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Book 1 Hotel for long stay?


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This is it, my first post on this awesome forum, I 'm getting addicted and I can't wait to go next month.

It has been 7 years now since my last trip to Pattaya and I truly hope that it hasn't changed to much? 



But I'm afraid that the prices are gone up man man why but still I'm saving on everything now so I can party hard next month.



Could some veterans here maybe give me some honoust (no need to brag ) tips about budget I think I could spend 10 000 Baht a day. And that's without hotel so I want to know how much do I need for food, transportation and of course for drinks and BG.

Good tips are very appreciated don't mind my English lol.



And I don't know if I have to stick with 1 hotel for a long time or should i choose like 3?


I found and booked these 3:


1) Grand hotel in walkingstreet (top floor) I picked it because of location in walkingstreet but I think that it will be noisy at night and is there enough action in the afternoon in Walking Street? Why would you stay in a hotel in Walking Street?


2) LK Metropolis It has a good location in center of Soi 6 and Walking Street right? I want to know if it is a good hotel for taking several girls? without being extra charged? and is there any construction noise of other hotels?


3) 247 Boutique hotel also good location and same question about taking girls and construction noise of other hotels


I haven't decided yet I could take theme for 5 days or if you all think different please let me know


Thanks and both thumps up for this forum 






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10000 baht a day is serious coin and should see you right for hotel as well. Search the accomodation  forum and see what meets your criteria.

As much as I love all things Australian, I got to get me action of the asian persuasian.

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I always book several hotels every trip, 2 in BKK and 2 in Patts. It gives me a variety of location and breakfast. I stay in BKK a few days on arrival to relax and adjust to the time change before heading down to Patts or elsewhere. Then always stay in BKK a couple of nights before the early flight home. No rush! Just relax and have fun!

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my personal favorite hotel is the LK Empress. I would stay there every trip but i usually stay for longer amounts of time and my budget is not what yours seems to be. i think you can only bring girls that are 20 and older, if that matters to you.. one girl is free but if you bring back two they charge an extra 500 baht. Pattaya discovey beach hotel is also very nice, but again out of my price range for a long stay.. im pretty sure they do not charge to bring a third girl, it is right next to Soi6 on beach road.


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I suggest different hotels in a different parts of town.  I generally stay one week each.  Evert part of town and every hotel has a different personality. Don;t confine yourself to one area.


I budget $1,000usd / week. But, what you spend will depend on where you pull girls, how much you like to party, and what you like to eat.  Set a budget, then expect to spend 20% over that.

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I would normally stay in one hotel because I just do not fancy the idea of changing hotels in the middle of my vacation.You might want to add baywalk residence to your list,this is a very girl friendly hotel -as many girls as you want at no extra baht.It sits between Walking Street,soi  6 and the LK Metro area.


10k per day is a reasonable budget but that depends on where you want to party.If Walking Street and agogos are your thing then you would find out that 10k can easily disappear.ditto:::


barfines are averaging 1k at the moment (agogos on walking street)

st   2 -3k

lt    3 -5k (I have paid 2k LT on a few occasions but ended up spending more on drinks for both of us in ibar)



these prices depend on many factors and might go up or down so I normally stick to the average value.

lady drinks are  about 140 and expect to pay about 150 for your drink.Although there are happy hours in most places but you would need to get to the bars before 10pm.


beer bars should be alot cheaper but this depends on where the beer bar is,I was shocked to see that my tab in siren beer  bar complex had an item for 150 baht -for a ladydrink.

Although soi 7/8 and the other areas should be cheaper.


I normally stick to thai food so average about 600 baht a day,but  sometimes when I have  a lady in tow I end up spending a lot more on food -especially if she wants to eat seafood..lol..


there is a lot of information on budgets  the forum so please search thoroughly...j

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For long stay I don't see the need to stay in one place unless it is fantastic. Say 5-7 days in each. It makes you explore different areas.


10,000b a day will ensure you have plenty to have fun with.  It really depends on how much you drink and if you plan to be in gogos a lot.


I don't pay a lot for rooms now as you can get quite good places for not much. I think not more than 2000b really.


Honey Lodge, on Pattaya Tai. Fantastic location and so quiet. It even has a good pool.  1200b a night. brilliant.

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Why bother changing hotel unless its really crap.

Moving is a pain.

10k is a great budget for pattaya BUT can be blown easily.

As other BMS have said, high end agogo bf+ Lt + drinks would put a serious dent in it.

Food, disco + bottles vodka etc will finish it off.


I would spend half that and still have a great time

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I agree with all the above, since its been 7 years from your last trip, 10000 baht would be easy to blow as I did many years ago but these days I dont barfine from go-go's, only go in them for a perv or when with friends and newbie's, of course if I see a lady thats to my liking I'll think about it but the last few years its always been normal bars.


So I'll budget about 6000 baht a day spending money, food, drinks and ladies. A typical day would consist of a cheap breakfast worth 120 baht max if I cant wake up in time for the hotel breakfast, a massage with happy ending (1000-1200 baht), drinks + lady drinks (1000-3000 baht depending on how many bars I go to) and a lady for the night with barfine (2500-3000 baht).


Fuck me, I think I just went over my budget :Think1:


Obviously some days I'll hit 7000-8000 baht and some I'll stay under 6000 but Ive done 15000 in one day barfining 2 go-go girls and hitting up a disco with them, so its all up to you!

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