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NZ Tourist Visa Application


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I thought about writing this, then thought... nah who's gonna care, then changed my mind again last night because I was bored and maybe someone else might benefit from our experience.


Teelak wants to visit NZ. On my last trip to LOS in August we discussed this at length and agreed that we would start the application process after I had returned to NZ. This decision could prove to be a mistake, more on that later.


So the process began December 2012.


I was quite happy to engage the services of Key Visa or the like but  Au was insistent that she would undertake this herself.  This is one of the things I like about Au, she isn't afraid to take charge of something and take the necessary steps to complete a task no matter what happens along the way.


Ok, so off we go.


I downloaded the INZ1017 Visitor Visa Application and the INZ1025 Sponsorship Form.  The Visa Application I prefilled some details for her so she could copy to her own Application. I completed the Sponsorship Form, had it witnessed and collected a whole raft of information that I thought would be helpful after reading posts by other BMs in this forum.

I supplied photos of us together, us together with her friends doing tourist stuff in LOS, us with friends at the Officers Mess at Sattahip, us at her parents place including me serving customers at the shop in Chaiyaphum,  screen shots of her on skype with my mum, copies of bank statements, proof of employment and income for me, a letter from her boss ensuring continued employment on her return to LOS, proof of ownership of my property, her bank statements etc. 


With the application and Sponsorship Form this totalled nearly 50 pages, quite a weighty document.

All of this was sent by track and trace courier 5 – 7 day delivery for $46.00. We both watched it’s processing through NZ and its arrival in Thailand 4 days later.  That is where it disappeared, never to be seen again. I had requested insurance to cover the cost of sending and the claim process has begun, whether or not anything comes of it is yet to be seen 6 weeks on.


So, I repeat the documentation gathering again and this time everything arrives within the time expected.


We spend some time on skype discussing what is required of her when completing the application and also talking about what questions she may be asked and how she could answer.  Things like her reasons for visiting NZ,  tourist places she would like to see when here and stuff like the importance of contact with our local Thai community and visits to Wat Pak Nam which is only 10 minutes from my home.


Friday December 13th of all days  at 3:30am teelak gets ready to take a bus with her friend to BKK. They arrive at the office at 7:30 amid the morning rush hour hustle and bustle. Naturally it is closed so they go find some breakfast and return just before opening to be first in the line. Well done.

I had paid very careful attention to the completion of the Sponsorship Form but apparently I had made an error. Not according to the photocopy I kept for reference but these things are to be expected I guess. The errors were minor and corrections made where necessary and teelak was informed it wouldn’t be an issue.

During the process she was told that if she didn’t have a sponsor then she would have to show a bank balance of 200k THB. This contradicts the statement on the application that she must have NZ$1000 for every month she intends to stay in NZ or NZ$400 for every month if she has a sponsor. Her current bank balance of 150k THB was deemed to be sufficient and she has Medical and Travel Insurance that I insisted she arrange before the application process.


I'm not sure how long the process took but at 6:30pm NZ Daylight Saving time ( 12:30pm Thailand ) Au calls me to say they are on their way back to Pattaya. Au says things went pretty well and there will be a little time before we know the result.


On January 10th we received this email:


Thank you for your Visitor's visa application. Your application was received by us on 7-Jan-14.


Once allocation is made, the case officer will be in touch with either a request for information/clarification or a decision on the application. Until the officer has completed the initial processing, we will be unable to give you any further information regarding your application.

Please note that INZ is under no obligation to seek comment from an applicant prior to making our decision. INZ is only obliged to seek comment from an advisor/applicant prior to making a final decision on an application when the decision is made on the basis of any potentially prejudicial information (PPI).

In practice, this will mean that an applicant will not generally be given the opportunity for written or formal comment on a potentially adverse decision that does not involve PPI, and immigration officers may proceed to finalise the application based on the information on hand.

Kind Regards,

Bangkok Branch

Immigration New Zealand

An apprehensive wait ensues and then on January 16 we receive this email



 ---------- ข้อความที่ส่งต่อ ----------

จากTanabodi Thawilwang 
วันที่: วันพฤหัสบดีที่ 16 มกราคม .. 2014
เรื่อง: NZ visitor visa application no.12467562 Ms Authaiwun 

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to inform you that the above application has been allocated to me for processing.

I will inform you later for the outcome of this application or should I require further information.

Kind regards,

Tanabodi Thawilwang (Mr)
Immigration Officer - Immigration New Zealand
Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

New Zealand Visa Application Centre
C/O TT Services (TT Aviation Co Ltd).
140/41 (19 D), ITF Tower, 19 Floor,
Silom Road, Suriyawongse,Bangrak,
Bangkok,Thailand 10500
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 08:30 AM to 04:00 PM 
Website: www.ttsnzvisa.com                                           
E mail : [email protected]

Another wait and then on January 23 this arrives:


---------- ข้อความที่ส่งต่อ ----------
จากTanabodi Thawilwang <[email protected]>
วันที่: วันพฤหัสบดีที่ 23 มกราคม .. 2014
เรื่อง: NZ visitor visa application no.12467562 Ms Authaiwun ***


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am pleased to inform you that your application has been finalised and approved. Therefore your passport will be returned by post as per your requested. Please check on the website www.ttsnzvisa.com, track your document, for the returning status of your passport.

Thank you.


 Then today I receive an email copy of her Passport with the Visa. There is an issue, the three month visa is dated 21 January 2014 and expires 21 April 2014. We had intended for her to travel in March which is the earliest I could return to Thailand. 

I will have to make enquiries about an extension, other than that Au may just have to make the journey by herself at an earlier date, which she is capable of doing. She did want me to bring her back as she has never undertaken international travel before and is understandably nervous about doing so.


So, a glitch for us newbie Tourist Visa applicants.

I'm sure this can be overcome or worked around. At the worst Au's first trip to New Zealand may be a little shorter than planned However, it will get that all important Visa in her Passport and a good travel history for future applications.


I am now thinking about doing a TR when she comes, not sure if there will be any interest though. Will give it some thought.


Hope some of you find this interesting and useful.




Well I'm goin on 60, I'm older than most. Won't be long now and all I'll be is a ghost
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I did an application last year. Me being a non-resident of NZ the process is a bit different. There are different forms to complete and the process is a bit different.


One thing I will warn you about is do not trust TT services to give you the correct information. I contacted them via phone and they told me I had to complete two forms. I downloaded them, read them and thought that it didn't seem right. I contacted them again and they told me that a different set of documents needed to be completed. These looked more reasonable so we completed them. A few days after submitting them someone from the embassy sent us an email asking the nature of the visit. The forms were not the correct ones and I guess they wanted to check before issuing a visa. Luckily they could still process the application with the forms that we provided. A few days later we got another email informing us that a visa had been issued.


We were not officially allocated to a particular person.


I think the NZ embassy is better with communication than other embassies but their application process (ie which form to complete) is confusing.


If anyone is in the same position I was in let me know and I will check the emails to see what form needs to be completed.

Pattaya Photos Free newbie guide to Pattaya How to get a TG a tourist visa for Australia Pattaya Weather

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I did wonder why TTS, a general aviation industry service agency would be handling Visa visa applications.  I suppose it's all part of out sourcing and diversification.


My research on the Immigration NZ site was pretty straight forward and clear as to which documents needed completing.


 Had I been in BKK when Au llodged the application I would have asked for the Visa to apply to dates more suited to our plans. I think these details are the ones that Key Visa etc would pay more attention to and therefore the process would be more seamless and hassle free.


An interesting exercise all the same and good experience for Au. 


You being an Australian national wouldn't need a visa to visit NZ. You probably know we have reciprocal travel arrangements endorsed by the now defunct CER which was a boat that never really floated.


I will read your post, am interested in the process you underwent and the outcome.

Well I'm goin on 60, I'm older than most. Won't be long now and all I'll be is a ghost
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You being an Australian national wouldn't need a visa to visit NZ. You probably know we have reciprocal travel arrangements endorsed by the now defunct CER which was a boat that never really floated.

Yes I know as I have been to NZ many times. The visa was for the wife.


You are correct about stating the dates for the visit as we applied well in advance. They issued the visa to suit the planned trip which is starting at the end of next month.


I forgot to mention that they issued a one year multiple entry visa good for stays of up to one month.

Pattaya Photos Free newbie guide to Pattaya How to get a TG a tourist visa for Australia Pattaya Weather

My moto for 2017: Don't argue with an idiot. Don't argue with.....

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Thanks  for your info  It is valuable to me

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Thanks  for your info  It is valuable to me

Whangaparaoa eh.....  used to live on Dobell Rd many years ago.  Cockles at Matakatia, fishing both sides for everything. Diving for scallops. Beers on the way home at the Wade.... 


Got one of Buck Shelfords AB shirts playing pool against him....  took me two years but I got it. 

Well I'm goin on 60, I'm older than most. Won't be long now and all I'll be is a ghost
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