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Users of Booking.com


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This is aimed at those fo you who use booking.com for hotel bookings. For those who do not like booking websites, no problem at all :)


As you probably know the forum gets commission from both Agoda and Booking.com and these go some way to covering the forums costs.


We get around 30 bookings a month via Agoda and for those who use it thank you.


However we have never had bookings via booking.com because they do not use a cookie. We only get paid if you clcik the link and book at the same time.


I am asking therefore that those of you who DO use booking.com - please bookmark this thread and return to use the link below. I am also adding a link in the text at the top of the forum. We know many of you do use them but the lack of cookie tends to cut us out.




Just a few notes - Booking.com vs Agoda which may be of interest. There are pro's and con's on both sides and I am not advocating one over the other.


Agoda and Booking.com have the same parent company. However there are a few basic differences.


Agoda lists (currently) 960 hotels in Pattaya - Booking.com lists 613 so there are approx 350 not available.


Agoda has a rewards sheme - booking.com does not.


Agoda charges the full fee up front - booking.com you only pay on departure. Although people often "argue" that paying on departure is "better" there are two sides to the argument. Many people, like me, prefer to pay in advance to avoid price fluctuations, exchange rate losses etc. Some, again like me, just want to get the booking and full cost out of the way and forgotten.


Agoda sells capacity - booking.com sells flat rates. This mans that although the prices on both sites are (usually) very similar, booking.com does not have the same number of special offers or flash deal that you find on Agoda some times.


Anyway, without wanting to dwell on the pro's and cons of both - we VERY much appreciate our Agoda users and we hope that our booking.com users can now use the links provided here.


Links again - please use them if you DO use either to book your stay.







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