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The difference between Kamagra Jelly and other sildenafil pills


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I'd never heard of Kamagra before joining this forum.


I've tried sildenafil and cialis before, cialis gave me a hard-on that would not desist for a full day... my petrified wood made even walking the dog more like a tactical mission in getting around the block without terrorizing innocent civilians.


Before I googled it, I thought it was a topical jelly you rub on your cock.. 5555 - wrong!


From what I've researched, Kamagra is just sildenafil in a jelly (like jelly-baby) pill... is that correct?


And are BMs using Kamagra in preference to other sildenafils because that's just what's on offer in LOS or are there some other advantages?



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Same active ingredient.


In tablet form, it takes around ~45 minutes on average, give or take, to kick in.


Because it's in gel form, which hasn't yet been approved by the FDA in the United states, the gel absorbs quickly into the sensitive blood vessels on our tongue and gets into the bloodstream faster, about 20 minutes or so.


Cialis, or Tadalafil as the active ingredient, is more a 36-hour drug.  Sometimes, people take daily dosages of 2.5 or 5 mg daily so there's always some in the system.  Others might take a 10 or 20 mg dosage for a 24 or 36-hour period.


It's advisable, in my opinion, to talk with a doctor regarding dosages, your personal condition including blood pressure, testosterone, level, etc. about the right medicine for you, etc.  Sometimes people get headaches because these drugs dilate the blood vessels in the cerebrum causing frontal lobe headaches.   


In my case, I've talked with my primary physician about these drugs extensively and get a prescription.  If you go with a reputable company for the generic while in Thailand, as the active ingredient is the same.


This topic has been beaten to death on this forum so I'm sure you'll hear a lot of agreements, disagreements, etc. about this subject, so in my opinion, best to get the information from reliable research, or better yet, directly from your primary care physician.

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ruay, thanks for taking the time to give a very thorough answer... my query is satisfied!


I hadn't realized they were in jelly form to absorb on the tongue, good to know.

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