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The rules for renewing a U.K. Passport has changed again (APRIL 2014)


Now you will have to contact bangkokhmpo@vfshelpline.com and give them a choice of 3 dates that are convenient for you to come to BANGKOK (IN PERSON) for an interview.


They will Email you back picking one of your dates.


Well, this week I went to Bangkok for my appointment time of 9-00 a.m. at THE TRENDY BUILDING. Sukhumvit Road. Soi 13. (Near THE MIAMI HOTEL)


When you get to the front of the Building you walk through the huge open glass doors and walk to the right or left to the LIFTS BEHIND the coffee area.


You will then get into one of four huge Lifts and go up to the 28th Floor.


When the door opens the VFS Visa Processing Office is straight in front of you and there was about 20 people each side waiting.


The Thai Attendant at the entrance asked "What Country passport do I need to replace."

And he points you into one of four rows.


You show the girl behind the desk the papers you have and she gives you a NUMBER.


You turn to your LEFT and there is a metal detector door frame which you have to walk through plus you must leave your papers and bags in a plastic tray on the side.


Once through you have to lift your arms up for the guy to scan your body with a hand held detector.


You then turn to your RIGHT and it opens up to a huge room and there are more glass doors.


There are very well dressed Female Attendants outside every door and one checks your number and she tells you where to go inside.


You go inside - This opens up like a huge airport lounge - There are 23 Rows - Mine was row 11.    The room had about hundreds seats in it.


You wait until they call your number (Bit strange as some numbers have letters in front so you are not sure if it`s your number or not)


Then I was called up to counter 11 - and a very pretty English speaking Thai girl checked my papers/photos/address in Thailand.


After that she gets you to sign a paper stating what size passport you need and confirming the correct price.




You should have filled in a paying form beforehand. (Which you should have downloaded from the British Embassy website).


She then gives you a form to sign stating they have received a copy of every page of your passport - two photos - and proof of address.  Plus you have to give her your E-Mail address and your phone number in Thailand.


She said if everything goes O.K. she will contact me in about 4 weeks.


Then you have to go back to Bangkok and pick up the Passport - You will have to show your old passport and the form you have just signed.


That’s it. 


So that’s a blow by blow account on how you apply for a replacement U.K. Passport.


Maybe somebody should cut and paste this somewhere as you will all need this information at some time - if you live here.

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   Interesting .    Don't they do this in the British Embassy  ?


   The one time I went to the embassy in Wireless road to sign some papers sent over from London , I was surprised that I never saw or spoke to a member of staff there who was British .  On asking around with friends in BKK it seems it's cheaper to employ local labour .   I take this as a sign of the decline in the UK economy .


   I remember when an embassy was a little piece of Britain on foreign soil .  Now it's helpful if you can speak thai in our Embassy .

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..........................................address in Thailand.


................................................... proof of address. ..................................



Thanks for that - just about easier than going home for it.


Presumably this also applies to long term tourists who find themselves here, in which case why do you think the address is so important?



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I'm pleased I renewed mine  2 years ago, when all you had to do was DHL the form and a copy of your passport data page to the British Consulate in Hong Kong, and then the new passport was DHL'd back to you in Bangkok!


The Trendy is very convenient for me, but to expect all Brits who live anywhere in Thailand to make two trips to Bangkok is not very convenient for them!

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She said if everything goes O.K. she will contact me in about 4 weeks.


She told me the same thing 6 weeks ago.

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   Interesting .    Don't they do this in the British Embassy  ?


No they Don't - Thats why I've written the above.  The Embassy has farmed it out to this company.
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Thanks for that - just about easier than going home for it.


Presumably this also applies to long term tourists who find themselves here, in which case why do you think the address is so important?


I think if you were here for a short time - you would be able to renew your passport in your home country.


I think it`s for us Expats.


It could be to Pin Point these Guys doing Fake Passports - or maybe to catch all those dodgy Brits hiding out in Thailand.


I just gave them a Condo Bill with my name on it.

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