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Kun Ken

My Myanmar travel.

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Kun Ken

English is not my mother language. So pls understand my bad english.


About 5 years ago, I had a chance to taste myanmar with my friend.

He knew the myanmar well.

So i was curious about new country and new pussy.

In that times, cellphones were not that public there.

Because cellphones were very expensive and simcard also were very expensive.

Usually working girls did not have cellphone.


I stayed at yanggon. My first impression of yanggon was very boring city.

Nothing attracted me much. So i focused on pussyes.


We only visited nightclubs where many girls were there.

Price were cheaper than thai.

LT price were as low as 30000 Kyat(928 baht), 40000(1237 baht) usually then.


But I heard the price is more expensive now.


There were several famous nightclub as pickup places

At first place, i found my dream girl 19 yo.

She said 50000 Kyat(1547baht) LT which was expensive than usual

and she acted like she was not interested in me.

So i passed off.


I stayed 4 night there at first visit. I picked up girls from another night clubs.

The girls i picked up were so so. Not bad.

But i could not stop thinking my dream girl at first night.

So i decided to go to see her anyway.

To my surprise, when she saw me this time.

She hugged me and she acted like she waited for me.


On the way back hotel, i could not stop smiling. I felt like I was 15 years old boy.

She could not speak english at all. It is almost impossible verbal communication.

We used body languages more.

But she was such a nice girl and got really nice body.

I really regretted why i did not picked her since first night.

It was my last night.

The next morning, i was really sad to go back to LOS.

I said to her that i will come back for her soon.

She seemed to understand me.


After first visit myanmar, i could not stop thinking her.

You know what. I booked flight to myanmar again as the date after 2 week come back LOS.

I woke early 6 am and went to the myanmar embassy to make visa.

And booked hotel. All were ready except one.


There was one big problem.

It was that i had no way to contact her.

The only thing I knew about her was the nightclub where she worked.

My second visit to myanmar was only for her.

This time i went there alone without friend.


What if i could not meet her? Or some guy already picked up her?

or She went to her home town?


I really could not know what would be going on.

I was not sure that I could meet her or not...


But i thought like this...

'Fuck it.....I won't give up finding her. If i can not find her, I can find another girls.'


Plane landed and i went to my hotel and i saw my watch and was waiting for nightclub opening time.

The nightclub usually opened about 7 PM and close about 11 PM, I remember.


I went there before 6 PM. The nightclub was on 4th floor.

They did not operate lift yet, because nightclub was not open yet.

I waited more than 1 hour.

While i waited at downstairs, i prayed sincerely that i could meet her.

Finally a man came and operated lift.

Of course no customers there. I was only customer.

I was going to find sit.

Then one of the doors from corridors opend and she came out just like movie scene.


Oh God thank you so much!


She saw me with surprised face and hugged me. And i called staff who can understand me.

And made him to translate my words.

I asked her to stay with me for whole 5 days. She accepted my offer and she said she want 60000 Kyat per day. That was just like i expected. I said ok.


The 5 days with her....umm eat, bang, sleep...those were all our routine a day.

I felt like an animal, but i really was happy with her.


If we felt boring, we took a walk shortly and dined out.

I banged her in and out of season but she did not complain at all.

And she even did not make a wry face at all.

The day before i left, i bought her a cloth. She hesitated before taking it.

And coming back hotel room, she changed into new cloth and showed me how she look.

She was really cute.


The day i left, I really thanked her to give me happy memory.


After that day, I have not visited myanmar again.

I do not know why. Maybe because of my new TGF.


Sometimes i wonder how she is doing now.

Maybe she could be changed a lot.

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I stayed at yanggon. My first impression of yanggon was very boring city.
Nothing attracted me much. So i focused on pussyes.


love that sentence  :ThumbUp6: 

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Your lucky to find her again, I've often wondered about going to Myanmar but never went. nice report.  

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Pattaya Ape

Did you meet her at Emperor Club? Spent a bit of time in Yangon and understand the place better than most.


Its a decent place for sex tourism but not as much fun as Bangkok or Patts.


If you have any questions about the place let me know.

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Nice story about your time in Myanmar. I remember visiting Myanmar a few years ago and remember how simple the people were compared to their Thai counterparts. Apparently it was how Thailand used to be around 30 years ago so don't know if that says anything about the attitudes of the Thais now compared to the past, but I felt the people in Myanmar were very friendly though communication was extremely difficult for me.


I'm not sure if you visited other areas but I liked Yangon and loved the simple pace of cities that size compared to the hustle and bustle that modern cities have become. It was also alot more modern then Mandalay as I found it extremely frustrating to travel on motorbike taxis there as I didn't know the locals had problems reading a map. If you are interested in temples then I would recommend Bagan as it felt like a older and more diverse version of Ayyuthaya.


As for the women, I did find and hang out with this cutie trying to get some money for her family by selling these obscure trinkets when I was traveling in the countryside. She was very nice to speak with, even with her extremely limited english and my non-existent Burmese and I can see the potential for Myanmar being the next asian bride hotbed once they start to open up more. Very cute women there with more mixed Indian looks compared to other SE asian countries.


I hope to get back there eventually once I get more time off and can go country hopping again.




P.S. - I hope that the chewing of betel nuts doesn't become a craze with the working girls in Pattaya as that stuff can make the hottest stunner look like beetlejuice.



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So I got a question for the OP. 


If you enjoyed her so much, why didn't you think about making things serious between you two?  Her coming to live with you in LOS, or you going to live there?

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Please go there once more.

May be she is coming to the Night Club every night hoping that you will return back.

Go there to find her and make a good romance story.

and Please report it back here in this forum

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Great story!


You really should go see her again.

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No follow up from poster? 

Did you get to see the girl again?

We're dying to hear!

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I know a couple of guys who like it there and do OK albeit a bit more expensive

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