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Iphone 4 battery


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Since return from Thailand ive noticed my Iphone drains itself of its battery within a 24 hour period.

Im not sure if theres a possible fix, any suggestions? 
Ive gone through google and done the whole, turning off apps, and GPS and this and that...

Anyone had experience with fixing these phones.  I dont really feel like going out and buying a new phone as im saving for my next trip :)

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go ask a genius, probably something simple that you don't know about... some setting or another.


or, your battery is shot.


a genius, as in the geeks at the apple store... you have those down under?  

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Buy a kit on Ebay, then go to Youtube & the video will walk you through it. Not so hard from what I've read. It'll save you a bundle. Voids your warranty, but it's an old phone. To bad you left, you could've got it done cheap at MBK or Pantip.

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to be honest i have no idea if we have a genius bar at the apple stores.. I do know what they are (from south park...)
My phone is probably well over warranty... 
if i run into an extra 700 or so I might spoil myself and get a new iphone... but its unlikely


ill look into those kits.. cheers

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did you update to ios 8 ? if so that's your problem, same thing happened to me and a mate when we updated, barley get a day out of them now

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Buy an android phone where you can change the battery. It's Apple's policy to fix in their batteries so when it dies you have to buy a new $1000 phone instead of a $10 battery.

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The idea of the whole thread is NOT to have to buy a new phone. I've got the 4S myself & I'm going to keep it 'till it dies (for an iPod anyway). Here in CMB, I got the battery & screen changed for $50. Both knock off probably, but the fucker's worked great for > a year. My next phone will be Chinese - One Plus One, Oppo, &  Xiaomi have a lot of bang for the buck..

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if you upgraded to IOS 8 try to downgrade to 7. 


Also make sure you delete any unused apps/games am sure you have several, just keep the things you need.


Turn location services off

Turn Wifi and bluetooth off when not in use

try to set screen brightness to automatic if it doesn't help lower it till about 30% of the brightness bar. you will get used to it after a day or two

Get a power bank from Tukcom for around 300-400 baht so you can charge your phone when you are not close to a power outlet

Turn background app refresh off

don't use a dynamic wallpaper



Hope that helps  :WinkGrin1:

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My iPhone 4s had the same problem, things were fine for a few years then the battery life just went to hell.  Barely got 24 hours out of it if I was lucky, I went to Tuk Com got a new battery (probably a fake) for 600 baht and all was back to normal.  The next time it's on the shitter I will get a 6, I'm not the type to run out and buy the latest phone just so I can brag, show it off or have something to talk about...it's a freaking phone.

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didnt update to ios 8
will keep looking into it.. right now its pretty much just an ipod/wifi toy i use at home as I have a (crappy) android phone that i kinda upgraded to...
Dont have many apps but yeah will read through all the posts and see if i can sort something out :)

cheers :D

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I changed one for the missus a while ago. Got the new battery and screwdriver kit from ebay, watched the Youtube vids on how to do it (very easy) and all worked fine.


Well ... it did for a month or so then the phone started doing some funky stuff like not wanting to charge and throwing up lots of funky messages. I replaced with the old battery and all was well again (apart from the shit charge it held).


Anyway .. I think I bought a cheap chong battery that didn't last very long. Maybe best to spend a few extra squids and get a "real" replacement battery :-)

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If you go from one OS release to another and suddenly you have battery problems, try flushing your Network Settings


Settings > General > Reset (at the bottom) > Reset Network Settings

Basically your computer (the phone) has radio antennas now, and sometimes a whacked network profile (searching for something that's not there) can keep them going all the time, killing your battery. 


Also, keeping Facebook open (app or in a web page) will kill your battery. 


If you're wondering which Apps are eating your power up (in 8.x), look in 


Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage 


And it details which app uses what amount of battery. Sometimes I see Facebook using 60% of the battery, the fuckers...

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My girlfriend had iPhone 5. Battery life went rapidly down in past week - at the end you have to charge it every 20 minutes. A few days after battery inflated, it basically split telephone into two parts. So we went to shop and we had to buy new battery for 1000 Baht.

You should buy your own Kawasaki KSR (review). 26 yo farang living in Isan.

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My iphones could never last more than a day! You need to get an authentic battery. All those aftermarket batteries are garbage! I used to carry 2 powerbanks with me to recharge. Since then, I got a Samsung Galaxy S5... and 3 spare batteries. lol. Pop a fresh one in before I go out and keep one in my pocket. That's one thing I love about Samsung!

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