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Jasons Birthday Party at Sweethearts Agogo Saturday 11th April 2015



Hip Hop Honeys at Sapphire Club 11th April 2015



Walking Street AgoGo Crawl Tuesday 21st April 2015



Brand New Guesthouse with awesome rooms in the middle of Walking Streethttp://www.pattaya-addicts.com/forum/topic/263768-walking-street-guest-house/



Is your Thai Girl Cheating



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  • Origami Condoms - Condoms of the future?

    Just thought I'd share the latest in condom technology

    Apparently Bill Gates is investing in the product.



  • whats happening in lkmetro

    Just see that there are loads of police and people gathered in the corner what has happened or happening ?


    looking at the live cam and cant work it out any one there now?

  • Junk in trunk phatty
    Lol I know there are a lot of slim women in Thailand. Is there any women up there that are thick with junk in the trunk a nice bottom. If they are what areas are they located I'm not talking about crazy big but just...

  • anyone in contact with JAI DEE MAK

    hi people


    any board members in contact with jai dee mak. ive messaged him regards renting a room off him a few days ago after he told me what he had available. i replied saying i wanted one of...

  • What Happened To The Talent?

    I hate to be the spoil sport, the party pooper, the nemesis, and a POS, but...WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TALENT ?  I've been coming to Thailand for seven years and this time, I'm findin...

  • Info on Mongering in Bahrain
    Flying out to Bahrain after business in Doha, Qatar.
  • Any BMs have info and/or advice on Bahrain Nightlife and ladies.

    I heard there are working ladies from Russia, Philippines, China and of course Thailand.

  • katsiree houes
    went for a drink in katsiree last night sit outside on the stools

    next thing all hell let lose don't no what it was about but the girls

    the one with glasses and the big one that work there trying to hit


  • abonvivant take 2 on getting married

    Hi to those who know me under the old name of abonvivant. I dont seem to be able to log on to that account at the moment.


    I made the grand announcement a year or so ago that I was getting marri...

  • Thai sex worker recruiter in New Zealand jailed

    Unfortunate, those services are needed besides in Thailand.



  • Is Chiang Mai worth a visit?
    Hello all, off to Thailand this Tuesday :) will go home on the 8th May. Will be going with a friend of mine. We have booked a hotel up on Sukhumvit Road just by Nana plaza for four nights. We had then planned to go st...

  • 60s 70s 80s music

    hi people. are there any clubs pubs bars that lean toward the more disco kind of music, or 60/70/80s music. i know the vast majority will be dance music, but for anyone who prefers a more disco vibe are there clubs...

  • Buying a Smartphone in Bangkok

    Im going to be staying in Majestic Suites this summer...I want to get a smartphone to use only in Thailand ... will be staying for five weeks and would like to use this phone for my future trips of once a year each...

  • At what point did you stop caring about your personal appearance?
    For those who no longer care about personal appearances in Pattaya/Thailand, at what point did you stop caring (I'm talking about those who used to work out and all before Thailand trips)?


    In my past trips few...

  • camera advice wanted
    What camera would you lads recommend . I want one ideally between £100 and £200 . I plan on using it solely for nude Thai girl photos , hotel room . I've got a Panasonic DMC SZ8 , I like its Wi-Fi , but it's a bit cr...

  • big bloke v thai police

    Dont know if this has been posted before or how old the video is..


  • 2015 How much is needed per day in Pattaya ?

    I know each  has a different budget & some guys are 2 week millionaires & some are slow & steady but to have a real fantastic trip just how much do you need per day on average to have for spending...

  • Booking Flights

    Hi Guys, I am coming to Pattaya in August. I have been keeping an eye on airfares for the past 2 months. My question is when is the best time to book? I am coming in low seaon and was thinking about buying tickets...

  • Conspiracy - true or lala land?

    I have a couple of mates who are big believers in conspiracy theories. They will, when inclined, drop into the conversation an 'off the wall' conspiracy theory and then challenge you to disprove it? Sometimes, thes...

  • flight booked and paid for ... :-) count down to end of june.

    just thought id let you folks know, just booked and paid for my trip. flying out direct from heathrow with eva air. economy class. £550 return. flying out @ 9.35pm so night flight on a monday, maybe not as many peo...

  • red curtain, SOI 3
    Past the massage shops, right next to beer bar complex there is some sort of place that has red curtains as an entry. What is it?

  • Can anyone explain why the Thai Baht is strong?

    I am far from understanding international currencies and what makes them move.


    Normally I ASSUME that if the countries economy is strong then their currency follows suit. As most know the Aussi...

  • Sick leave strategy.

     my next trip which will last 16 days in june, i have a pretty good record at not taking sickies.


    I suppose to fly in on tuesday which will get me back to work on wednesday what i want to...

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