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Seafood BBQ Buffet at Hotel Mercure

Evil Penevil

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I tried the seafood BBQ buffet at the hotel Mercure.  It's a once a week event, only on Saturday nights.  It cost 600 baht per person for an extensive buffet of seafood and non-seafood items.  It's very pleasant to sit by the pool and dine on a cool night.












The seafood part included grilled-to-order river prawns, rock lobtsers and crabs as well as raw oysters, steamed mussels, Swedish-style cured salmon (gravlax),  "seafood salads and fish dishes.










There plenty of other main dishes besides seafood, including beef, chicken and baked ham; sides with potatoes and pasta in several forms;  about 10 different Thai dishes and three or four different soups.  There was an extensive appetizer station with prepared salads and "make-it-yourself" ingredients and antipasto, cheeses and breads.  The buffet also featured farang-style desserts and a lot of fresh fruit.




















It was definitely a seafood-lover's paradise.  I can't eat much shellfish because my system doesn't tolerate it well but my companion was hugely pleased she could eat as many oysters as she wanted, same-same with crab and river prawns.  However her efforts were modest compared to some people I saw there who ate oysters by the dozen.  One guy loaded a plate with more than half of  the slices of gravlax on the serving tray.  He took the portion marked by the green arrow on the tray.  This happened just a few minutes after the buffet opened.




The positive thing was the staff kept re-filling  the trays and bowls of the popular items. They didn't run out of anything, at least while we were there.




We timed our arrival for the start of the buffet at 6.30 pm, which was a good thing.  We got the pick of the dishes while they were still fresh and relatively unmangled.  At about 7.30 pm two bus loads of Chinese tourists arrived and swept over the buffet like a swarm of army ants, devouring everything in sight.  We were already on dessert by then so it didn't matter.  But I sure wouldn't want to have walked in after them.












A couple of the side dishes-  baked marcaroni and the potato salad- were delicious, as was the baked ham.






 The spare ribs were good but the beef and chicken so-so.  The Thai was very good, too.  Since I don't eat that much seafood, I had a lot of small portions of the other offerings.  I plan on trying the Mercure's "ordinary" BBQ on Friday night in hopes the side dishes hold the same quality as on Saturday.  


I would definitely return to the seafood buffet with a Thai lady who enjoys seafood but it doesn't make much sense for me to go on my own. Drinks were modrately priced for a hotel with a bottle of SIngha 80 baht.  The Mercure is located on Soi 15 between Soi Bukhao and 2nd Road, a stone's throw from the backside of the Avenue Mall and next door to the Pattaya Bay Resort.






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Very informative. Thanks

12 Pints in Know it all

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thats 12£ bit much no?

I guess if you nibbled at a couple of Thai dishes then it wouldn't be good value. If you had a rather good feast of oysters and other lovely stuff topped off with a dessert or three in a four star hotel setting then I believe you are getting value for money. As a comparison the Mercure charges £18 for breakfast in Amsterdam and they are certainly not serving oysters.

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They also do a BBQ on Friday nights. Meat as apposed to fish. Only 300 baht. Not into fish so i much prefer this one.

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thats 12£ bit much no?

Jesus it's only 4 lady drinks

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Along with some friends, I tried the Friday night "traditional" BB Q buffet at the Mercure..  The Saturday seafood buffet had ranged from OK  to excellent and I was curious how the Friday buffet would stack up in comparison.  The seafood buffet costs 599 baht (only Saturdays) and the Friday BBQ  went for 300 baht, which turned out to be good value for money.


There was an impressive salad and "antipasto" table.  




















The outdoor BBQ section was set up in the same fashion as the Saturday seafood buffet, so i didn't take too many pics.  You had a choice of Thai and farang warm dishes, plus BBQ meats (beef,  pork, chicken, sausages).






The charcoal grilled Thai beef was surprisingly tender and full of flavor.  The roast chicken was the real hit, juicy and very tasty.






The dessert section was also impressive:








The flan was particularly good:






My friend really enjoyed his banana pancake:    










There weren't that many guests:




Bottom line: Definitely worth 300 baht.  The salad tale and dessert section is what really makes this buffet.  But like with every buffet, get there as close to opening time as possible.  The Mercure buffets start at 6.30 p.m.



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Bless you, and at the same time, damn you.  Bless you because the pictures and fine discription of the available options makes me put this on my definite to try list.  Damn you, because I am looking at this at 4 AM, and at least 3 months before I will hit Thailand, so all I can do is drool on my screen.  But with all seriousness, thank you for the quality post and pictures.  Found it strange that you posted nearly a year apart.

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I have just returned to my hotel room after eating at the Mercure's Friday meat buffet. I thought it was quite good and I ate more than enough to fill me for the first time on the trip. I feel confident that the average person would not regret eating here at least once.


I would like to provide a few more facts to evil's review:


1) Friday's buffet now costs 333 baht.


2) Drinks are not included in price. I asked if it was and the waiter said yes, but when I got the bill, each coke was 51 baht.


3) I personally did not noticed so heads up, the buffet is ONLY on Friday (meat) and Saturday (seafood). I went on Monday not knowing this.


4) Friday (and who knows, maybe Saturday), has a noodle station. I was very surprised as to how good it was and wish I had tried it before filling up with other items. I strongly recommend trying it at the start of your meal.


5) hotel Mercure is a pain in the arse to get to via motorcycle, I thought the driver would kill us. Take the baht bus onto Second road and get off at "Pattaya Avenue Premium Outlet, walk through the Outlet and there hotel Mercure is.

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