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anyone bored .. translation help and song


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what do these 2 messages say .. i used google translate so i get the jest of the messages 





2,เลือกใครดีโว้ย..บอกหน่อยได้ไหม.กรุจะบ้าตายยุแร้ว ถ้ามันมีแค่สามมันก้อดีซิ นี้คือเหตุผลที่ฉันไม่อยากไปทำงาน พอแร้ว.



and whats the story behind this song


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1. 'want to chose place that will stop is with person who has tattoo'........not sure from there. don't quote me on the translation

     'not want do cry/give who must hurt. decided not want who person...........good?'


  That is what I can work out from the first line.  It may not be correct.  She may be writing in Isaan or may have spelling errors.  Might be better for somebody who knows Isaan to have a look.

I have been studying Thai for a while but still am far from perfect.

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Your song "Rak Sahm Sao" it's about a love triangle.

A good English translation is available here: http://deungdutjai.com/tag/prik-thai/ just search the page for "triangle"

I think that there are some little misspellings in your sentences, like อยุ่กับ should be อยู่กับ but I can be wrong.



*Edit - forget about above translation , I was confused by another singer with the same title song

           http://th49.ilovetranslation.com/l7RAbzAFAS6=d/ is the version of "Stamp"

Partial translation of item 1:

1 - I want to select the one who is going to stop living with somebody else. Why is it so very difficult ? I don't want to hurt anybody. Don't want to decide who ....?????


PS: Slick please... I am not bored enough today ;-)

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Lol, ok :D


My take on it:

1. I want to make a choice to be with one of them. Why is it so hard? I don't want to hurt anyone. Should I decide to be with neither of them?

2. Who should I choose? Please tell me. I'm going crazy. If it's just the three then it's fine. This is the reason I'm not going to work. I've had enough.

ขออภัยในความไม่สะดวก กูเกิลทรานสเลทไม่สามารถแปลข้อมูลนี้ได้ 

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thanks guys. 

shes put a new one up now , my girl is so confused , shes fell in love with me . problem is shes got 4 other blokes in love with her

if your bored more !!

 บางทีการที่มีเรามีหลายทางเลือกไม่ได้หมายความว่าจะดีเสมอไป ของใหม่ยองดีกว่าของเก่าจิงมัย เอายังงี้ล่ะกัน ใครหมดแรงก่อนคนนั้นแพ้(เงิน)

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Yeah, I'm bored :D


Sometimes having many options doesn't mean it will be good forever. Something new and shiny is better than something old, right? Ok then, whoever is worn-out first will lose (money)

ขออภัยในความไม่สะดวก กูเกิลทรานสเลทไม่สามารถแปลข้อมูลนี้ได้ 

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Confused... It looks more like a love pentagon than a love triangle :-)))

In french I would say "coeur d'artichaud", but good luck for translating this expression in Thai.

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