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Thai Bikini Mafia Party at Sapphire Club Friday 7th August 2015



Walking Street Agogo Crawl - Tuesday 18th August 2015



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Farang friendly Thai live music club hits pattaya. Opens 5th June 2015



Is your Thai Girl Cheating



Meet Local Thai Girls



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  • Can't decide
    Hey guys, was just wondering if anyone had any info on these hotels

    Page 10

    hotel J

    Mantra Pura

    I'm going out first the first time on January and I was wondering if anyone knew these hotels policies on...

  • The Japanese are cheap too...

    Contrary to talk on this board, the Japanese are also concerned with prices - here's a site with a relatively recent Japanese view of Pattaya prices:


  • Is it worth it getting in shape for Pattaya?
    I have gotten fatER in the "off season".


    Pattaya calls, will be there in two months. Is it worth it to, loose twenty plus lbs., get in better shape to visit for a month long mongering trip?


    Make any di...

  • So there I was.....

    So there I was sat in my old bar 2 nights ago on 2nd road, when one of the usual annoying watch sellers came in, he continued to pester one of my regulars, when I butted in and said "farang mai ow, khow chai mai?"...

  • For those wondering why prices go up
    Stumbled upon an interesting article. It claims that Thailand has one of the largest shadow economies of the world. It is estimated to be about 20% of the official GDP figure. So basically the real Thai GDP is 20 % hi...

  • What exactly is a play mat?

    Planning my first trip this Decemeber and doing a little research. 


    In one thread i was reading is refered to a "play mat" at the end of the bar.  It it seemed to be a place where for...

  • Shocking video from IHOP restaurant in US



    Not sure how typical this kind of behaviour is over there but this was pretty shocking. You would get arrested for this in the UK, no doubt abo...

  • It's official - going to church can banish those Post Pattaya Blues

    The well respected American Journal of Epidemiology has published research which shows that going to church/mosque/synagogue has a long term benefit in fighting depression, increasing well being and keeping you hea...

  • Are the Night Clubs and Internet Killing off the Beer Bars ?

    Contrary to what many older mongers keep saying, things like "Patts will never change" and "No different to the last few years"

    IMO Pattaya has already changed noticeably with the upsurge of the night clubs,...

  • jomtien beach improvment scheme

    another opportunity to bust the back trouser pocket with folded.......


    aug 5 010 (Custom).JPG






  • 3 more sleeps!

    3 more sleeps til i hit Pattaya!! 2 years in the planning has come to fruition. I cant wait to get some of that Thai poontang  :GoldenSmile1:

  • Zimbabwe - Social & Economic Collapse under murderous Mugabe

    National Geographic gives a look into Zimbabwe and Mugabe. Who is making money here that allows an animal like Mugabe to stay in power?


  • long term accomodation between 5-10k thb

    looking for a long term accommodation starting september 2015. need air cond, internet, new tv with hdmi port, microwave, fridge. I want to pay between 5-10k thb, depends on the location, 10 min by motorbike to WS...

  • Beautiful Girls

    I've been with plenty of girls in P4P who I considered really beautiful and I can't imagine how they could possibly be any better.


    But I'm really starting to have second thoughts after regularl...

  • How to cum further

    Over the last year or so I've noticed that when I pull out to cum over the girl or when I'm wanking my cum doesn't spurt as far as it used to. The first jet yes but then every one after just seems to ooze out almos...

  • guesthouse recomendations needed for 10 nights in september

    hey mates

    i was planning to stay in vt6 this trip but after reading reviews of all the construction noise etc , i have dropped my plans there.


     im looking for  guesthouse recom...

  • 5000+ baht a day, no cum

    After reading a few trip reports, I have noticed in more than a few, men taking girls ST knowing no way in hell they will cum. I didn't think much about it, till i thought, hey, what could I do with an extra 5k a d...

  • 500 U.S. dollar a month budget in Thailand

    Interesting video, kind of a dry speaking guy and nothing flashy, but not a bad way to live a low key and no drama lifestyle.


  • sexy girl I watched go from sexy & girly to a Dyke looking Tom Boy.

    This girl a few years back was so sexy to look at & had the finishing touches with a lovely boob job.


    Always around the clubs & special nights posing till closing.



  • R.I.P. The Last Dam Buster.

    Les Munro dam buster has died in his native New Zealand, there are now only two surviving ones left.Out of the 133 crew members  only 77 returned . He was described as a down to earth person who was modest abo...

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