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Boracay Island - Phillipines. Way too much to do.

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I thought I would show you what other options are in PI. You can find the full report here...





Bush Bashing to Boracay - 27th October, 2013



Angielyn and I woke up about 9am.

After the morning festivities we both went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. :05:

The Devera has it's restaurant, D' View, on the 6th floor overlooking Fields Ave. 

The windows in this photo I grabbed off the Net are gone now and it's open air.

The food was quite good and reasonably priced.






I still maintain not all PI food is bad.

If you can get a good Kare-Kare, Sinigang, Adobo or Sisig (My personal favourite) it is a great meal.

Sisig is a bit like a toned down version of Lap Moo... I love it.

The PI breakfasts of either Bangus (The Pinay's favourite :) ) or Tapas is a good meal but not heavy for the day ahead.

Granted the variety is nowhere near the level of the Thai's, but it is definitely worth a try.


Considering that the only Aussie contributions to the culinary world are Pavlova, Anzac Biscuits, Lamington's and Vegemite...the less we have to say about how bad other countries food is the better. :D


After breakfast we repacked what little we had unpacked the night before and it was about time to head to Clark. We got reception to find us a driver. I think it cost 200 Pesos.






The Philippines is the only country I have been to that charges you to travel by air.

Both International and domestic. The cost was 150 Pesos each to get to Kalibo.






I will mention at this point there are two ways to get to Boracay from AC that I know of.


Clark -> Kalibo -> Caticlan -> Boracay.


Angeles -> Manila -> Caticlan Airport -> Boracay.


I chose the first route... :rolleyes:

My reasoning was that I didn't want to deal with the drive to Manila and it's ridiculous traffic.

In hindsight it would have been much easier to drive to Manila. I'll explain in a bit...


We boarded the plane at 1:40pm on a Tiger Airways flight.






I gave Angel the window seat and my camera to play with as I know she has not flown much.






Angielyn was a little nervous on take-offs and landings.

The little lady has a strong grip for some-one so tiny. :)






It's about an hour flight to Kalibo but some-how we arrived 25 minutes early. :huh:

I have never been on ANY flight that was this early... anywhere!




Kalibo is one of those tiny international airports setup for one particular destination.

But this meant the transit and reclaiming baggage was quick and a no-brainer.






We exited the arrivals area to find a young lady holding a card with our names on it.

I had booked most of this trip through 'My Boracay Guide'.




I ran across this site in the early planning stages of this trip.

I can not recommend these people highly enough. :Good_Job:

Not only can you book just about any hotel and activity on the island, a lot of them were discounted by booking through their site. You were lead by the hand from arrival until departure at no extra charge.


Every activity had your own personal tour guide and the prices were often discounted or with no padding. I checked.

The site lists every tourism activity and site on Boracay.

It also has a great set of maps of almost all of the shops, bars and restaurants on the island.





I booked everything involved with this trip through them. hotel, transport and activities.

They barely made a single mistake. :Bravo1:

I was expecting a driver in a car to take us to Caticlan and the boats to Boracay.

We were lead to a bus instead and waited about 25 minutes for another group of tourists flight to arrive.

This was not there mistake... it was my assumption. :rolleyes:






This was the part that in hindsight was a mistake... this trip takes about 2 & 1/2 hours!

If you go to Boracay from AC, take the drive to Manila. It will probably take less time than busing from Kalibo to Caticlan... and be FAR more comfortable. Take the flight to Caticlan Airport if at all possible.


The cost of the bus was 1200 Pesos each. Almost the same as if you booked it with the bus company.

... and almost the cost of a driver from Magerita Station....

I know this because I met a couple of young guys in the smoking lounge at Clark.

I asked them how much they had paid as they had organised there own transport directly with the bus company.


The drive to Caticlan takes you through the small mountain range north of Kalibo.

A large bus on these narrow, twisting roads is bordering on dangerous with the local drivers.

Angielyn got quite ill from the constant twisting and turning from the bus trip.


Fortunately for her they have a stopover about halfway along this journey for toilet/cig breaks and some snacks.






About 5pm we arrived at Caticlan harbour. 






Again we were lead through the entire ticketing process and guided to our boat.

At no stage did we have to do a thing but go where we were lead.






A little tip here that I first learned on a trip to Puerto Galera. Carry your own luggage at all times.

The porters in any of these ferry boat terminals expect a LARGE tip for carrying your luggage.

They are not shy about asking for more if they think what you have given them is insufficient.

I had a scene with one of the porters on that trip that was a pain in the ass. :Cuss:






Having one of our guides carry my bag saved a lot of hassle with the porters. I felt sorry for the poor bugger carrying my bag though. He insisted... but my bag is an Adidas Sport Bag. It is bulky, awkward to carry and weighed the FULL 20 Kilos. :rolleyes:


We were lead to our ferry. One of those 20-30 metre trimaran's you see a lot around PI.






Our guide had actually held the boat for us. So as soon as we were aboard it departed for Boracay.






It was overcast and the wind made the water a little choppy. But on the whole it was a pleasant trip.

It took about 15 minutes for the ferry crossing. Including the time for maneuvering up to the dock.






... and we had arrived at Boracay about 6pm.


Boracay itself is about 4km long and 1km wide at it's widest.

It boasts some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen...

...and I am from Australia where we have those in abundance.



There was a delay getting our Tuk-tuk to our hotel. Peak hour traffic.

About 20 minutes later we headed into town and were taken through a few back streets to our hotel on the east side of the island.





We were dropped off and our guide lead us down a small alley with torn up concrete for a path.

I was a little worried at this point as I thought that our hotel could not POSSIBLY be down there... :unsure:

But the hotel was as promised....






As a child my family used to take holidays to a reasonably local (200kms) beach resort caravan park.

I fell in love with the sound of the ocean, especially at night.

If I was going to book a place, it would be next to the ocean.






Strangely enough there are very few hotels on Boracay that are actually on the beach.

Most have their entrances at the beach and the rooms way back from the ocean.

This was one of two that I found.






The other place was very nice... but VERY expensive.

This place cost 3750 pesos a night and was PERFECT. :Hug1:





You can get the lower floor rooms in low season for 2000 Pesos.






Boracay has an unusual and highly predictable weather pattern.

For two thirds of the year the wind blows from the west.

In the second week in October that completely reverses and the wind blows from the east.

Most of the kite-sailing places are on the east of the island.






This made this hotel at this time of year ideal.

Despite being very warm at no point did we ever turn on the air-con.

We had a nice strong breeze blowing through our room at all hours of the day.

So strong in fact that Angielyn sometimes had trouble opening the door to get into our room. :D

Since there were almost no insects we had the doors open all night.


I had planned to take a walk through D-Mall to check the place out.

I'll talk more about the D-Mall later...





But Angielyn was still not feeling 100% and tired.

So I volunteered to take a walk and get us something to eat and we would spend a night in. 

She was very enthusiastic about this idea... :D

It takes about 15 minutes to walk from one side of the island to the other from where we were staying.

I stopped in D-Mall and bought us some fish and chips and some drinks and headed back to the room.






We ate and talked for a bit. Angel has a very cheeky sense of humour.

We then showered and had some nice gentle sex. :Bed_Sex:

With the balcony doors open, the sound of the waves crashing against the shore and my little Angel's head resting against my shoulder... we promptly fell asleep. Tomorrow we would start afresh...

As it turned out we were going to need the rest!




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Biting off more than you can chew - 28th October 2013

Part 1


The alarm had been set for 7am. We had a full day ahead of us.

I had a shopping list of things that I wanted to do in the two full days we had in Boracay.

I had sent this list to 'My Boracay Guide' and asked them to work out a schedule for me to include them all.

They were happy to oblige and sent me an itinerary of all the activities. This was paid for in advance so didn't effect my holiday budget. I figured they would know the most efficient way to get to the various activities... and they did.


There are so many more things I would have loved to have done.




I will do this trip again one day. But you really need a week or more on Boracay to spread out the activities with a little relaxation. Doing no more than two activities a day is probably about right. We were planning four today and I bit off a little more than we could chew.


We went downstairs for breakfast.





They have a communal kitchen downstairs near reception. You can get your Breakfast sent to your room.

But that seemed excessively lazy... even for me :wink: ... since it was only down one flight of stairs right outside our room.

Besides... I like to meet the locals and the staff at Pahuwayan Suites were amazingly friendly.


The only thing that was missing in the room was a Coffee/Tea mini-bar.

But again, it was just downstairs...


It had been almost 20 hours since Angielyn had rice.

If there is one thing I have learned about Pinay's is that almost EVERY meal needs to have rice.

Even when they go to a fast food outlet they will often not order a burger, but instead order a cooked burger pattie WITH rice and gravy. :rolleyes:


We had a standard Falang breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausages and toast.

But it was not long before Angel started sweet-talking the guy who was doing the cooking into making her some rice for breakfast the next day. Happy Pinay. :D


We went back upstairs after breakfast to wait for our guide who would meet us at the hotel.

When we got up it had been a bit overcast and we thought we might get rain for the day.

But after getting back from breakfast it had cleared to a beautiful sunny day.












And of course one duck-face from Angel... she knows I don't like it. :D






At 9am we were met by our guide for this trip. Jinjit I think his name was. Angel can not remember for sure either...






He was a really nice young Pinoy that guided us to all the activities we did over the next two days.

Nothing was too much trouble for him to help us with. Another gold star for 'My Boracay Guide'.


At this point I will mention I had some problems with my battery charger for my camera.

At first I thought it was the camera itself... but a couple of days of trial and error let me work out it was the charger itself and my spare battery. So on occasions the camera worked great... then would not work at all.

So there are a few stock photos over the next couple of days.


First cab off the rank was Fly Fish.





We walked with Jinjit back to the road from Pahuwayan Suites and he ran off to get a trike. No extra charge for this ride. Rather than just stand there we followed after him and met him close to the main street of Boracay.

We got in the trike and headed for Boat Station 1.


You learn very quickly that almost all navigation in downtown Boracay is related to the 3 boat stations or D'Mall.





Boat station 1 is the main launching point for most of our water activities.

Possibly because it was closest to our hotel.

Boat Station 2 is near D'Mall and where most of the swimmers and sun lovers hang out.

Boat Station 3 we never actually got to, so I am not sure what it's main function is. Maybe another launching point. It was about 200 metres off Station 3 that most of the water activities were harbored.


We stood to one side while Jinjit arranged for our boat to the Fly Fish.

Again, all we had to do was to go where we were told... the rest was handled by Jinjit.






We got in the boat and rode across the bay to one of the half dozen pontoons that are the base for the water activities. After putting on new life jackets and signing the disclaimer form we were loaded into the Fly Fish.

This is a SHITLOAD of FUN! :D


They drag you behind the speed boat at a medium speed and then shift to top gear for a few seconds and you are lifted vertically 2-3 meters into the air... they do this a LOT in 15 minutes.






Because I am much larger than Angel we were told to lie down in two slots in between the three inflated areas.

Every time we rose out of the water the weight shifted heavily in my direction.

It's a nice adrenalin rush and it was hilarious listening to Angielyn screaming every time the Fly Fish jumped out of the water. What can I say... she screams so sweetly. :D






It was a little hard on the wrists as the handles to hold onto were in an awkward position lying down.

I should have asked Jinjit if he wanted to ride with us. Angel and him on each side and myself in the middle.

This would have allowed us to sit up, like in the photo above.


After about 15 minutes of this we were helped up onto the pontoon and got ready for the Jetski which was done from the same pontoon.





Jet Ski's are always fun. I haven't been on one in 20 years. My family used to run a Jet Ski business off one of the islands on the Great Barrier Reef. But like riding a bike... you never forget.


We were supposed to ride for an hour but we were both incredibly thirsty. The salinity of the water around Boracay is extremely high. After 30 minutes we called it quits as we were both covered in salt and seriously needed some water. 

There was also the fact that between the Fly Fish and the Jet Ski, the old mans body had copped a bit of a pounding. I don't think the young Pinay's body was fairing much better. :)

But we had a great time that morning.


We rode back to Station 1 and asked Jinjit for a recommendation for a Philippine lunch.

I had to get some rice into Angel soon or she she was going to get grumpy. :D

He recommended Smoke on D'Mall.


After grabbing a couple of bottles of water we walked the 200-300 metres along the beach from Station 1 to Station 2 and D'Mall.






D'Mall is the main shopping, restaurant and bar area in Boracay. At night this is one of the primary entertainment spots.

I called it Korea Town.






Boracay was wall to wall Koreans for the first couple of days. You could not go anywhere without being surrounded by them. Not a bad thing... it was just a game of spot the Filipino after a while. :)

At least most of these Koreans smiled.






We eventually found Smoke but they were full. So they sent us to their second restaurant on the east side of D'Mall. The food was good and reasonably priced... for Boracay. You WILL pay tourist prices here.

But the service was not good. It took us 5-10 minutes just to order a drink.





After lunch we headed back to Pahuwayan for an overdue shower. We were covered in dried salt.

We stopped in at the 7-Eleven at the eastern end of D' mall for some mini-bar supplies.

As we walked back we passed a large pond directly east of D'Mall.

I am not sure of it's purpose, but I don't imagine there is anything living in it. :)






Underneath that yellow sun dress Angielyn was wearing was a very sexy little blue bikini.

Which of course she wouldn't be seen wearing in public... Buddha spare us from Catholic modesty! :rolleyes:

As we started to take a shower carnal thoughts could not help but rise to the occasion... along with Mr Happy. :Evil_Laugh:



To be continued...

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Biting off more than you can chew - 28th October 2013

Part 2



That was a couple hours shot. We relaxed after our bedroom gymnastics on the balcony with a couple of San Miguel Lights and watched the Kite-boarding.






As you can hear in the clip, there was a serious breeze blowing the entire time we were there.

I would really like to try this one day. It looks like great fun. After hours watching from the balcony the trick seems to be learning to control the kite. The board riding seems to be secondary.








At 4pm Jinjit arrived again to take us Para-sailing. Angielyn was NOT looking forward to this one. :D

We caught a trike to Station 1 again and waited while Jinjit did the paper work.Another short boat ride and we were taken to a larger boat way out in front of Station 2 for the para-sail.






I gave Jinjit my camera and asked him to take as many pics as he liked while I went to work on the disclaimers. This is standard practice for all activities on the island. Too many Americans suing them I suppose. :)






The harnesses were put on and we were ready to go...






Angielyn put on a brave face for the guys on the boat.






But as soon as we got in the air she said repeatedly "NO LIKE THIS!  NO LIKE THIS!..."






They reeled us out much higher than you see in the next photo.

When we got to the very top she turned to me and said "This nice!"  :rolleyes:


It was nice to... the view was AMAZING! We could see the entire island and Caticlan harbour.

I kind of regretted not taking the camera up with me. It was in a waterproof pouch. 






As we were being reeled in the guys on the boat pointed to the water.

I gave a thumbs up... why not?






... and we had a small swim...






...before getting back on the boat.






After the ride we headed back to Station 1.






The driver of the boat was clever. He let us drive a little at low speed while standing next to the tip box that is on every boat and pontoon in Boracay. :)








Of course he got a tip. :D

Then back to Station 1.







The agenda had scheduled tonight for the Boracay Pub Crawl.




I thought this would be fun, but due to the local elections it had been cancelled until the following night.

Filipino's are not allowed to drink on election day.

I think it should be mandatory... what could it hurt??? You'll still get assholes as elected officials.  :rolleyes:


If you've never seen the election posters in PI... rarely do the guys running for office ever smile.

Their campaign posters look like PI's 'Most Wanted'. :D

It became a running joke with Angielyn and I to walk past campaign photos and say either "Prison" or "What is reward for this guy?"


To be honest, neither Angielyn or I were up for any more activities that day. It had been a busy day.

So we got a trike back to the hotel and had another shower before heading out for something to eat.





We walked to D'Mall.








It only took 10 minutes to reach the east entrance from where we were staying.








There are many restaurants and bars here but I wanted to see what was available on the beach.






The only reports of P4P I have had is FL's in the nightclubs Cocomanga's and Paraw.

Cocomangas in particular, although the beach strip has FL's after 10pm... but beware the LB's. :)

The ladies will attempt to charge you 'Tourist' prices, but like everything else in Asia it is negotiable. :)






The beach appears to be where the action is concentrated at night as well.

With the breeze coming from the east it was quite warm on the western side.

So I decided we should find a place with a balcony.






Titos filled the bill nicely.






There is the ground floor restaurant, but as you enter there are stairs on the right leading to the balcony area on the 2nd floor. 








Angielyn had a very nice Sinigang (Prawns & vegetables in a Tamarind broth) ...WITH rice!!! :D






While I had my favorite Sisig. (Pork mince, garlic and onion fried with spices & chillies) ...WITH rice!!! :rolleyes:






After dinner and a couple of beers we headed to a bar close by to continue Angel's pool lessons.

It was still election day so no Filipino's were supposed to buy alcohol. That was easily got around.

My reasoning was the polling booths had closed... so... :wink:


Angielyn is getting quite good at pool considering she has only played a couple of dozen games in her life.

She has a natural eye... and lots of other lovely natural parts. :Clap8:


I am sorry I can not show you the photos I took of the ladies on this trip in lingerie... or less.

But I have been burnt twice now. If the girls don't give permission... mai pen rai...

I did get permission from a couple of ladies later in the TR...


After a few games of pool and a number of beers we both had a nice rosy glow working when we headed back to Pahuwayan.


A nice 69 and happy endings all round... and it was time for sleep about midnight.

It had been a long day.



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Chew Faster!!! - 29th October 2013


Angel and I woke about 7am, so about 6 hours sleep. We had another big day ahead.

Well... I woke up reluctantly at the alarm and spent 20 minutes waking Angielyn up. She is like me... NOT a morning person. :D


Eventually I got both of us down stairs for breakfast.

Whatever Angel had said to the cook the day before must have been seriously in the 'Bakwan' category.

(Thai: Bakwan = Sweet Mouth)

Not only did we get rice, we got Tapas.






Philippine Tapas is a fried, lightly spiced, beef dish served with rice and either a fried or scrambled eggs.

The combination works very well and is a great not too light, not too heavy breakfast.


It wasn't long after breakfast that Jinjit showed up for today's first jaunt.

... back to Station 1 and on to the boat.






We arrived at the pontoon for our Helmet Dive.








After the safety briefing they get you down on one of the two ladders at the end of the pontoon with your head just above the water. They then fit you with a large perspex and fiberglass helmet that is attached to diving tanks on the pontoon.






You lower yourself down the ladders and then the diver takes you for a walk around the small coral reef under the pontoon.






The helmets are quite heavy.

If you bring a Pinay with you on this, make sure you get the smallest helmet you can for her.






Angel had a 10 Peso sized abrasion on her shoulder for the next two days.

Her helmet was so big and resting on a bone in her shoulder. It caused her a bit of grief.

Especially when the stupid Foreigner kept putting his clumsy hand on her shoulder. :68:






There are small coral fish everywhere and it is quite beautiful.

I think Angel spent a lot of time trying to find Nemo. She kept trying to catch the fish. :D






Walking was a little problematic as you are almost neutral buoyant and top heavy.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVED this! My face was sore from grinning so much after. :GoldenSmile1:





I just would like to give you a feel for what you can expect.

The concave perspex makes judging distance difficult.

I found myself constantly misjudging my distance to Angielyn and objects while wearing it. :)






It is quite noisy inside the helmets and you find yourself constantly unblocking your ears from the pressure.

But not an unpleasant experience at all.






They asked us if we wanted to kiss underwater and we said yes.

At the moment that we were signaled to take off our helmets was just as I had exhaled...






But I lifted my helmet and gave Angielyn a kiss... that just kept on going...

It wasn't my idea. Angel had decided that we need a good photo of the kiss and held on. :Kiss5:

It was with a slight relief that I got my helmet on and took a gulp of air.







The pictures and video are inclusive in the price (the musical soundtrack I added later) and we both loved it.

Angielyn's bread to feed the fish did not last long. She was scared the fish would bite her. :D







On the whole... well worth the pesos. :GrinNod1:


They take the helmets off at the bottom of the ladder so you have a nice swim to the top.

Although it looked like they didn't warn Angielyn before they took hers off as she swam to the top with some urgency. :) After we headed back to Station1.






Some more water and another walk back to Station 2...






... and it was time for lunch.






The service hear really is lousy at Smoke. But the food and price are hard to beat in Boracay if you like Asian.

You will have forgive Angel in some of these photos. It's hard for her to look as beautiful as she usually does when tired and covered in salt. :)






After lunch we headed back to the room for a shower.

No time for boom-boom today as we had our next activity at 1pm.






Jinjit arrived on time and lead us to a shelter by the main drag of Boracay.

Yes... this the main street of Boracay. :)

You can see one of the entrances to D'Mall a little bit down the street.






After a bit a Jeepney arrived and grabbed us and another group of tourists and drove north.

A kilometre or so out of town we drove through Fairways & Bluewater resort to Lapuz Lapuz beach. The resort is expensive I would say, given the layout and that it had a golf course running through it. I would show you pics but this was one of the occasions the camera played up on me.


At the back of the resort we arrived at our first ride in the Zorb and Zipline combo.




Angel wasn't to keen on this one either. Like me she doesn't like heights.

Looking over the edge all the way from the top of the small mountain to the beach... I wasn't convinced of the wisdom in this one myself. I was considering chickening out of this one for a minute... I really don't like heights.

I tried sky-diving once to get over my fear... it did not help. Suddenly the guy who got us into the harness tapped my shoulder... FK IT!






This is a hell of a rush! You really are very high above the beach.

As I got off at the bottom Jinjit remarked that Angielyn was VERY loud when she screamed, as she had done it all the way down the mountain. I just smiled at him and said "I used to it..." :wink:


Such a shy girl... :rolleyes:







You can buy these photos at the bottom of the ride. 300 Pesos each I think...

After the Zipline we were bundled in the Jeepney and headed out back through the hotel resort... driving right past the Zorb.I was a little concerned that Jinjit had forgotten that part of the package. We had booked the Sunset Cruise that evening and we were on a tight schedule.




I asked him about this and he said that they were going to a different Zorb park... no proplem...

Eventually we arrived at the park and headed up to the top of the stairs to wait our turn.

6 Koreans later we hopped inside the ball, had a bucket of water thrown in for good measure and we were rolled down the hill into the pool below.






This is great fun, but I was very careful to hold Angel tight to me as I did not want to injure her on the way down. You are thrown about quite a bit in those things. :)


After the ride we headed back to the Station 1 for our Sunset Cruise.

Angielyn fell asleep on my shoulder on the way back and was quite groggy when we got out at the alley on the main road that led to Station 1.


We stood around for a bit in the late afternoon sun while Jinjit made the arrangements and I looked at my sleepy little Pinay beside me. I asked her "You want to go on cruise?" Of course her response was "Up to you" :rolleyes:

I asked her if she was tired and wanted to finish for today. She smiled at me sweetly through tired eyes and said "That would be ok..."


I was tired as well... so I asked Jinjit to cancel the Cruise and the Pub Crawl as we were both too tired from the last two days. Jinjit understood and said that he would arrange a refund minus a percentage for the booking fee.

I received the refund about 10 days later in my bank account.


We said our good-byes to Jinjit and he told us he would deliver the CD's from the Helmet Dive before we left tomorrow.


I had bitten off more than we could chew and we couldn't chew quite fast enough.

Such is life... I will come back some day... :)


We caught a trike back to the alley that lead to Pahuwayan Suites. We had a shower and a beer as twilight fell over the beach. Angielyn is a very smart little lady. I always enjoy talking with her. She has a huge thirst for knowledge and chooses her words very carefully. We relaxed and enjoyed the moment until the hunger pangs kicked in.


We were both hungry but really didn't feel up to going out. I tried to find a place that delivered food to the hotel but couldn't find a place that knew how to get there.


We had passed Munchies numerous times on the way to and from the main drag. It was often busy which usually meant the food was good. About 7pm we strolled down there as it was nice and close. It took about 3 minutes to walk there.






After perusing the menu I asked what Angielyn felt like and she surprised me when she said "Pizza".

Ham & Pineapple of course... what is it with Asian ladies and Ham and Pineapple pizza??? :D

We ordered our Ham and Pineapple pizza to go... with a slight modification... pepperoni on top.

This is a variant my brother invented and it works well.





We took our pizza back to the room, had a few beers and a feed on the balcony enjoying the breeze and the sounds of the ocean.


Some nice relaxed sex and we were both lights out by 10pm... spent... in all forms of the word. :)




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Airlift to Angeles - 30th October 2013

We slept in and played a little in the morning and got up about 9am.

We were heading back to Angeles today after lunch. The trip back to AC would take the rest of the day.


We went downstairs for breakfast and Angielyn's chef conquest was on a day off. So she had to settle for western food... with no rice. :)


After breakfast we headed through D'Mall and down to the beach. We had been in Boracay for 3 days and we had not actually been to the beach for a swim yet. Jinjit had told us about a Puka Shell beach, a very beautiful, secluded beach on the north of the island. He quoted 200 pesos for the trike fair... at least that is what you should pay.


But the spirit wasn't willing... Station 2 would be fine. We had enough traveling to do today.

Rocket scientists that we were by that stage, we forgot a towel...






We spent a couple of hours on the beach just getting some sun and taking turns swimming.

It was a pity we couldn't swim together... but there is now way you would leave anything unattended on that beach.






I finally got to see Angielyn's bikini outside the room.

But of course that Pinay modesty persisted... along with the shorts. :rolleyes:






At one stage while I was swimming a Filipino family with a number of kids were in the water.

As I passed the family on the way to deeper water a 5-6 year old boy said to me "Watch out for Piranha!"

His family and I laughed and I said I would be careful...

You can see the family behind Angel in this photo.






As I swam back the little boy had his back turned to me... so I snuck up behind him and grabbed his leg.

He almost jumped clear out of the water and I said "Watch out for crocodile!"

His family got the joke... he did as well as soon as his Pulse returned to normal.  :D






We went back to the room to finish packing. We said goodbye to the folks at Pahuwayan Suites.

Jinjit showed up as our guide back to Boracay Harbour at 12:30 pm and he gave us the CD's of photos for the helmet dive. Up to this point I was well under budget per day so I gave him a generous tip for all his help.


We said our good-byes at the harbour and it was the reverse process of when we arrived.

Big thumbs up to My Boracay Guide. They handled almost every aspect of the trip flawlessly.


http://www.myboracayguide.com/    :Good_Job:


That bus trip really is painful. Angielyn got sick again, but fortunately she met a lady she knew living on Boracay with her foreigner boyfriend that was heading to Manila. The conversation with her Pinay friend was a good distraction for her nausea. DO fly to Caticlan if you go to Boracay.






We arrived at Kalibo airport about 4pm and we got some lunch at one of the restaurants outside the departures area.

I had to make sure my Pinay had her daily allowance of rice... :rolleyes:

The flight was uneventful. Angielyn slept most of the way. But Tiger Airways once again broke the laws of physics and time and the flight arrived 55 minutes early! :WTF1:

This meant I had to give ABC a call to get a driver to pick us up early.

By the time the car arrived and we had done check in it was about 8:30pm. I had booked my usual Millennium Suite again. ABC still owed me about 9000 pesos from when I cut short my Christmas trip.














It had been another long day. As I unpacked Angielyn ordered room service and put on a movie.

We ate and watched the movie.






After the movie we had a shower together and then practiced our horizontal folk dancing for an hour or so.



Lights out about midnight. Tomorrow was Halloween. :)




*You really do need about a week to really see all of this place. I just scratched the surface, but I WILL be back.*

*If you get bored with AC and have a good Pinay you can travel with, I highly recommend Boracay. :wink: *

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Good TR, waiting for it to be continued :GoldenSmile1:


Thanks. :D

You will have to go to the link at the top of the first post. Refresh the page if it doesn't show up.

The rest of this TR wont be seen in the Public section. :)

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Thanks Temujin, when i wrote it there were only 2 posts here.... But i am on my way towards the rest of the TR now :GoldenSmile1:

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I am fcuking stalking you by now :GoldenSmile1:


Love your reports, plenty of pics and it seems you are truly enjoying yourself, not only going but also writing yout TR's.



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I am fcuking stalking you by now :GoldenSmile1:


Love your reports, plenty of pics and it seems you are truly enjoying yourself, not only going but also writing yout TR's.




Thanks mate. I do like to write... but I like the trips better. :D

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great report thanks   :GrinNod1:

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Davi loom

Great report of boracay....... Brings back great memories I went there 2 years ago loved the place beaches are the best I've seen...I would definatley go back there for a holiday..... If you fly to caticlan you can only take hand luggage no suitcase I looked into it....

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Great report of boracay....... Brings back great memories I went there 2 years ago loved the place beaches are the best I've seen...I would definatley go back there for a holiday..... If you fly to caticlan you can only take hand luggage no suitcase I looked into it....


Thanks for the info. :)

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Great report mate. Thanks a heap for it.

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Thanks T. My phils HK gf was chattn about Boracay but from the pics I would say I prefer the Krabi/Phangna Bay region, including Phi Phi.

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Amazing report mate.A lot of time and care went to it I can see.Looks a beautiful place .TFP.

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excellent report you know how to pack it in.

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Captain Courageous

Outstanding TR Temujin, thank you.

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Thanks great report.





beutifule place and report



beautful place, useful info.



Great report mate. Thanks a heap for it.



Great report and photos dude



Amazing report mate.A lot of time and care went to it I can see.Looks a beautiful place .TFP.



excellent report you know how to pack it in.



Outstanding TR Temujin, thank you.


Thanks folks. Sorry about the late reply.

I forgot that I had posted this TR and have not checked on it in years. :D

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paul b.

Great report, thanks. You might check out Palawan next time.

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