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Gerry's Birthday Party at Sapphire Club. Monday June 22nd 2015



Bangkok Invaders at Sapphire Club. Saturday June 27th 2015



Farang friendly Thai live music club hits pattaya. Opens 5th June 2015



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  • any one a member of philippno addicts

    Hi im a member there also,,  but for thre last two days i havnt been able to log on ,, i dont have permission ?????

    i need to contact admin ,,but i cant get in , , to find out why   any advice plea...

  • Tracing text to uk from Thailand?

    Just a question for those who know about these things? :Think1:


    I had a month in Pattaya last Jan but told my off and on girlfriend in the UK that I would be in the US. I used an old flip pay a...

  • Traffic camera speeding ticket
    Anyone know how to pay a ticket from a traffic cam in Thailand? I received one by post today and of course it's in Thai.

  • Tim Hunt petition

    I don't know how many of you are aware of this petition but especially in light of recent news vindicating Sir Tim i hope some of you will sign the following petition:

  • Insomnia Photo's

    Wowza, I just had a brief browse through the photo's on the Insomnia website. Not only are there some very sexy girls in there but it shocked me that I saw quite a few BM's in pictures :)  LOL i'll have to mak...

  • Hole in the wall

    Anyone tried this place for food inbetween Triangle Bar and fake wetherspoons ? Me & my mate go every time in Pattaya best I've had!

  • Funny / Noteworthy statements on Thaifriendly profiles
    Starting off with a classic (no need to identify the TF girl):


    "Don't message me if you're an English teacher."



  • Cheapest options with fridge & basic cooking facilities?

    Really need a fridge for medicine & would love to have a hob or microwave to do some basics from time to time. Any recommendations or cunning plans? Not overly bother about location as long as it's west of suku...

  • Low Season Deals!

    Hey guys,


    Im looking for some low season deals for my mid august trip. Unfortunately, as you may know already... the booking sites do not always reflect the prices that hotels will let their ro...

  • What would you do or change if a major terrorist bombing hit Pattaya?

    With the recent news of terrorist attacks around the world, what would you do or change if a major attack/bombing hit Pattaya?

  • US Supreme Court: Constitution allows gay marriage
    The U.S. supreme court just struck down the ban on gay marriage in 14 states.


    This makes the U.S. just the 21st country in the world to allow same sex marriage in every jurisdiction. Thailand, who some people...

  • Disturbing trend, not paying the monger!
    I'm having a bit of fun here, with a topic title from someone else's post.


    How about the monger who gets a raw deal?


    There is a whole army of cry babies when some girl gets ripped for "5" Baht, someth...

  • Maxx Place Photos & Review?

    Hi Everyboy!


    Have anyone a review from the Maxx Place (soi arunothai)? I looking a lot in Web but I can´t find Photos from the Rooms. Only on Website but there you can´t see nothing.


  • My Beach Road Ladies - Number 5, Toy

    Well I should have started my original thread with the story about my very first Pattaya shag and my very first experience with Beach Road.  You’ll get a chuckle out of this one guys.  Back in 2008 I was...

  • for all base/softball fans


    Who is ready to come out of his or hers lazy seat and get out there to play some Slo-Pitch softball in Pattaya. We are a group of expats from different nationalities who come together...

  • Avoid Chinese People in Suwa, How and What Time?
    I asked this question already in another topic, but no replys att all. It was lost in voting, i think?

    Now make a seperate topic maybe get better respons.


    Someone knows what time the airport has the most C...

  • Sexy car wash kicks off ‘Bangkok Auto Salon’



  • LT & Snoring...Any sugesstions?
    OK let's be clear; I snore...like heavily snore.

    No I never tried the record-while-sleeping method, but the feedbacks from friends sleeping over or casual one night stands are consistent; you man snore like a bul...

  • K-Bank atm card skimmed

    Just a heads up for you guys that have Thai bank accounts and dont check them often!. Im just after noticing that there was a 1000b atm withdrawal on my account on sunday.  I guess Im lucky they only took 1k m...

  • Thai Porn

    Now that I've gotten everyone's attention with the thread title...   :GoldenSmile1:


    I'm well aware of the reason/meaning for 'porn' names in Thailand, but what unfortunate/funny transliter...

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