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tl;dr: I need a trustworthy artist in Pattaya to make a picture for me.



On my trip, I found a nice studio on Art St next to Mike Shopping Mall.. I gave them a few electronic copies of a picture of my grandparents, to do a line drawing of.  It was supposed to be a gift for my mother.  Cost was 1K + 2500K on completion.


Well, they did it.  And they did a fan-fucking-tastic job.  I mean genuinely, it moved me when I saw how good it was.  I paid in full, and all was well with the world.


... Until my stupid ass put it in the suitcase instead of carry-on luggage, and the suitcase was stolen by the airline.


All of my FUCK!


Anyway, I've tried emailing the art shop I used, but they don't write back.  I've tried "friending" the shop on facebook, but so far, no acceptance.  I'm not sure if they thought I wanted them to re-do it for free (I was pretty clear that I'd pay when I paid before), if they were insulted that I'd lost it, or if they just don't want to bother.. Even 3500 baht isn't that much money, they charge far more for other things.


So I'm at a loss.  These people, I trusted and I knew they would do a good job.  But I can't get in contact with them.  So I need recommendations on who else, in pattaya (or BKK, really just thailand) will be able to do something like I had done at a reasonable price.


Mind you, the job I wanted done would cost a thousand or more here stateside, which is why I'd like an artist over in Thailand to do it.  The skill is not any less, just the price.


Any suggestions helpful BM's ?

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