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Dennito Hotel – Construction Is Coming Along

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Dennito hotel – Construction Is Coming Along


Construction has really picked up at one of Barrio Barretto’s newest and soon to be largest hotels with 60+ rooms. Located at the corner of Del Pilar and Gabaya Streest, just one block East of National Highway, this 3 story hotel looks like it should be completed  later this year . Construction has recently started on what looks like will be the reception and potential restaurant areas.


The hotel appears to be part of the Dennito hotel Group that also owns the Dennito Court hotel in Balanga City, Bataan.   http://dennito-court.zxq.net/about.html


Here are a few photos of the current construction…..

























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The construction of The Dennito hotel continues at a snail’s pace.


Since the original posting they started work on another building in front of the main one. It looks to be a 2 story structure, with maybe reception, restaurant and function rooms on the first floor. It blocks the views of many of the rooms in the main building and it sure seems to make for a tight fit for any emergency vehicles.




















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