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Dear Fellow Addicts,



I’ve been on this site for over 4 years now. While on this site I’ve read many Topics & Posts with the vast majority being

Very Good & a few even Outstanding. Although I have never Physically made it over to the “Adult Playgroud” yet, thanks

to this website, in my dreams I’ve seen myself wondering down 'Walking Street' several times & now I’m finally planning on making the trip for real before the end of this year.

Therefore, since I’ll be coming from the “Promise Land” it will be a very LONG trip. Now I realize the question between

“Pattaya vs. Angeles City” is already all over the board with many “Outstanding Comparisons” …

My 50 – 50 is a little different.

Now please keep in mind I’m only working with a 10 day window & of course there’s 1 day to get over there

& 1 day to get back …

“How about splitting my time?”

I’m thinking, 4 Nites in Pattaya & 4 Nites in Angeles City?

Yea? … Split the Time.

Nay? … Only 8 Nites, just pick one.

If it’s a Yeah, should the 1st four nites be one over the other for any particular reason?

Any & all feedback would be much appreciated.


Thank You.


P.S. Oh, & for those of you who don’t know where the “Promise Land” is … Los Angeles, California  J

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I've been to LA. Not the promised (NB: not "the Promise Land")  land. Not even the reasonably assured land.


8 nights in total is meagre so spending a full day fucking around flying to another country is a terrible idea. Which is what it is going to wind up taking you to go from A to B. And you need a more costly ticket with this route. 


You know you lose a day going there plus the flight time right? And gain the time difference back on the return?


Pick one.

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Sent from St. Somewhere

Over 100 visits to the Kingdom

First in 2001 -

TG with me in USA since Nov 2008

Married to her since Jan 2009 .....OOPS Divorce in 2015...NEXT

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For only eight days minimise the travelling just stay Pattaya

If it floats, flies or fucks It's probably cheaper to rent ...

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I almost always do both Pattaya and AC on my trips but I typically go on Holiday for 3 weeks.  With 8 days of on the ground time, go to Pattaya for the full trip first, save AC for your next trip.  As someone else said, splitting your vacation to visit both places this trip will essentially eat up a full day of your vacation with the flight, and taxi to and from airport in both locations.  Go to Pattaya and enjoy. You have been checking out this site for 4 years...make the most of your 8 days and don't waste anymore than is necessary in cabs and on planes.  

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Thanks for the feedback.

Looks like I'll just be staying all 8 nights in Pattaya. 

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You have become wise young Grasshopper.


AC is OK, but (IMHO) not the least bit compared to Pattaya.


Go, accept the horrific jet lag, and be one with the Pattaya. 

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a future perfect continuous trip report, the tense in English were u speak about the future from a past perspective, ''in two weeks ill have been in Thailand for 3 days'' is the future perfect continuous tense.


I don't reply to 4 year planners who cant get on a plane and watch a movie, catch a bad day of sleep and enter there destination but need to keep talking n talking about.


the world is a global village, everywhere u go is the western world and its about time were proud of it, so fly western style, watch that western movie, and then enter the east and live western just like they and you will, its simply that easy today.


the hardest part is the cockpit air, the air that makes humans actually think jet lag is a real thing.

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