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Cost Comparison - Pattaya vs. Angeles City - Financial Analysis - PART III


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Title correction:


Cost Comparison - Thailand vs. Philippines - Financial Analysis - PART III


I recently traveled for a duration of about one month, splitting my time between Pattaya and the Philippines.  15 days in the Philippines, Makati, Angeles City, and Subic, and 13 days in Pattaya, Thailand.


Google Drive on Android has made ongoing tracking and summarizing more efficient.


Low Season - May-2014


See here for Part II and Part I.


Trip Summary




From the Trip Summary screenshot above, in US Dollars (USD), I have separated the total cost I spent between the two countries over the 28-day period (15 days in Philippines, 13 in Pattaya).


I have removed the cost of hotels, Airline tickets, and Travel-Transportation to come up with the net of everything else spend during that time.


Excluding hotel, Airline Tickets, and Travel-Transportation, the average daily costs were as follows:


Thailand - $142 / day

Philippines - $86 / day


Since it came up in discussion during Part II, the reason I omit Travel-Transportation, which includes both airport transportation and travel between destinations is because I like to isolate the daily cost of similar activities and daily functions in each city.


Including hotel, while excluding both Airline Tickets and Travel-Transportation, the average daily costs were as follows:


Thailand - $173 / day

Philippines - $148 / day


The "Avoided Cost" factor is money that would have been spent at home on daily living expenses had I not been traveling during this time period.



Thailand - Daily Expenses (THB)





Philippines - Daily Expenses (PHP)





Thailand hotel Expenses






Including tips, I spent $404 on hotels in Pattaya (low season)


Philippines hotel Expenses




Average cost for hotel per night Pattaya, including tips - $31.
Philippines, $62.  Makati and Subic, about $80.


The hotel situation is interesting.  Some might argue that hotels are more expensive in Pattaya.  In my case, I stay in nicer places in the Philippines.  My Soi Buakhaw place is cheap, and I would prefer to stay in the 2,000 baht per night places, but a key factor in Pattaya is location as I prefer to walk quite a bit and avoid unsafe transportation, close to LK Metro and the action for now.



Entertainment (Mongering, etc.) - Both Philippines and Thailand




E - Drinks, Lady Drinks, etc. in bars, clubs, Insomnia, High Society, etc.


O - Occurrences (Girls)


STH - Short-time hotels


In summary of the four places, per occurrence, is as follows:

  • Pattaya - $53 per occurrence (1,723 Baht per occurrence)
  • Makati - $56 per occurence
  • Angeles City - $57 per occurrence
  • Subic Bay - $46 per occurrence


Entertainment Pattaya




Entertainment - Philippines





Financial Transactions (Both THB and PHP)





Travel Transportation











See here for Part II and Part I.

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Great work....love the numbers!!!!

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Great post.  I moved to the PI from Thailand.... not missing it.

If this is where we all wanted to end up.... we have done everything perfectly.

"We mock what we don't understand" (Spies Like Us)

“It's always funny until someone gets hurt.

Then it's just hilarious.â€

― Bill Hicks

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Thanks for the report


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Ruay, this is one of the best & detailed travel expense list I've come across.

Hats off to you mate.

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  • 1 month later...

Pattaya 13 days and 20 "Occurrences"?


That is averaging 1.5 girls / day.


Good job! :ThumbUp6:

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  • 3 weeks later...

Very nice comparison.  

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  • 3 weeks later...

Excellent comparison and from my own experience AC is still cheaper although prices have been raising fast over the past 3 years narrowing the gap with Patts. Although still cheaper i tend lately to prefer Pattaya over Angeles. Price difference is for me not the only major point but the perceived sense of security works for me much better in Pattaya than in Angeles, not to speak of higher cost of accomodation for quality quality hotels and wider range of quality restaurants. Nevertheless, AC is still fun but used to be a lot better.

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Thanks for the comparison.
Your work could be a financial analyst at the Ministry of Finance. :GoldenSmile1: 

THAJEC Thajský muž TRIP 37 - 30.November 2018 - 28.1.2019



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