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Visitor Visa Info - Thailand to UK


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Hi gents,


Looking for some help on the visitor visa application and having looked through loads of threads on this board I'm still not 100% on how the process works and would be grateful for any advice that can be offered:


Some questions:


Is the whole application online? And does that include uploading a scan of the passport and photo for them to use for the visa or do you have to send those documents after applying online? If so, where are they sent to?


If providing a letter of support and accompanying documents showing my financial status, can I upload all that online too?


Is there an interview in Bangkok involved still?


The lady I'm trying to get a visa for doesn't earn much, so in that circumstance does the application succeed or fail on whether I can prove I'll be able to support her financially and satisfy them that she'll return to Thailand? If it's just the latter, any tips on this would be appreciated.


Does it matter what her employment involves? If it's the obvious, should this be skirted around, explicitly stated, or another approach taken? 


Does the length of time we've known each other present a problem if it's only three months?


How is the visa issued? By post, or collected from Bangkok?


Cheers for your help in advance.

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I'm very interested in these questions also...anyone?

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You (or rather she, as it's her application) apply online.  Once you've submitted the application and paid, you can arrange an appointment to submit the hard copy application at VFS in Bangkok.  She will have to do this herself.  The application needs to be printed out and submitted with all the hard copy evidence.  The (Thai) VFS staff will check that everything is there but they do not "interview" her.  Biometric tests are also made at VFS.


In about 10 days she'll get an email telling her she can pick up her passport from VFS in Bangkok.  They won't tell her whether she has the visa, and she won't know until she looks in her passport.  If it's been refused there will be a letter explaining why,


If you are sponsoring the visit then yes, you will need to write a letter explaining your relationship and evidence that you have the money to pay for the visit.  She doesn't have to have any money herself if you're paying for everything, but in this case, your relationship with her is important and you will need to provide proof that it is a proper relationship.  You'll also need to show where she will be staying in the UK and provide proof of this.


There is no requirement for her to be working, however, if she isn't the application will stand or fall on whether she has a genuine "reason to return" to Thailand.  If she's working in a bar, don't lie about it, but the ECOs are not stupid and it will make it more difficult to convince them it's a proper relationship. 


Only knowing her for 3 months may well be a problem, unless you can show that you've been living together the whole time.  It helps if you've spent time with her in Thailand, visiting her family etc, and have photos to prove it.


Good luck!

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