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Visa help,


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Hello mates, 

Im back in sweden now and im trying to make a visa for my tgf to come and visit me for a  few weeks, and just starting to make the visa,


so called our embassy asked what i needed, all i needed was an invitation they said, with copys of my passport proof that shows im the person i say i am, my yearly salary taxes blabla 


"copy of your ID-card, passport or equivalent, which proves your identity,"


"certificate of civic registration marked ( invitation) obtainable from the swedish tax agency and not older than 3 months."

"dicynebts which show the details of your employment or equivalent and annual income ( if you are paying for the applicant's journey and/or upkkeep while visiting sweden)" and i am.

Anyways, i got all my papers set ready to send them away, but i was really just wondering how much it would cost, She went down to patts today to some visa office, and was quoted 45000bt for making a visa, what is it that cost 45000 thousand bath to be exact? i dont know maybe thats what it costs but what am i really paying for? can she not just go to bangkok thai embassy or whatever and do it herself like i have here in sweden? or do she need someone to make it for her? 
im not a CC it just feels unnecessary to pay that amount of money if there is a possiblity she can just do it herself with my invitation papers,


or is it a pain in the ass to deal with all that, should i just pay the 45000 and let them do whatever they need to do, what would u do? god knows if thats just a startup cost lol as it's patts after all


Like i said before i have no idea how things work down in thailand costs or nothing, thats why i ask, any help is much appreciated thanks



tam dee dai dee :Think1:

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45.000 baht is waaaaaay to much.The normal price they charge for a regular visitor visa is between 4-6.000 baht.There is an agency in Pattaya called VIP Reiser (Scandinavian),but they charge around 15.000 baht .


Im using a girl called Dariga in Bkk and Im very pleased with the work she have done for my GF so far.

Her number is +66818250844.She charges 5.000-6.000 for the assistance she provides..............recomended.


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alright yeah i thought so myself thats why i made the post, thanks mate will tell the gf to give her a call or visit vip reiser! she went to another one and was quoted 30000bt so yeah.. 


tam dee dai dee :Think1:

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To get my TGF into the UK for the first time, was complicated, they wanted to now everything about us,

how long had we been together, passport obviously showed when I was in Thailand, how we met, with lots of pictures of us together,

details of money sent to TGF, phone records, pictures of talking on skype ( I used screen captures, they showed us both and had UK & Thailand clocks and a calender on screen)

they wanted emails but I had to explain we didn't communicate though email,

lots of various receipts, eating, shopping, gifts etc.

plus all the things you supplied, 

the dates she would be travelling, to and from,

She had to have a medical, 

what her job is in Thailand, and how would she get time off, (apparently no job is not good, they want to see a settled person in Thailand, more chance they will return)

she had to show her bank account, etc


Thats for the UK Sweden maybe different


paying someone the first time can help, I think I paid 20,000 baht, 


after the first time, its allot easier, good luck  :GoldenSmile1:


Oh yeah details and pictures of my house showing there was space for her there etc.

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pretty much the same pain in the ass in sweden mate got all my papers ready just sent it to a mate that lives there and is helping us with the visa. will see they go to sweden embassy in bkk number 17th so should have a answer within a few weeks :)

dont get why a simple holiday visa is so difficult to get or the amount of paperwork is just so..... hehe


tam dee dai dee :Think1:

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I had my TGF visit me from 2nd February to the 2nd of May. That is the 90 days maximum for shorttime visit in the Schengen area.


I dont think there is a big difference between Denmark and Sweden. Here is a link to a checklist for you. I did it myself and it was pretty straight forward. There is no need to pay some "Agency" to do it for you: http://thailand.um.dk/en/~/media/Thailand/Documents/Visum/checklist%20TH%20friends%20boyfriend%20girlfriend.pdf


Here is a link to the swedish invitation form. http://www.migrationsverket.se/download/18.5e83388f141c129ba631285c/1381926423269/Inbjudan_241011_eng.pdf 


Once you have checked all the things on the checklist and filled in the invitation, your TGF need to take it to the VFS in Bangkok and you will be given an answer within a month. If there are problems with the application they will contact you and ask you for more information.


Good luck with it. 

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Thanks for the replys. thats what i have been doing. The papers and everything myself saved me alot of cash and didnt take me long to get all The papers i needed. worth it to do it yourself imo. atm im up at 8000bt. another 4000 for taxis paper translators in bkk maybe. so a total of 12000bt. And that includes everything! instead of the 30-50000bt i was quoted and God knows if they would ask for more later or not. so a tip to anyone trying to make a visa. Do it yourself didnt take many hours to get my papers ready.


tam dee dai dee :Think1:

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Just thought id say the visa got accepted. Took 9 days after she visited swedish embassy in bkk. So just booked her a flight and she Will arrive in 2 days. :) cheeeeers


tam dee dai dee :Think1:

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