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Mamas Murder 15-Year Old Girl

Pattaya Daily News

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Police have arrested two ‘Mamas,’ who brutally killed and burnt a 15 years old girl, in Bua Yai, and the victim was the witness of procuring prostitutes in 2011. The Commissioner of Police Section-3 revealed that the police tracked them down and found witnesses and CCTV evidence plus, the car they used to commit the crime.

NAKORN RATCHASRIMA November 6, 2013 [PDN]; Police Lt. Gen. Theerasak Klinpongsa, (the Commissioner of Provincial Police Section-3) and his police officers detained 49-years old Mrs. Praderm Setsee, or “Na,” living at house No.180, in Bua Lai, Nakorn Ratchaseema, plus 39-years old Miss Sa-ard Famthaisong, living at house No. 101, (in the same region), for sentencing in the case together the killing and burning of 15-years old Miss Sudarat Raksutjarit, who lived at the house No.57 in Kampan, Kasetwisai, Roi-et. The crime scene was on the road side of Nongprue Village, Bua Yai, in Chonburi Province on Oct.27th, but they had previously refused to answer questions and insisted to speak only in the court.

Police Lt. Gen. Theerasak said that this case was a terrifying one, because the girl was killed then very brutally burnt, but the police investigated intensely, until they found the information that implicated Miss Sa-ard, and Mrs.Praderm. The suspects might have been jointly involved, because they had been seen together before the girl died. So the Police General sent detectives to watch their behavior closely and they found that after the brutal crime happened, the two did not have permanent residency or jobs and there were several suspicious facts. So, the police took them in for investigation, and found more of suspicious pieces of evidences, such as CCTV tapes all along the route that the killers used to commit the crime, including the suspects’ cars.

Police Lt. Gen. Theerasak stated that now the police were in a period of analyzing all the evidence and trying to the link it into resolving the case clearly. Moreover, they were also found that the two criminal women had joined together to invest in a Karaoke Bar, but they got arrested for procuring and managing prostitutes, on July 15th, 2011, and they were due in court to face charges. Police assume that the cause of death of the young girl may be due to her involvement in this case as a witness.

Police Lt. Col. Poon Tongpo, the Vice Director of Detective Officers on Provincial Police Section-3, said that initially there was clear evidence, the CCTVs of their escape route, including other witnesses involved. It seems that the cause came from the fact that they had been accused of procuring and managing prostitutes in 2011, and the murdered girl was one of the witnesses. Before they killed the girl, they contacted her for some agreement, but as they could not agree, the two women killed her to conceal the case. Even though the conviction for this would have been quite big, the penalty for murdering a witness to a crime case will be much more severe, so these two ‘Murdering Mamas’ should be in jail for a long time.


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Reading articles like this always leaves me with many questions:


1.  Where are the articles on their previous court case?


2.  What is the context of "procuring and managing prostitutes" when this is a daily happening in Pattaya bars?

Why was this chosen for special prosecution? Where there inflammatory circumstances? Why isn't the same charge levelled against every mamasan?


3. "due in court to face charges."

Do we know what the specific charges were? Could a lawyer be referenced to provide background on the charges, likelihood of sentencing, etc?


4. Originally arrested on July 15th, 2011:

Why hasn't there been a court case already? Have they been free this whole time? On bail, or not charged? A Lawyer providing context here would be highly valuable.


4. With the witness now dead: will they still face the original charges now?


5. "Even though the conviction for this would have been quite big, the penalty for murdering a witness to a crime case will be much more severe"

This screams for context: What would the original sentencing have looked like if convicted? What is the potential sentencing in a murder case?



I "know" the answer to many of these questions, but none of the Thai news I read ever seems to get to the meat of the issue, and there is nearly 0 follow up or context. It always reads like a press-release straight from the desk Sargent.

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