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Wok N Rok

"One More?" beer and sports bar.

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Anyone in Pattaya can tell me how much this bar sold for?


I got 160,ooo for my half (I actually paid 2/3rds)


I think

Wok N Rok


Ripped me off lol



Odd post clearly its between you and him what the deal was ...if it was a loss making bar what he and then you payed in to it has to be taken into account what is it worth now !!!! and what can it sell for now ....I am not taking sides but you need to look at the big picture IMO.


Bars in pattaya are dropping like flies in the wind not only bars but top class agogos and eateries.


Go ask the new owner ?



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Capt Hook

for a non beer drinker... do you serve a good quality red wine kept at a proper red wine temp?

or make a good mixed cocktail , with good brand booze and fresh juice ....not powder or canned shit... a real cocktail.

you need a real bartender to do that.

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