a shower and tied her hair up. Usually she wears it down which makes her marginally less ugly. 









Remember, I am not fucking for pleasure, but for research purposes. The girl's I've barfined so far are not representative of the filipino bargirls in general. Since I barfined from BJ Bars so far, the girls have been very fugly.

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Nice report and good read, look forward to the rest



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Day 6


Late breakfast in Puzzles cafe yet again. Chatted to an old guy from Alaska who said he'd been here longer than he cared to admit. He gave me some tips about staying safe, watching out for scams and recommended I try bars like Thi-Hi and Miss Magic. He said Nifty's and Rio had been great little bars until someone bought them over and hiked up the prices. By now I am convinced that 1300 and 1500 are the real prices there. It seems perimeter is in need of a good ST place like those on Raymond and Santos. 


After already getting my morning cum with the previous night's girl (Jovelyn), I wasn't in the mood for fucking. I went to Porky's again and had a few beers while chatting to an attractive girl. I think her name was Joan. I bought her a LD for 100 and she stayed with me a long time. I'm finding I enjoy chatting to the girls in Porky's rather than hopping from bar to bar. They seem to tailor the conversation to suit the customer. If you want a classy girl, they'll be classy and if you want a dirty girl, they'll talk as dirty as you like. I  had a filipino meal in Porky's for approx 230 peso and a few more beers.


By 6 PM, I decided to continue my research and checked out Mischief which is a new bar next door to Porky's. There were 8 dancers on stage but only 2 of them were attractive. I saw 2 waitresses I thought were much cuter than anyone on stage. Another waitress had an absolutely huge ass that I wouldn't mind banging, but her face wasn't up to much. I eventually chose a moderately attractive dancer named Cirsty and bought her a LD. After a quick interview, I barfined her for 1500 and brought her back to the hotel. She was very friendly, but very businesslike, offering me a threesome with another girl and promising to give a great lesbian show, licking pussy etc. I was tired, so I declined. She said Mischief was new and she had only been working there a few weeks. She had previously worked in Nasty Duck, but there was some problem with the manager and they didn't have a lot of customers. I tried to relate to her on a human level, but all she wanted to talk about was hooker stuff. It was like she wasn't a human being, she was a prostitute machine. You feed in the pesos and a little hatch opens at the bottom where you stick your dick in and drop a load. Then, a bell rings and her eyes light up with the message, "Thank you for cumming."


After a quick shower, she came in, hopped on the bed and said, "let's go! you service me i service you." "I thought you were a lot taller," I said. She smiled, "five inch heels." Her pussy was clean shaved and looked nice. She gave me a really good blowjob and sucked on my balls like a professional. She wanted a condom and so did I. We banged for a good long while, but I was taking a long time to cum, so she suggested removing the condom and told me to pull out and cum on her stomach. I fucked her bareback and when I eventually blew my load inside her pussy, she didn't even flinch. As soon as I was done cumming, she just patted me on the back and said, "good job," before running off to wash out her snatch. She only cared about safe sex as long as it was over quickly. 


With the job done, I immediately wanted to get rid of her and within minutes, she was suggesting "go home?" I leaped at the chance. "Yes, of course! Go home! What a wonderful idea!" She gave me her number and told me to call her if I wanted that lesbian show. "trike money?" she asked and I handed her 100 peso tip. She was gone before I realized I forgot to take her picture. I also realized I had forgotten to even kiss her.


Afterwards, I went back to Porky's for a few beers. I bought Joan another LD and chatted for a while to some of the girls. I think Joan was subtly hinting that she wanted me to barfine her. I was tired and wasn't up to the job. There are quite a few waitresses I would like to barfine in Porky's. Most of them are attractive and at least two of them are really beautiful. I keep wondering what it would be like if I barfined one. Would she get possessive and stop the others from going with me for barfine as well? Around 11pm, I decided to call it a night and when I asked for the bar tab, I was surprised to see it was only 210 pesos. "only in angeles," said Joan. "Only in Angeles," I chuckled. I left her a 90 peso tip and went home to bed alone.


(By the way, thanks to everyone for commenting. I hope you find it entertaining. Right now, it's the morning of Day 7 and I have no idea what I'm going to do. Any ideas or suggestions? I've thought about the following: fucking an old massage lady, threesome in jacuzzi room, barfining the biggest, fattest filipina I can find, a romantic evening of dinner and live music with a Porky's girl. I heard a rumor there was a midget somewhere in AC. Anyone know where to find her? One of the wilder ideas I had was to barfine a guy and a girl and watch them put on a live sex show in my room, but where would I find the guy for this? Does AC have a boystown like Thailand? Maybe I should just find a cheap charlie monger and tell him I'll pay the barfine for him as long as I can watch and take pics. LOL)

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Day 7
Around 11:30, I took the free hotel shuttle down to Fields to do some more recon in Raymond Street. There was only one girl in Love Knots, but I thought she was kind of cute, so I stopped in for a beer. Her name was Mariel and she was very small. Quite thin, but THE ASS WAS FAT. She was 22 and had a 6 year old daughter. Some nice, responsible 30-year old filipino dude decided to start banging her at 14, knocked her up at 16 and left her at 18. "he crazy. all the time drinking," she said. For some reason, the child lives with him. Maybe because he's the more reponsible parent. Sometimes Mariel lives with her mamasan, but mostly she works 24hrs in Love Knots and sleeps on the couch when there are no customers. She had been working in the bar before the raids (when it was Aby Lyn) and she claimed it had only just opened up again a few days ago. She said she didn't like black men because "cock too big like horse." She liked Japanese and Koreans because "cock small like filipino man".
I went to grab a burger and fries in Paradise Beer Garden. (225 peso, but don't even bother. It was horrible). Afterwards, I returned to Love Knots to barfine Mariel. Prices are: ST 800. LT 1600. On a whim, I paid for longtime. I figured that if she was working around the clock, she might appreciate a night away from the office. The mamasan didn't want us to be seen leaving together, (scared after the raids I guess) so Mariel walked on ahead and I caught up with her at the top of the street. Trike back to the hotel and took some pictures of her in the room. Tell me what you think. Good or bad comments are welcome. I don't mind.
After a shower, she started me off with a handjob, then a mediocre blowjob. She kept stopping to wipe the precum off with a towel. She requested a condom and I didn't want to take the risk of barebacking again, so I agreed. We fucked in missionary and doggy, then I made her get up on top. I loved the feel of her little fat ass jiggling while she rode me. I felt the tip of my cock rubbing her cervix, but couldn't tell if she was getting off on it. Some girls like it, some girls don't. Back to missionary. "you don't cum?" she asked after a while. I eventually blew a load. When I pulled my cock out, I discovered that the condom had broken in the final stretch. It was unintentional bareback! Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! She didn't seem to give a shit and just went to shower. Afterwards, she raided my minibar and ate a KitKat, then fell asleep in my bed.
I let her sleep until 5.30 pm, then woke her up and told her I was taking her for dinner. "where?" she asked. "JJ Supermarket," I said. She was confused. We took the free hotel shuttle to JJ Supermarket. Inside, there is an elevator on the right. There are no signs and no indication where the elevator leads. You take the elevator to the 5th floor where you will find an open-air rooftop restaurant called Tugs. I read about this hidden gem on the forum before. I think it's part of 950 Condotel. It's actually a great little romantic spot to take your girl. When we stepped out of the elevator, my girl was wowed. "how you know about this?" she asked, obviously impressed. There are 7 or 8 classy tables, a little waterfall, a lot of plants and a view of the city. At night, in the dark, with cool romantic lighting and laid-back filipino music playing in the background, it's the perfect place to take your barfine for a romantic dinner. There is another part of it that is indoor as well. We were the only customers. The menu is a mix of Western and filipino food, so it seems to be specifically designed for foreigners to take their prostitutes for bola-bola. I ordered some filipino pork and rice dish and she had a filipino beef and vegetable stew. 230 pesos each. The western dishes are a little more expensive, but you can get pasta, steaks, seafood and even burgers. 
I tried to pump her for information about the raids in Aby Lyn, but she was reluctant to say anything about it. They had 2 mamasans and the police only arrested the day shift mamasan. The other mamasan is still there. No other girls work there, which is why Mariel is working 24 hrs. She said she was there when the police came. "And the police didn't take you because you have ID," I said. "how you know about all this?" she asked with a sly look on her face. "Because I am police," I said. "We forget to take you to jail last time, so I am here to take you tonight."
After dinner, she asked "what we do now?" I had no ideas, so she suggested we go to Club Asia followed by a karaoke bar. I asked her about the karaoke and she said there were boys in the bar. She called it a hosto-bar. "Wait a second. Are these gay boys?" I asked. "no not gay boys," she assured me. "sometimes gay men come to talk to boys, but boys not gay." Whatever. I was interested in seeing something new and even if it turned out to be a gay place, I thought it would be fun to let her sing her little heart out, so I agreed.
Some of her friends still worked in Club Asia. When we got there, at 8pm, the stage was packed with girls of all shapes and sizes, but I didn't see any stunners. There were a few girls I might have barfined, but the selection was not much better than any of the perimeter bars. She said she had worked in Club Asia for 5 days before quitting and getting a job in Aby Lyn. She claimed she quit because it was too cold, but I suspect it was because there was too much competition for barfines and she can make more money in a Short Time bar. We watched the girls dance, then a filipino guy in a shabby suit came out to perform a magic act while a dancer went around with a basket collecting tips. I threw in 20 peso. Afterwards, they played Metallica as 2 girls did a pole dance. One of them was a big fattie and I was truly impressed by how she could move up and down that pole. It must have taken amazing upper-body strength to keep that fat ass in the air. Then, the stage filled up again and the girls did some proper dancing. I looked at the name tags. Lady, Angel, Chill... My favorite was "McBabe". I saw one tall, slim girl with an impressive body and refined features. Her name tag said "Keith". "she tomboy," Mariel explained. "at night she go with men but she have girlfriend." Some ancient foreigner was buying her LDs. "he her regular barfine," said Mariel. The door girls dragged in two chubby Koreans, put them in a seat and surrounded them. Maybe they were the same chubby Korean duo I see in every bar in AC. 
I noticed her texting her friends and telling them we would be at the karaoke bar soon. "Who are we meeting at the karaoke?" I asked. "nobody" she replied. "It's ok if you want to meet your friends there," I said. "no, no friends" she replied. We moved on to the karaoke bar. It was down the street on the left, parallel to Walking Street. The street was pretty much a long line of empty videoke bars for filipinos. Eventually, she stopped at one and we went in. The tables and chairs were plastic and tiny. As soon as we sat down, two girls and two guys came in. They were her friends and they pretended they had just accidentally bumped into us. They greeted me with "you must be Mariel's boyfriend". They sat down at a table beside us and started picking out songs to sing. "So you didn't know your friends were coming here?" I asked my girl. "No. I didn't expect," she lied. "In all the bars in all of AC, they just happened to walk in here?" I laughed. "Yes, surprise," she said. 
They sang some filipino songs, but mostly it was Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, The Corrs and The Cranberries. Some of the girls came over and talked to us. They said they worked at Club Asia. "You don't work tonight?" I asked. "absent," they laughed, "always absent." I asked them if their mamasan got angry about that. "all the time but we don't care," they said. One of the waiters kept coming over and talking to Mariel. She told him to get a beer for himself. At the end of the night, he handed me a bill. 55 pesos each for my beers. 220 pesos for his beer. Mariel was already scrambling for her wallet and paid for his beer herself. I paid for my own beers and we left. I asked her if it was her boyfriend, but she claimed he was just her friend. "You work so hard for your money, why would you just give it to some filipino boy?" I said. She had no explanation and just told me that's how those videoke bars work. It pissed me off. This seems to be the Filipina business plan: 1. Suck old man cock for money. 2. Give money to lazy filipino boys. 3. Live in poverty for rest of life.
Back in the hotel, it was still pissing me off. "Why would you buy a lady drink for a man?" I asked. "That's the problem with this country. You treat filipino men like they are special. They think they ARE special. They make girls pregnant. They don't work. They drink and do drugs. They have no money for baby. They are the reason your country is so poor. They are the reason you have to work in a bar." I don't know if she understood anything I was saying. She tried to cuddle with me and initiate sex, but I pushed her away, giving her the silent treatment. Later, after she fell asleep, I woke her up and told her "Boom-boom now." It was midnight and I was still pissed off. "later," she replied. "No, now," I said. I got on top of her and fucked her bareback. "don't cum inside," she said. I came inside her and she got up to take a shower. When she came back to bed, she embraced me and we fell asleep. In the morning, she woke me at 6AM and said she was going home to get her clothes, then she had to go back to work. She hugged me again. She probably wanted a tip, but she didn't ask me for one and I didn't offer.


Actually, I was kind of groggy and spaced out. After she left I felt very guilty about the way I treated her. I should have tipped her.

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Thanks for your TR it is really appreciated - Some of the women do not look bad at all.

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(The great thing about doing a LIVE trip report is that it is interactive. You can react to comments from BMs. In some cases, the comments can send you in a new direction. In some cases, they can affect what you are doing. In this case, some of the lines I wrote above caused a hell of a lot of controversy... It became so much a part of the trip that I have to include it here.)


I sense you are treading into the darkside young one. Remember that this has been going on long before you and will continue long after. Even if you gave all of them a free ride to a great college and 1 million dollars in the bank, they would still wind up poor somehow. No point in letting one girl ruin a day. And be careful. When I heard you pretty much take her, I started to hear sirens in my mind.


"I woke her up and told her "Boom-boom now." It was midnight and I was still pissed off. "later," she replied. "No, now," I said. I got on top of her and fucked her bareback. "don't cum inside," she said. I came inside her and she got up to take a shower."


That line made me feel a bit uncomfortable. That sounds a bit mean, and then not tipping. That's not the sort of behaviour I could live with.


Mariel is defo the hottest chick you have BF so far..  She seemed like a decent chick also. I wouldn't let it bother you that she bought filipino boy a drink and paid for it.  Its just their way of giving to people who have less than them.  If it was a girl would you have cared?  I have seen girls pay for other girls LD or even just give them a little tip.


Mariel is a good looking woman...Excellent find. I would fuck her bareback. Fuck using a condom. +1 Rep Point from me. Perhaps you were "Slightly Cunt Struck" thinking that Mariel could possibly be "DIfferent" after being told of what happened in her life. It appears that you became deluded,envious,jealous that Mariel purchased a drink for the Pinoy guy and not you. Excellent report. Sadly your night that started full of promise and romance ended with small minded bitterness from within side your heart. Cry3.gif


IrishMuppet: Oh no, it was actually quite the opposite. I wasn't really expecting any real romance and I was well aware that I was there as a bit of an ATM for her. I didn't mind her talking to her friends and I even said to her "If that guy is your boyfriend, you can tell me. I really don't mind." What pissed me off was the fact that any bargirl would spend her hard-earned money buying a drink for some douchebag filipino boy. I was like "Save your money for yourself. Don't waste it on an irresponsible guy." Again, I'm sorry, I should have been more clear on that in the trip report. In retrospect, I think the guy was really just her friend and she was just tipping him because she didn't want to ask me to tip him. The next day, I went down to Mariel's bar in Raymond Street and smoothed it out, by giving her a tip and a bar of chocolate. I will explain in the next trip report. smile.png


The more I think about that line, the more I become uncomfortable with what happened. I'm fairly alarmed that the moderators have removed the posts that seemed to agree that it was wrong. The other board, seems to have a no-nonsense policy on shit like this, yet this board seems in its response seems to be encouraging it..... If as it indeed was closer to the 'r' word, then that isn't cool. Not here, not there, not anywhere... All girls should be treated with respect. I fail to see how in this instance that happened.


IrishMuppet: Just read back over that part of the report and realized it how bad it sounded because I didn't give enough detail on exactly what happened. The detailed version is: I said "boom-boom now" and started tugging at her panties. She got up, got undressed, went to the toilet, then came back in and I got on top of her and fucked her. So it was definitely consensual. Don't worry, I would never actually force myself on a girl. Sorry for the confusing way I summarized it. Also, when she said "don't cum inside," I asked why and it was just because she didn't want to have to go wash her pussy afterwards. She was just lazy. LOL. I had already accidentally cum inside her earlier that day. 


I think only she could verify your story.  Those two accounts are wildly different. 'Muppet' sounds a suitable title.


IrishMuppet: Well at the start of this trip report I promised to be honest and I am still giving the unvarnished truth. If you look back a little before that, she tried to initiate sex with me about 30 mins before that and I pushed her away. I'm certainly a "muppet" but I'm not a liar or a nasty person. A lot of the time I've let the girls go after one shot, even though I paid for longtime, just because I didn't want to force them to stick around. I appreciate your concerns though and I agree with you. The R word would definitely be way out of bounds. I'm actually too nice and polite to these girls. It ends up giving them the impression that they can walk all over me and they get very lazy.



As an Administrator for this board I have to keep an open and unbiased mind...Think out of the box and not jump to an automatic conclusion that BM Irishmuppet had forcibly had sex with Mariel  BM Irishmuppet had already screwed Mariel before they went out to dinner and just wanted/needed a repeat performance by asking her for it of which undoubtedly mutually agreed upon even if Mariel was not in the mood for it when asked.


I am sure that you will agree that at times women be they in the real world, BGs or FLs etc often at times say they are not in the mood for sex? Excuses often used have a headache etc but upon insistence of spouse/bf agree of sex to keep you happy..This more likely the situation per BM Irishmuppet and Mariel at that time.

IMHO BM Irishmuppet had not clearly posted of mutual sex and a misunderstanding could happen depending how you read and interpret his report.


I hid 2 posted comments from BM Smithey for stating BM Irishmuppet had raped Mariel,threatening behavior and for calling him derogatory names...BM Smithey given a 3 day suspension from the board and 3 warning points because of it. Flaming or Indirect Flaming of any kind is not tolerated on this board and can usually result in an instant ban. 


The line in that report can be interpreted no other way. What it suggested was a 'serious crime', and one that I'd hope that a moderator would jump upon, as apposed to some random 'thinking out of the box' nonsense. You have no knowledge of who Muppet is, he might have a history of violence or sexual assaults for all we know. He seems to have also been very hostile to how the poor girl spends her money - which in truth is none of his business, and also gave no tip!. This is hardly and endorsement of great character?.


I'm not sure if the line was poorly written, or simply fantasy, because the second version is amazingly different to the original text.


If a girl says 'no', then in my book its a 'no'. Regardless of its some shitty excuse, or some other bullshit. This board should be pushing the message of treating girls with respect. As I said, the other one board would have jumped all over this in an instant, and for the correct reasons as this is too close for comfort.


After reading BM Irishmuppet further posted comment regards what actually happened between himself and Mariel...It makes sense and very believable as to what actually happened... No Forced Sex and No Tip.


When you read every daily report by BM Irishmuppet he always has treated the girls well and given them all very small tips...Not the usual minimum of 500 Piso but at least something. BM Irishmuppet has since gone to see Mariel at her bar,tipped her and given her a bar of chocolate. This tends to show that BM Irishmuppet does care and respect any girl he goes with.


This board always believes in "Mutual Respect and Care" to all women at all times... IMHO we should remain positive that every BM does this already and that BM Irishmuppet is such a person portraying these kind of qualities...No need to make a "Mountain Out of a Mole Hill".


Irishmuppet: With respect, XXXXXX, you seem to have some sort of axe to grind and you jump to conclusions way too much. If you actually knew me, you'd realize how ludicrous those accusations are. I wasn't hostile to the girl in any way, I was sad for her. Maybe you tip Field's girls 500 peso, but I'm taking bottom-of-the-barrel girls from Raymond, Nifty's and Rio. If they don't like the tip, I just hand them more money. To put the matter to rest and allay your fears, I will give as detailed an account as possible. The additional info is in bold for your convenience. As I said, I attempted to summarize it the first time and I am writing on the fly, so some of the meaning got lost:

Back in the hotel, it was still pissing me off. (By this, I mean it was depressing me). "Why would you buy a lady drink for a man?" I asked. "That's the problem with this country. You treat filipino men like they are special. They think they ARE special. They make girls pregnant. They don't work. They drink and do drugs. They have no money for baby. They are the reason your country is so poor. They are the reason you have to work in a bar." (This wasn't a tirade, it was said in a normal tone of voice. I also told her, "I guess it's your money, you can do what you want with it.") I don't know if she understood anything I was saying. She tried to cuddle with me and initiate sex, but I pushed her away (I didn't actually push her physically, I meant emotionally, I just ignored her attempts to initiate sex), giving her the silent treatment. Later, after she fell asleep, (then, 30 mins later) I woke her up and told her "Boom-boom now." It was midnight and I was still pissed off (meaning depressed). "later," she replied. "No, now," I said. (I pulled her panties down a bit. She got out of bed, took off her panties, went to the toilet to wash or piss, came back, got in bed beside me.) I got on top of her and fucked her bareback. "don't cum inside," she said. (I asked why and she told me she didn't want to have to wash afterwards) I came inside her and she got up to take a shower. (I already came inside her earlier and she didn't care). When she came back to bed, she embraced me (we chatted a little, kissed) and we fell asleep. In the morning, she woke me at 6AM and said she was going home to get her clothes, then she had to go back to work. She hugged me again. She probably wanted a tip, but she didn't ask me for one and I didn't offer. After she left I felt very guilty about the way I treated her (by giving her the silent treatment). I should have tipped her. (So later that day, I went to her bar and gave her 200 peso and a big bar of chocolate. The reason I gave her 200 peso was because that was how much she paid for the boy's drink.)


I'm still surprised with how this whole thing has been handled. Of course he went back to give her a tip, Station 4 would have relieved him of thousands of pesos more. He got away with it.


He can back track as much as he likes. I'm really not bothered in any  story that is wrapped around the words to justify them. That line was awful, and says a lot about him, and the person he is.


It's clear that me and Muppet see the world very differently......... I treat people better, and reward them more. I don't think we'll ever agree on this issue. I just hope his luck lasts, because when he fucks up next time - maybe the results won't be as favourable.


Bitch and moan all you want XXXXXX.... When is the last time you posted an even half interesting trip report? This  guy has spent hours giving us details on what we all wish we could be doing and all you can do is see red flags about one small mis-communication. I notice it didn't stop your reading of the posts.. though... no one really wants to hear your armchair quarterback theories... and I doubt any trip report from you would be worth reading either... It would probably have something to do with how your mistress mistreated you even though you treat her like an angel!


XXXXXX you should stop with the accusations.  This board is built on mutual respect and you are basically calling him a rapist and liar. There is no proof of either and he replied with a fuller explanation which should be accepted at face value.  Just as we accept your posts at face value.  BTW you have not started one Topic in the whole time you have been a BM. So stop with the accusations as you are on your last chance from me KNOCK IT OFF.


I think that although you won't admit it you did suffer a jealous reaction to your pretty girl buying the waiter a drink and it played out when u were back in the hotel room but not a big deal and you went back and made it good the next day with chocolate and peso. I am really enjoying your report and I hope you continue.


Irishmuppet: Really, I would own up to it if it was true. I am very committed to giving a warts and all trip report. If I screw up or do something stupid you will hear all about it. I'll admit, when she bought the guy an LD, I thought he might be her boyfriend and I was worried I might look like a chump in front of the others in the bar. But, I wasn't jealous. As we were leaving, I said to her "Was that your boyfriend. I don't mind. You can tell me if it was." The reason it irritated me was that I thought he was just some douchebag she fancied and she was buying him an LD to try and impress him. I felt so depressed that a girl would suck my cock for chump change and then give her pitiful earnings to some lazy filipino prettyboy. It led me to being depressed about the whole setup in Angeles... the stupidity and irresponsibility that leaves them living their lives in poverty. I started to imagine Mariel years from now, an old bargirl, 35, jaded, past her prime and desperate, struggling to find a customer whose cock she can suck just to make a little extra cash. It made me so sad. I guess I fell into the trap of starting to care about what happens to her. LOL. I am planning to see her again, give her some chocolate, buy her a LD and possibly bring her to videoke again. 



(So you see, one BM was convinced I raped Mariel and no amount of explanation from me could convince him otherwise. Another BM was banned temporarily for calling me a rapist. Other BMs came to my defense, saying I obviously hadn't done what they were accusing me of. Others told me to ignore the trolls. Then, the discussion moved to a debate about tipping.)

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Day 8

Breakfast in Puzzles. I haven't found anywhere with a better burger. A lot of the older mongers come here every day like clockwork, so the food must be good. Then, I went for a 350 peso massage in Danny Lahane's (which is down the street, past Puzzles and past Magic Miss). The masseuse was ugly and fat, but she gave a good massage. It didn't seem like there were any extras on offer. At the end, she lifted my legs over my head so my ass and balls were staring her in the face.

In Margarita Station, I got a tasteless chicken sandwich for 155 peso. Most of the other mongers there looked grizzled, sweaty and unshaven, as if they had been trekking through the jungle for the past week. A few men were there with their filipino wives and their half-filipino daughters. Within minutes, I was chatting to a german guy in his 40s who had been in AC for a year. Seems like a good place to make friends and find wingmen. There is one really tiny waitress named Judy. She's the smallest filipina I've seen so far. I wonder if she goes for barfines.

I bought a big bar of chocolate, put it in a plastic bag and went down to Raymond street to see Mariel. "You forgot this when you left this morning," I said as I flipped over the chocolate bar to show her the 200 pesos I had stuffed inside the bag with it. She was happy and wanted me to stay for a drink, but I told her, "Another day" and left for some Santos Street recon.
First stop was Black Pearl at 1PM where there was only one girl, a fat 25-year old named Nicole. She had some weird dental thing on her teeth that made her look ghetto and a tattoo on her arm that read, "I love the way you lie." "my favorite song," she explained. "Mine too," I lied. She had been working in Black Pearl for 6 years and she had a daughter. She said black guys really like Black Pearl and drink outside on the street. Nicole rubbed my cock while I drank a beer and chatted to the mamasan about the recent raids. I tried to pretend I was an AC veteran and knew everything about everything. I was like Huggy Bear from Starsky & Hutch, asking her, "What's the word on the street?" She said Raymond street bars were closed for "underage" and Nemesis was raided "because no licence". She said Shadows in Santos street got raided too, but didn't give a reason why. Beer 50 peso, LD 100, ST 750 peso. No fucking on the premises anymore, you have to take the girl out to your hotel. I paid for ST and took Nicole back to my hotel.

We showered together, then she gave me a really good blowjob, sucking the balls off me as well. She had a big belly and a fat ass. "ready your condom. i want to boom-boom you," she said. We fucked in a number of positions, with a condom of course, and it took me a while to cum. As soon as we were done, she showered and wanted to leave. She said if they don't get back to the bar within the 2 hours, sometimes the mamasan doesn't give them their cut of the money. I gave her 100 pesos for the trike, took a few shots of her and released her into the wild. Let me know what you think:



Afterwards, I went to Porky's for dinner and drinks. This has become my favourite bar because I prefer to sit and chat with the waitresses rather than going to the other bars and trying to make conversation with the bored dancers. I usually buy 1 or 2 LDs (100 peso each) and the girls sit and talk with me for a long time. The owner is always there, from 2pm to midnight, drinking with his mates. I gather it is not possible to barfine the girls, but if the girl really likes you, you could ask her to meet you after work. I don't think this is a pickup joint at all. The girls are looking for a real relationship.

I went into Jolly Frog to look around but the selection was piss-poor. 5 dancers (4 uglies) and some older waitresses (all ugly). One waitress slipped me her number and told me she'd give me a massage in my hotel room for 300 pesos. I selected the only half-decent girl in the place and bought her a LD. Her name was something weird like Florinda and she had been working there for 2 months. They said the barfine was 1500 ST and 1800 LT. Way too much in my opinion, which is why it's always empty. I paid for ST and took Florinda back to my hotel room. She let me take some pictures of her. Let me know what you think:


We showered together, then she lay on the bed and waited for something to happen. I asked for a blowjob and she reluctantly agreed. She asked me for a condom and as soon as I agreed she said, "or no condom. what you like." Condom or no condom? The eternal question. Which one should I choose? I went for condom. It was the responsible choice. I fucked her with my trusty condom, and she kept asking me if I wanted to take it off. I kept declining. The longer it took me to cum, the more she asked. It was taking so long, the sweat was pouring out of me. Eventually I gave in to her demands and took the condom off for the final stretch, blowing a load in her pussy. Bareback, why do you always win out in the end? Exhausted, I threw in the towel. "No more boom-boom," I gasped. "You can go when you want." She went to shower, then grabbed a bottle of water from my minibar and sat on my bed. I kept telling her she could go, but ignored me. She seemed reluctant to go back to the bar. Instead, she lay down and fell asleep on my bed. I wanted to get rid of her, but she wouldn't take the hint. After an hour, she woke up and finally left.

I went back to Porky's for drinks and a chat with the girls. After a few rum and cokes, it was closing time and I was a little wasted. There is a waitress in Porky's who seems to genuinely fancy me. Her name is Joan. She flirts with me, hangs around me all the time and whenever I come in, the other girls tell her, "here is your boyfriend". I asked her if she wanted to come barhopping with me after work. She said she couldn't because she was going to visit her family. (The next day was her day off). She told me she would like to do it another day. I was drunk and wanted to go barhopping with somebody, but I didn't have a plan, so I took a trike down to fields.

Grabbing a few rum and cokes in Philly's I tried to figure out what to do. I was in a crazy mood. What to do? What to do? I wondered. Sure, I could barfine some girl from Santos street, but that's too boring. Besides, I had already cum and wasn't in the mood for sex. I decided to throw a curveball... do something you wouldn't expect, you know, for the craic.

There were some "baklas" (ladyboys) strutting around outside Philly's, hissing at the customers upstairs. The idea slowly formed in my alcohol-fogged mind. Eureka! I've got it! Barhopping with a bakla! When I left Philly's I was immediately approached by a group of baklas. They're nowhere near as feminine as the ladyboys you see in Thailand. One of them looked kind of passable as a woman. He was very skinny and small, with long hair and a flimsy dress. When he approached me, I asked if he/she wanted to go barhopping with me. I told him I was straight and I wasn't looking to barfine him, just wanted to grab some drinks and have a laugh. You wouldn't believe how delighted this bakla was to be hanging around with me. He was in heaven. I'm no beauty, but I'm younger than 90% of the mongers in AC. I think the bakla was just happy to be seen around town with a "handsome" man by his side. All the time he was with me, he never even tried to Touch me or anything and I found myself talking to him as if he was just a regular girl.

First stop was Viking, then Nemesis, Club Asia, Monsoon and Babydolls. Not many customers in any of them. All he wanted was an SM Apple in each place. I was throwing back the rum and cokes. "If I get too drunk, you have to mind me," I told him. "And do me a favour, don't steal my wallet." In every club we visited, all eyes were on me and my bakla. It caused such a stir wherever we went. I never got so much attention before. The girls on stage were whistling, blowing kisses and calling out to us. The bakla loved all the attention. He pointed out all the girls he knew and told me about the bars, the owners, the other baklas, the gossip.
He also told me about his life. His name was Albert, he had always been attracted to men and started dressing as a girl when he was 12. His father and mother didn't have a problem with it and neither did his brothers and sisters. He lived in an apartment he shared with another bakla named Mitch. As we were changing bars, the bakla pointed to 2 guys and a girl sitting outside one bar. "That's Mitch," he said. "Howaya Mitch!" I roared and they waved back. Then I bought my bakla a rose on the street so Mitch would be jealous. All the baklas seem to have really manly names. Every time he pointed out a bakla to me, he would say something like, "that Tom" or "that Fred". He actually turned out to be a nice person, entertaining and fun to hang out with... and he never tried to snatch my wallet, kiss me or grab my cock... not even once.

I told the bakla about the tomboy (Keith) who I had seen in Club Asia and brought him there to show her to him (or him to her... At this point, I wasn't sure which). When we walked into Club Asia and sat down, who do you think was sitting beside us? It was Mariel (the girl I barfined last night) and she was accompanied by some gargantuanly fat old guy with glasses who was clearly tonight's benefactor. He was one of those dudes who is so fat he's almost disabled and can't actually sit down properly. She must persuade all the guys who barfine her to bring her to Club Asia. Mariel took one look at me with my bakla and her jaw dropped and her eyes almost popped out of her head. I almost fell out of my seat. I couldn't stop laughing. I didn't say hello to her because I didn't want to embarrass her in front of her new "boyfriend". When I looked around, I saw Mariel's 2 friends from the videoke bar. They were on stage in bikinis. I went over to talk to them and all they wanted to know was what the hell I was doing with a bakla. "It's just for barhopping," I explained drunkenly. "Not for barfine... I wanted to throw a curveball... do something mental... you know, for the craic..." They had no idea what I was on about.

At the end of the night, I was hammered and decided to call it quits. We went into 7-11 and I bought some food and drink for myself and my bakla. Then, I gave him 100 peso for the trike and sent him on his way. He didn't even offer to blow me or anything. He did insist on giving me his number. I was too drunk, so he put in the number himself and called his own phone. When I got back to my hotel, I got a text message from him telling me he was missing me already. I think I made my bakla fall in love with me.

Barhopping with a ladyboy. Check that off the bucket list. What's next?

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Day 9


Nothing much happened today. I woke up with a sore head and was feeling lazy, so I contacted the ugly woman from Jolly Frog who had offered me a massage. When she showed up at my hotel, it was a different woman from Jolly Frog, about 35 years old, not ugly, but not that attractive. She wanted to boom-boom and was so eager for money that she got down on her knees and started sucking on my cock pro bono. This finally persuaded me and I suggested 750 peso for a quick fuck. That may have been too generous. She happily accepted, showered and continued to give me a good blowjob.


After a while, I told her to put a finger in my ass, just for fun. I wanted to see what she would do and test her limits, so I got down on all fours on the bed and ordered her to eat my ass. She reluctantly agreed and I was surprised when she put her mouth up to my asshole and started sucking and gnawing on my anus like it was a prize watermelon. I never had anyone do that before and it was definitely a very weird but very enjoyable experience. I thought she was going to suck the shit out of me. When it was time to fuck, I didn't take any chances and used a condom. I also refrained from kissing her because I wasn't keen to taste my own ass on her lips. Her face was nothing to look at, but despite her age, she had a tight pussy and it wasn't long before I released a meagre offering of semen into the rubber. She immediately got up and showered, while I laid out 750 peso on the bedside table. She took it, didn't ask for a tip and left. Sorry to disappoint you, but I forgot to even take a picture of her. She forgot her watch in my bathroom and I wasted my time trying to meet up with her to return it. She didn't want her mamasan to know she had sneaked out to bang me, so I had to meet her around the corner and it took ages to coordinate. She didn't even say thank you, just snatched it and walked off.


Afterwards, I went to Porky's for a few beers. Talking to the girls here is kind of like speed dating. I'm pretty much their youngest customer, they know I am not married and don't have kids, I treat them respectfully and don't attempt to grope them, and I talk to them about general topics like their lives, their jobs, vacations, their favourite music and movies. I've also intentionally given them the impression that I don't take girls for boom-boom. Because of this, I think they all see me as a potential husband. I get the impression that most of them would happily go on a barfine with me if I asked. My regular companion Joan was on her day off, so I spent the evening chatting to three other girls. One of them told me that there are bars (called hosto-bars) where rich older filipino women go to buy LDs for filipino boys in tight speedos and sometimes barfine them. I suspect gay men also go there. When I was alone with one of the girls, she invited me out for a drink after work. (I can't give her name because she said she would get in trouble for seeing a customer in this way). I thought she was inviting me out with some of the other girls who worked there, and I thought it would be fun to spend time with these girls outside of work, but when I met her down the street, it quickly became clear that it was only me and her and I was unwittingly on a date.


She took me down to the little road that runs parallel to Walking Street, the one with a long line of videoke bars (where Mariel had taken me before). We sat down in an empty videoke and she ordered us two Red Horse beers. She said this was what filipinos drank because it was cheap and strong. (60 pesos for a big 500ml bottle). It was very awkward because I wasn't really attracted to her (I fancy her workmates more) but I didn't want to hurt her feelings (or ruin my chances of barfining her more attractive workmates). It was also strange in that the roles were reversed. She was the pursuer and I was the pursued. I was in the traditional girlfriend role as she kept finding excuses to rest her hand on my leg, compliment my looks and kept asking me if I was OK and having a good time. She sang love songs to me with titles like "Foolish Heart" and "Complicated Heart" and all of the lyrics had to do with a girl who had been hurt in love before and wanted to find that special someone to spend her life with etc. She also told me what each song meant, just in case I was a moron and missed the hints. At one point she sang "Pretty Boy" to me and kept caressing my face, making sure I understood I was the "pretty boy" she adored. She kept saying she would invite me to her house, cook me some special filipino dish and introduce me to her father. She also told me she would drop by my hotel before work tomorrow, just to hang out. I felt like a beautiful woman who has accidentally accepted a date with a 14 year old boy. She was around 24 and had a son. Her father had 3 kids with 3 different wives. They all lived with him. She lived with her family in an apartment with 2 bedrooms. "two rooms," she said. I asked if she had a kitchen and she nodded. "That makes three rooms," I said. "no, two." The kitchen was part of one bedroom. I couldn't imagine what kind of hovel they lived in. At least they had an indoor toilet. Her son didn't live with her and she didn't explain why. 


At the end of the night, I was drunk on Red Horse and bellowing out U2 songs in a voice that would make Bono cover his face in shame. I asked her if the boys in these bars were gay boys and she said she didn't know. At one point during the night, two boys with earrings and gay haircuts came sauntering in, swaying their asses suspiciously. There was a bakla sitting at another table and a third boy came in and started doing a weird gay dance in front of the mirrored wall. "Are you sure they're not gay?" I said. "i think maybe they are," she admitted. Even though she had invited me out, I had to foot the bill for everything. After all, I am a rich white ATM machine. She saw me safely to my trike and I went back to my nice hotel to sleep alone in my king-size bed. She had to take two jeepneys and a trike to get to her miserable hovel where she would sleep in a bed with her two sisters.

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Posted 09 April 2014 - 09:56 AM

bigaallaann, on 07 Apr 2014 - 4:36 PM, said:snapback.png

Thanks3.gif For putting the shit straight regards when you and Mariel had your last sex together...Hopefully you learnt from your error made in not being concise per your last report. ShitHappens1.gif


Yes indeed. I kind of caused the controversy by phrasing it badly. Most of these girls are too lazy to do a second round unless you insist or beg them. They all know the deal that LT is 2 shots and they've agreed to this before you barfine them. You've paid them for sex and they're supposed to provide the sex. They all know it's a business. You could be a white knight with these bargirls and lie there with a throbbing erection while they sleep beside you, but you'd be a very stupid white knight. I'm sure everyone has had the experience when your girlfriend is too tired for sex. You generally play around with her, grab her ass a bit and say something romantic like, "Come on honey, daddy needs to fuck! I'll be done in two minutes!" Eventually, she relents and agrees. It happens in every relationship.


bigaallaann, on 07 Apr 2014 - 4:36 PM, said:snapback.png

Very nice of you to see Mariel again and give her the chocolate with a 200 piso tip. WinkGrin1.gif


I went down to give her the tip before I was aware there was any controversy on this forum. I was groggy when she woke me up at 6 AM and not thinking clearly. I owed her some kind of tip. I probably should have given her more than 200.


bigaallaann, on 07 Apr 2014 - 4:36 PM, said:snapback.png

Why is it that you only give 100/300 Piso tips as usually SOP of many BMs give 500+ Piso to the girls depending on performance and GFE?


Reading this forum and others before the trip, I thought 500 peso tip was the max you would give for amazing performance. I saw a lot of people saying they gave less. Also, I haven't taken a girl from Walking Street yet. Almost every girl I've been with has been from Raymond Street or Nifty's and Rio. They're almost all bottom-of-the-barrel and not very attractive. Also, I've paid them for LT and they're leaving after one shot. I thought the tip was optional and I generally get very poor service. I'm too nice and the girls walk all over me. Every girl I've been with has been happy with their tip and nobody complained. Initially, I gave Jovelyn from Rio 200 peso. She gave me a disapproving look, so I dipped back into the wallet and made it 300. Only 2 girls actually bothered to stay the night with me, Mariel and Jovelyn. In retrospect, maybe those two I should have tipped more. The two girls I took from Prince of Wales were actually surprised to get 100 peso between them. They were expecting less because I let them go after one shot. However, since people pointed it out, I have increased my tips slightly... to 300 peso.


bigaallaann, on 07 Apr 2014 - 4:36 PM, said:snapback.png

Nichole from the Black Pearl bar has a 7/10 looking face of which is okay for a BBBJCIM..Kind of very chubby but still okay for a quick fuck if so inclined.


I think you might be too kind to them. Actually, most of the girls i've taken have been unattractive. I think other mongers go around searching for stunners. I'm kind of just wandering from place to place and just take whoever I happen to be with when I feel like boom-boom. So my choices have been very poor, especially taking Nifty's and Rio girls. They're really just good for wanking you off in the bar in return for a few LDs. The only girls I took that were good-looking were Mariel and the two cousins Sol and Jenna. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of the cousins, but Sol was genuinely beautiful. I'll have to step up my game and bag myself a face to be proud of. LOL.


bigaallaann, on 07 Apr 2014 - 4:36 PM, said:snapback.png

Florinda from the Jolly Frog bar I would give 7/10 for overall looks...Very nice of her to give you the option to go bareback. WinkGrin1.gif  If Florinda looked very fuckable naked I would give her a good load. WTG1.gif You can always have an STD check up on your return home. Evil_Grin2.gif
I would have paid 1800 LT verses 1500 ST...More bangs for your $$$$$.


Florinda said she didn't go LT and she was so boring in the room. She just couldn't be bothered talking and used me to catch up on her sleep. smile.png


bigaallaann, on 07 Apr 2014 - 4:36 PM, said:snapback.png

Going bareback always wins in the end due to the fact of feeling pussy juice tantalizing your cock to cum lots whereas a condom somewhat stops the sensitivity of it..You feel the warm wet pussy but the sensation of having feeling your cock being tantalized and urged to cum is not the same as bareback..You can pump lots like you did without any result no matter how much you try to bust a nut..Every monger is different,some manage to bust a nut easily with a condom if are used to using them all the time,age also is another factor to consider as we get older.


I always used to wear condoms, but recently I've become addicted to that wet, slimy feel of bare pussy. It's dangerous, because I might never go back and I'm worried if I go back to condoms, I won't like the feel. I try to resist the barebacking, but I always fail miserably.


bigaallaann, on 07 Apr 2014 - 4:36 PM, said:snapback.png

Very nice idea to go on a barhop with a lady boy..Good to know that you had an enjoyable time together..Small world running into Mariel while with the lady boy.perhaps now she thinks you go both ways. Evil_Grin2.gif


It was just for fun and I was surprised that he turned out to be so nice. Unfortunately he has my number and has been texting me, telling me how much he would like to meet me again. Fun when you're drunk, but a bit awkward when you're sober. LOL


bigaallaann, on 07 Apr 2014 - 4:36 PM, said:snapback.png

Keep your daily report coming! Very enjoyable reading and seeing photos of the girls you have nailed. WinkGrin1.gif   +1 Rep Point from me.


I will keep it up to the bitter end. It's nice to have some like-minded people who you can tell about your exploits and get some feedback. Even a little controversy is better than no comments at all. I try to make a mental note of any funny or absurd things they say. For me, the trip report is a big part of the fun of coming to AC. It's also interesting to find out the way things work here in the city of bareback sin. Like I say, this is all in the name of research. The most interesting thing I have learned is that I can confirm this is true: bargirls go to these videoke bars and buy LDs for boys they fancy. I heard it straight from the mouth of a Raymond Street girl who loves videoke but hates filipino boys. She said she doesn't know why the girls spend their money this way, but some of them definitely do it. More details in the Day 10 trip report.


bigaallaann, on 07 Apr 2014 - 4:36 PM, said:snapback.png

Ask the waitress that likes you for another date again? Perhaps you may strike lucky in not having to pay a bar fine and only have to tip her your usual going amount 100/300 Piso for a suck and fuck. WinkGrin1.gif


I will have to try one of the Porky's girls before I leave. There are at least 5 I would love to bang. Talking to them so much, you find yourself becoming attached. However, I don't think they go for barfine that often and they might be too jealous of each other. I go there almost every day, so I'm afraid to shit on my own doorstep.


derek k, on 09 Apr 2014 - 11:34 AM, said:snapback.png

I have to say buddy that she (Meriel) is a marked improvement on the evidence of your other photo's. A step in the right direction!...LoL...


derek k, on 09 Apr 2014 - 11:47 AM, said:snapback.png

I know Nicole from Black Pearl very well. I sometimes buy her a drink and we shoot some pool. Barfine her?..No way! She is very sweet and always shouts out my name when I leave my hotel across from her bar (Wild Orchid) irrespective on whether I am with a girl or not.I just have to beg the question buddy,why have you been with so many ordinary looking girls on your trip?Surely you could have picked up a few very good looking chicks. 


I totally agree, buddy. I was thinking the exact same thing myself. I guess there are a number of factors, 1. Asian girls are not my thing (I don't find any of them remotely attractive when compared to white girls) 2. I'm too lazy, I just pick a bar and barfine whoever happens to be there, 3. sometimes I feel sorry for the girl, 4. other times I am barfining because they satisfy some fetish (very young-looking, fat, old, anorexic etc), 5. Some hot ones I found only wanted an ST when I was looking for LT. 6. Some hot ones had bad attitudes and I was afraid of poor service in the room, 7. I am cheap and after investing in a LD, I didn't want to move on and pay for another LD for another girl. 8. I am cheap and only wanted to pay 800 ST and the Santos/Raymond girls are very average. 9. It was late and I wanted to get a girl before the perimeter bars closed and I grabbed the first one I saw, 10. It was late on perimeter and all the cute girls were already barfined. 11. I failed to take pics of a lot of the girls I barfined at the start.


Taking your advice, I decided to try and seek out some good-looking birds so I can take a few pics I can be proud of. The only attractive girls I took were Mariel from Love Knots (who I posted pics of) and Sol and Jenna from Candy Bar (who i failed to get pics of). IMHO, the cutest girl I have banged is one I got from Miss Magic on Day 11 after reading your comment. Stay tuned for the story and pics in the next trip report. (This is the fun thing about a live trip report. You make a comment or give advice and I can act on it a day or so later) 

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Day 10


In the morning, I was rudely awakened by a call from the hotel front desk who told me I had two visitors. "Who the fuck?" I wondered. I opened the door and found two girls standing there. It was the Porky's girl from last night and she had brought her sister with her. They invited themselves in, sat on my bed, raided my mini-bar for beer, then ordered room service. I was powerless to stop them. They played love songs on their phone, told me about their family and made me promise I would come to their house and meet their father. After two hours they finally left to go to work.


I went down to Raymond Street again, looking for Mariel in Love Knots. If this was a reality show, we would need to get her reaction to seeing me strolling around town with a bakla. I was also going to buy her a LD and slip her a few pesos, but when I got there she was with a customer. He was an old Japanese man. I didn't want to disturb her, so I went to the bar next door instead, Sea Lord. It was 3 PM and I was their only customer. The selection of girls was OK. Some good some bad. There was a fat girl, an older woman and three small cute girls I would like to bang. I grabbed a beer and chatted to them for a while. Feeling generous, I bought them a round of 5 LDs, which cost me 600 pesos. The banter back and forth with these girls was a lot of fun. While I was there, 3 other girls wandered in. 2 of them were very cute. All of the girls here were new and had only started 2 weeks ago, when it opened up again after the raids. Two looked very young, but they were all over 18, most of them in their early 20s.


The fat girl kept flirting with me and groping my crotch. At first, I wasn't interested. Her face was ugly and most of the other girls were much better looking, but she had a big pair of tits and she was funny, so on a whim, I barfined her for ST 800. "I won the lottery!" she shouted. All the other girls in the bar were shocked. Even some girls from the bar next door came over to gawk at the "young" foreigner who barfined the fatty. They couldn't stop laughing and joking about it. One of the girls I thought was cute wanted to go with me as well. I promised to come back for her next time. After paying for my drinks, LDs and barfine, my fat girl and I took a trike back to the hotel. "You're cute," I lied. "No, I'm fat," she said. "Do they tease you about it?" I asked. "yes," she replied sadly. "Don't listen to them, you're just a little bit fat" I told her, lying through my teeth. "Look at all the foreigners that come here. They are the ones who are really fat."


In the room, she let me take a photo. As I said, I didn't choose her for her looks. Frankly, I don't know why the hell I chose her. This was kind of a pity-fuck.






She gave me an excellent blowjob, hungrily slurping and gorging herself on my cock. It was the kind of blowjob only a fat girl can accomplish. She was sucking it so hard, I thought my cock would come off in her mouth. She also deep-throated like an expert and her technique was something to be admired, tugging gently on the balls while massaging the base of the penis. It was the best BJ I've received so far, really an experience to savour. She said she had only been working in Sea Lord for 2 weeks, but she had a foreigner boyfriend who taught her how to suck cock. We boom-boomed bareback and she kissed me and sucked my tongue like a starving pig. After a while, I let her go up on top. She seemed to really get off on this, eyes closed tight, moaning and rocking her fat ass back and forth until she orgasmed. She was so happy, her face was beaming with joy. I put her back on missionary and after a lot of banging, I managed to pump a wad of the white stuff into her dripping cunt and we collapsed in a sweaty mess. 


While cuddling and kissing, she told me about her life. Prior to starting work in Sea Lord, her job had been planting rice in her province. She had been in a long relationship with a 60 year old foreigner she had met on the internet. He was crazy, according to her and he beat her, fucked other women in front of her and was generally mean to her. He still calls her, asking her to come back to him. He probably misses her blowjob skills. She stayed with me for round 2. Another amazing blowjob, followed by another bareback fucking, but I couldn't cum again and eventually stopped. She really wanted to stay with me longer, probably hoping I would turn the ST into LT, but I was done with her and let her go with a 300 peso tip. (I think I could have easily given her less.)


After grabbing the usual Puzzles burger, I decided to do some recon in After School and Lost in Asia. The bar girls call it "Koreantown". First, I needed a massage, so I went for a swedish massage in the Sydney hotel. It seems to be set up for Koreans. 400 peso + 100 tip. A decent massage, but no extras on offer. They made me wear a tiny pair of the tightest briefs you've ever seen. It was a struggle just getting my flacid dick into them. You can imagine what happened when I got an erection during the massage.




It was around 7PM and After School had barely any customers. The selection of girls on stage was better than most of the bars in the area near my hotel. I saw one girl with a nice body and a perfect set of big tits, but her face was just average. There was another skinny little girl playing pool who I would possibly like to barfine in the future. Lost in Asia had a lot of customers, all old foreigners and again, a better selection of girls than the bars near my hotel. This seems like a hangout for old guys. I had a feeling that the old guys come here early and snap up the best girls. I desperately needed to shit out my Puzzles burger and I couldn't think with my dick while my mind was on my ass, so I returned to the hotel and painted the toilet bowl brown.


I wanted to barfine a girl LT and bring her to videoke, so it was down to Raymond street and my new best buddies at Sea Lord. Three of the day shift girls were still there on the night shift, pulling 24 hour duty. They guilt-tripped me into buying another round of 5 LDs for them. The girl I had promised to come back for was sitting beside me. Her name was Grace. She was 22 years old (I checked) and had a 3 year old son. I asked her if she liked LT and she said she only went for ST. "Why?" I asked. "make more money in ST" she said. I asked her if she liked videoke and her face lit up. For videoke she would happily go LT with me. She was so excited when I paid her 1600 barfine and we set out for the videoke street parallel to Walking Street.


I asked her if she liked any of the videoke bars in particular. She said there was one that she and her friends from the bar always go to, but it was a Tomboy videoke. I was game for anything so I said, "Sure, we can go to Tomboy Videoke." I asked her why they went to Tomboy videoke and she said she hates filipino boys, mostly because of how she was treated by the father of her child. At the tomboy place, the girls can avoid the filipino boys. She said some of the bargirls go to the videoke places and buy drinks for the boys they fancy. She said it was quite common, more common for the Walking Street girls because they had more money to burn. She thought these girls were stupid to spend their money this way.


When we got to the place, it was full of boys. The boys turned out to be chubby lesbians. I honestly couldn't tell the difference. The tomboys immediately began telling me how handome I was, complimenting me on my eyes and nose. Grace leaned over and whispered, "remember, they dress like boy but they are still girls." I drank Red Horse, which is fast becoming my favorite beer here. It costs 60 peso per bottle and after 2 bottles you get pretty tipsy. If you're a cheap charlie, forget the San Miguel Lights, Red Horse should be your beer of choice. One of the tomboys sat with us. Her name was Jack. She was Grace's friend and she was keeping us company, singing a few songs now and then, pouring our drinks, refreshing our ice etc. She was nice enough, so I ended up buying her 2 LDs during the night. The LDs in the videoke bars cost 200 peso each.


Jack was very happy with her LDs and became my new best buddy. "you have lesbian in your country?" she asked. "Yes, we have lesbian," I told her, "Gay too but no bakla." I asked who her favourite singer was and she said, "queen. teeth. big moustache." "Oh, yeah, Freddie Mercury," I said, "You know he was gay. He die of the AIDS. Too much boom-boom in ass." She seemed genuinely shocked that Freddy Mercury was dead. "when this happen?" she wanted to know. "Last year," I said. I also informed her that George Michael was gay ("He try to boom-boom policeman in CR") and "REM singer" was bisexual. "any tomboy singer?" she asked. I couldn't think of any but I said, "Maybe Miley Cyrus," just to keep her happy.


The entire night cost me 720 pesos. (It would have only cost me 320 pesos if I hadn't bought any LDs for Jack). Around 1:30 AM, Grace wanted to go home, so we triked back to the hotel. She was shy in the room, but I told her she was very cute and took some pics. I'm actually shocked at how the pics came out because she doesn't look like she did in person at all. She is honestly much cuter, younger and smaller than she looks in the pics.




Judging by personality, I have to say Grace was the nicest girl I've barfined so far. She was just a sweet and kind-natured girl and she was very pleasant company. She was happy with whatever I wanted to do and was overjoyed that I had chosen her to go to videoke with me. In the bed, she was shy and pulled the blankets over her head when she gave me a blowjob. We fucked bareback and I let her go on top to start off. She seemed to genuinely enjoy it. I could feel my dick rubbing her cervix all the time we were fucking and it seemed to be really stimulating her. She was embarrassed, saying "i am so wet." After a while, I was tired and needed a break. She giggled. "i cum many times already," she said. "You find it easy to cum I think," I replied. She smiled, "yes because I didn't do boom-boom for 3 days. girls need boom-boom too." I resumed the fucking and finished up with a great shuddering cum inside her unprotected pussy. After a quick shower, I fell asleep in her arms.



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Day 11


I woke up late next to Grace and fucked her once more, bareback of course, and blew the usual sticky load in her pussy. We talked for a while and she said she didn't like her job. She had been a saleslady before and she called being a bargirl a "shy job". I guess she meant it's a job she is ashamed of. She really is a sweet girl and her English is very good compared to most girls. She said she worked on Raymond Street because she didn't want to be a dancer. She also said she can make more money working Short-Times. She said when she was young, she never paid attention in school and missed many days, having fun with her friends. She said she now realized what a big mistake she made. When she was going, I gave her a 300 peso tip and told her I might see her later on in Sea Lord.


Satisfied after getting my morning cum with Grace, I went for lunch in American Legion restaurant. Roast Chicken, mashed potato, sweetcorn, a bread roll and a tiny bowl of soup was only 220 pesos. A good meal for Cheap Charlie. 


Afterwards, I stopped in Garfield's around 1PM for a beer. This is a normal bar with 4 or 5 waitresses, one of whom was attractive. The 6 or 7 customers were all really old men in their 70s. One of the girls I took from Club Rio told me that the Garfields girls are "decent girls" (probably because they don't take out your cock and wank you off in public). I gather that they do a lot of chatting with the customers and only go for barfine rarely and only if they really like the customer. Might be the same setup as Porky's, but without the cute girls. The Garfield's girls are not easy on the eye. One was younger and OK looking.


It was getting late, so I headed down to Candy Bar with the intention of barfining the cute cousins, Sol and Jenna, and banging them quickly before bringing them to videoke. Mainly, I just wanted to take some pictures of them, naked if possible. I walked into Candy Bar and saw the cousins were busy drinking LDs with other customers, and none of the girls on stage were worth barfining, so I avoided buying a drink and told the waitress I'd come back later. 


I've been too lazy in picking my girls (too many average and below average) and since BM derek k pointed it out, I decided tonight I was going to bag myself a stunner, or at least a good-looking girl. Next stop was Night Moves (BF 1500 LD 120) which had a nice selection of girls around 6PM. Some were not great, some were attractive and there were at least two I felt were stunners. I chose one of the stunners, Noreen, a skinny 22 year old with a very pretty face. At first, she seemed like a cold fish, but I warmed her up with some Irish charm and a few jokes designed to appeal to bar girls. I was surprised by how easy it was to have her eating out of my hand. Humor and chatting about bar girl concerns goes a long way in AC. So do jokes about dick-size, racial stereotypes and boom-boom. Unfortunately, she claimed couldn't go LT with me because her mother was in town and she had to be home by 10 PM. She wanted me to come back in 3 days, by which time her mother would be gone. Her plan was to call her friend and tell her to meet us in videoke. Then, after using me as their personal ATM for a few hours, her friend would go home and Noreen would boom-boom me back in my hotel. "I like your plan," I said, "but I would add an extra boom-boom." I promised I would be back for her in 3 days.


Next stop was Miss Magic around 7PM which had a mixed selection of girls. Some attractive, some horrible. The only stunner I saw was already with another foreigner. One of the attractive girls caught my eye as she passed by, giving me a cheeky smile. She was actually having fun, joking around on the dancefloor, so I called her over and bought her an LD. Her name was Shela and she was 18 years old. She had an extremely cute face and the healthy body of a western girl with curves in the right places. However, she said she never went for LT, only ST. She said the barfine was 1500 but she wanted to be back in the bar before 10PM. This gave me only a 2-hour window. She claimed she owed some loan shark money (400 peso) and needed to pay it by 10PM. I asked her about videoke but she wasn't very enthusiastic. At first, I wasn't interested in barfining her, because the interview set off alarm bells that she was a starfish, but I liked her face so much, I gave in. I paid up and we walked back to my hotel in the torrential rain. When we got to the room, I kept telling her how beautiful she was and asked if I could take some pictures. She happily posed for me and I took more photos than normal. Tell me what you think of this girl. 
















(In that last pic, the wide-angle lens on the camera is making her legs look bigger than they really are.)


After the photo session, I handed her the remote and told her to pick a channel. She put on the Cartoon Network which was showing Tom and Jerry. I told her to take a shower and she stood there transfixed, staring at the TV. After a while, I said, "OK, time to take shower." She was still rooted to the spot. I had to remind her a third time, "Don't you want to shower?" I wasn't sure if she was just time-wasting or hypnotized by the TV. She started moving in slow motion towards the bathroom. "We boom-boom, then finish, then you go," I said. That got her into the shower. She came out, lay on the bed like a starfish, stared at the TV and waited for me to do something. I stood there and waited for her to do something. We were in a Mexican standoff. Who would flinch first? "You really love cartoons," I said, "What your favourite one?" "tom and jerry," she replied. 


I went in bareback and she didn't make any comment or objection. I assume she always barebacks and the thought of using a condom never crosses her mind. As I suspected, she was a complete starfish in bed, but her young pussy was so tight and so moist that I really enjoyed the sex. I pumped away beween her legs for a while as she watched her favourite cartoon. While I was fucking her, she let me take pics of my bare cock in her pussy. (Sorry, I can't post them here in this section of the site.) I busted my nut inside her velvet walls and when I pulled my cock out, the sperm was drooling out of her pussy. Before I could snap a picture of the lovely and gooey creampie, she rolled out of bed and went to shower.


She got dressed and I handed her 300 peso tip. It was the first time she had looked away from the TV and she stared at me with silent disapproval. "What tip you normally get?" I said, my hand hovering over my wallet. "500 peso minimum," she said. (See what you guys with your 500 peso minimum tips have given rise to: cute girls who waste time, give piss-poor service and do a runner after an hour). "I pay 1500 barfine and you only stay one hour. You want 500 peso tip for that?" I asked. She said her cut of the barfine is 500 and the bar takes the rest. "not paid until tomorrow," she said. She needed the tip to pay the loan shark. "I say 300, you say 500, here's 400," I said. That seemed to be the magic number and she happily accepted the money. As I ushered her out the door, her eyes were still glued to Tom and Jerry.


I still needed a girl to go to videoke with me, so I took a trike down to Raymond Street and went looking for Mariel, but they said she was at home (which I took to mean "with a customer"). It was 10PM and there was a distinct lack of girls on Raymond Street. It was almost deserted, possibly because of the torrential rain. I went into Prince of Wales, but the only available girl was the skinny, fugly one with the weird scabs on her legs. I bought her a LD out of guilt and sat talking to her for a few minutes. Her name was Grace and she said she was friends with the Grace I barfined from Sea Lord. She said she used to be a dancer on Walking Street but nobody ever barfined her or even called her down from the stage, so she got fired after a week or two. She said the other girls in her bar were talking behind her back and she hadn't managed to get a barfine for a week. Even I wasn't man enough to fuck this one, so I left for Santos Street.


Black Pearl had a bunch of black guys drinking outside, just like Nicole (the girl I barfined from there) had described, and I didnt want to intrude on their party, so I wandered on to Shadows. There were no other customers and the girls were not very appetising. I tried to pretend I was a veteran monger who knew everything about everything, showing I knew the word on the street by talking about the raids in hushed tones, but my cover was blown when a street vendor suckered me into paying 50 pesos for 20 peso nuts. Bastard! "Who here like videoke?" I said and grabbed the first girl who showed interest. She was short and OK looking and suggested bringing her tall, fugly friend. "If I take you short-time, how long you stay with me?" I asked. They told me they would stay three hours. Funny how that works... If you barfine them for fucking, they'll leave after one or two hours, but if you barfine them to do something they want to do, they'll happily stay the full 3 hours. Barfine was 800 pesos each.


On the way to videoke, I told them we were going to a tomboy place. "that's ok I'm a lesbian," said the short one. Then she laughed and said, "just kidding". When we got to the videoke, my friend Jack the Tomboy was delighted to see me again and, remembering her 2 LDs the night before, gave me the VIP treatment. My Shadows girls were delighted to be at videoke and even more thrilled that they got barfined without having to suck or fuck anything. After a few songs and a few beers, they warmed up and started taking pictures of themselves with me. Unfortunately, I didn't have a phone with me to take pictures of them. Jack asked me what bar I got my ladies from and told me I had good taste in girls. Clearly, Tomboy Jack has no taste in girls.


I quizzed the short girl about the other bars on Santos and about the raids. She told me Shadows was recently raided but the girls weren't taken to jail. They were taken to the Filipino version of child protective services. They had IDs but the police didn't accept them, according to her, because some of the girls didn't have their molar teeth. "Why do black guys love Black Pearl so much?" I asked. She said the owner was a filipino who married a black guy. Then she split up with the black guy. "So the black guys came to see the black guy but when the black guy left, the black guys kept coming," I said. "Exactly," she replied. The short one also admitted she really was a lesbian. She had a girlfriend and they had been together 6 months. I asked her how that worked and she told me she and her girlfriend had never actually had sex. "not physical, just emotional," she said. She has sex with customers and claimed she enjoys it.


I had a good time with these girls, but I never even asked their names. I sang some Boyzone songs in a voice that would make Ronan Keating disband the group again in disgust. The tall one wanted me to take her LT and kept shaking her ass in my face when I was singing. I was tired, didn't want boom-boom and certainly didn't want boom-boom with her. At the end of the night, my bill was 820 peso. (It would have been 420 without the 2 LDs for I bought for Jack). The girls walked me back to the trike stand. They kept hugging me and thanking me for bringing them to videoke. They may have been hoping for a tip, but I wasn't about to tip them without wetting my cock in their pussies first. When I got back to the hotel and lay down on my bed, the realization finally struck me... Did I just pay 2 hookers 1600 pesos to NOT have sex with me?

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Im enjoying reading your travel report, and I am considering having a go at Angeles early next year. Ive been to Pattaya about 7 times and am comfortable there.


But to be honest for a city full of whores, I have never seen such a group of ugly women in all my life! A hand full of decent lookers, amongst a sea of pigs!


And the fat chick was actually quite cute! I wouldve LT that one!


Keep up the good work, and did you catch something with all that bare backing???


Filipinas love the bare back!!!!

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Top report mate

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First, irishmuppet, thanks for continuing this report despite some disparaging replies. Your honest and factual writing style is a good read. Your hunting grounds are the same as mine and this trip report will be invaluable on my November trip since it's been a over a year since last in AC. Looking forward to the rest of this trip report.

Just realized this is from a 2014 trip. Oh well, still an enjoyable read.

Edited by likeaking

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Very enjoyable and well written trip report. Glad you had fun.


I did cringe every time you barebacked a girl. First for your own safety but also most Flip bar girls do not use birth control pills, have access to the morning after pill and end up getting pregnant. I know the girls have a responsibility to them selves but in most cases are not bright enough to fully grasp the consciousness. I know to many bar girls in AC that come to the city poor to make money and leave worse off than when they arrive.

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