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Volleyball at Jomtien Beach

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Youtube Pattaya Addict

Every day they play volleyball at this place in Jomtien. From afternoon until nighttime.
From:Sven Hajna
Time:08:01 More inTravel & Events

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Thanks for posting this guru.  Hopefully people interested in playing during their vaca will do a search and find this.  I will add my 2 cents worth and hope others do the same and we players will have an up-to-date status report.

March 2016- On vaca for almost all of March and found people playing here.  It is directly across from the Jomtien night market on Jomtien Beach road (just after Soi 10 if memory serves me)  Between 4:00-4:30pm seems to be the show-up and start time.  If it is too windy, they don't bother.  It seems to be a group of mostly gay/ladyboy types (not that there is anything wrong with that) that are very friendly and welcoming to anyone that wants to play.  The level of play is decent, mostly attemped to B-S-S on all plays, but they are not so tough on you if you cannot.  Most that would search and find this are probably a decent level of play and be okay with it-a moderate level of competition without being too serious.  I have even seen full team-groups of foreigners form a team and ask for 'next' and the winning team stays, losers sit a round.  I do not know if the equipment is personally owned because it did seem to disappear for a few days at a time (most likely due to the severe weather we had for a few days), but it seems to be open-to-all atmosphere. 

***In some spots, there is hard-packed sand and rock only 4 inches below the sand level***  It might change due to wind and amount of sand blown around, but I do recommend shuffling your feet around the sand to see if you find any hard spots-as it could be very dangerous to knees and elbows for those of us that 'dig'

-I brought my nice volleyball with me, but will not do that again.   Many roadside/souveneir shops in that area have 300baht balls for sale.  While I do prefer my Mikasa or King of the Beach balls, with the high likelihood of a runaway ball into the main street, for only a few weeks, I'll deal with a cheap ball.  It was definitely not worth even the deflated room it took in suitcase for the very little to no benefit of having it with me. 

-Great fruit stand right across the street at beginning of market with always fresh cut goodies, also drink shacks and other foods as well.

Play well, amigos.   

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