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The best way to get fast internet in your condo


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Hi Guys


I am looking on line for a condo in pattaya but it is very important to me that i have high speed internet


can any one tell me how the best way to go about this is


is there questions i s should be asking the condo management before i move in like which isp are available in there building


i don't mind if i go through my mobile phone or through a phone line also i don't mind paying extra for a fast and reliable line


it needs to be fast enough so i can stream video and use skype


thanks for any help





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Some condos already use a certain ISP so yes check with them first but you can probably have another if you pay to get the cable run into your condo. I did that to change from TOT to 3BB. In reality though you have only got a choice of those two. True don't supply to condos above (i think) 5 floors.  I only pay 590 baht for a 10mb 3bb line (although in practice it's much less than that). That is fast enough to stream video, skype, watch the BBC etc. 3BB are reliable as well, i only get it down for a few days a year.

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I was in TOT at Pattaya Klang and 3rd Road to sign up for new internet service. They have dsl and fiber optic available. According to Google the fiber optic should not go down when it rains - a very common occurrence with internet in Pattaya. The catch is that not all neighborhoods and buildings are equipped for fiber optic. The lady at TOT showed me a master map and my building is older and is not wired for fiber optic. You might want to check with TOT before you sign on the dotted line for a long-term lease at a condo building. 

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Sadly the internet in LOS is not up to most western countries standards and therefore you will struggle somewhat to get a reliable and speedy connection :SoWhat1:

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If it is really important, then ask and verify with other residents and possibly use two ISPs.


Three years ago in my condo complex i brought my 3Bb dsl account with me from my apartment and had them install the equipment and wiring with permission from the condo mgt. Before, the only option in this condo was to rent a WiFi connection through the condo office. We now have others with 3BB accounts, but due to apparent technical limitations, no new ones are being accepted by 3BB, but some existing account holders are sharing their WiFi passwords for a monthly price.


Two years ago, Sophon offered coaxial cable Internet service in my area. I was again the first in our condo so I paid for the coax cable from Sohpons nearest hub. For me and my location, this service is much faster than the dsl service, however the 3bb dsl seems to be more reliable and always ON, so I keep and use both.


Every location will be different depending on the ISP so find where you want to live and then check and verify the ISPs available along with their service quality as global answers will not apply. Even in the States I do not have all options of ISPs available for the location of my house - one cable and one dsl ISP service to choose with varying levels of service quality depending on the exact neighborhood. It's no different here, but in the States I can get by with one ISP as its both fast and reliable.

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I recently booked a room at View Talay 6 through Honey's that had its own non-shared connection that was giving me 11M down and 1M up.

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3bb gives me 15 down and 1 up for 963 per month. It is usually very reliable. About once every year if I am gone something happens and it takes 3 days to get it back. I believe other techs. come in and find the unused line and use it for another customer. The in-house engineer checks it and gets 3bb to rectify it or he changes the connection. Fantastic when it is not disturbed. From listening to friends that know I think 3bb is the best now but it certainly varies with location.


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Thanks for all the help guys


i have  a ideal what to do now


do the ips in Thailand make you sign up for a year or can you get monthly contracts ?

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