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3BB FTTx 50/10Mbps internet - View Talay 6, other condos?


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Had a frustratingly futile email exchange with 3BB where they've proven to be utterly incapable of providing a simple "Yes/No" answer to the basic question as to if their FTTx Fiber Optic internet service is available at a specific condo building.


So, I've resigned myself to setting up a video conference with them where, through a cunning combination of shadow puppets and post-modern interpretive dance I hope to more effectively convey my question to them.


But before I squeeze into my tutu and ballet slippers, I thought I might ask the Board if any BMs know if FTTx is available for units at View Talay 6, or even other condo buildings in Pattaya. 


Would be especially interested in hearing first-hand experiences of any BMs who've actually used the service and if the real-world speeds are anything close to their advertised rates: 


   30Mbps down/3Mbps up - 1,200B/month

   50Mbps down/10Mbps up - 2,500B/month


Perfecting my ability to "let that which does not matter truly slide"

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Nope. How can VT6 have that? The building is not wired for it.


15:1 ADSL is what you get. (I would ”kill” for 50:10mbit internet in Thailand. Only thing I miss from Farang country is my 1000:1000 fibre line back home)

(I live at VT6)

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What is the email address of 3BB ?

I would be OK by getting the 10 MB speed at 590 baht - but I cannot read their page - not even when I pick English :D

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 I've talked to the folks at 3BB a few times in Big C Extra.    They tell me that their Fiber service is only for ground or second floor access, thus houses and businesses.    

I guess they want to bring the connect right to you rather than go through the buildings wiring in any way.   I would have hoped the could find a way to terminate the fiber in

a closet in the first floor of a condo and then switch to ethernet over the twisted pair already in the building up to the rooms.    That would require the cooperation of the

condo building and enough customers ready to sign up for the service to justify the installation but I think that's do-able in most modern condo buildings.

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