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Anxiety/Sleeping meds - What can I bring?


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I am sure this topic is one here somewhere.  I actually remember reading something about it before.  I am a newbie who hasn't been to Thailand yet, but I am planning a trip next year and trying to ask all of the questions that I can.  Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.


Here's my situation.  I have a super-high level of anxiety when I fly.  It's not about crashing, or terrorists or anything like that. Its about being stuck in a confined place for a long period of time.  I don't know why it happens and I haven't been able to totally control it yet, but I plan on trying all kinds of new medicine in the next few months while making some short flights for work.  Currently I take Xanax and it knocks a little of the edge off but I still have a hard time on the plane.


I am not sure what the doctor is going to prescribe, but I need something that will knock me out for 8-10 hours of the plane trip.  That is the only time I would use it too.  Just to get on the plane.  I won't use it just to get screwed up any other time, I have alcohol for that. 


I have tried Ambien and it doesn't do the trick.  It might help me sleep a little but that won't cure the anxiety.  My question is, would I have problems bringing prescription drugs into the country that my doctor specifically prescribes for flying?  I would only bring in enough for the flight home (one or two pills) as I will have taken the other on the way to Thailand.  Is there something that I can get from the consulate here in the States that would allow me to fly with medication?  I imagine that these drugs will end up being some sort of a narcotic which I know is usually frowned upon.


I guess another option would be to go see a Thai doctor before I leave for home and ask him for something to calm me down.  Would that make it any easier to get through the airport with a Thai prescription written to me?


Oh yeah, if anyone has any suggestions for something very powerful that will work on anxiety, I would love to hear about it.



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As long as it is prescribed and in the original bottle, you will not have any problems entering or exiting in the unlikely chance you get searched.


The only problem is if you bought some Xanax without an Rx and was searched coming back into the US. Even then, they would probably just take it unless it was a lot.

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If you want to be extra sure of no probs,. just get a covering letter from your doc,. I bring script drugs with me with no prob, as long as in original bottle as stated above.

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Thanks for the replies.  It would definitely be in the correct bottle.  I'll ask the doc about writing me a letter.

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