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Saigon Massage - Patong 7.11.13


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Hi All,


Hope the below helps in some way :),


Haven't been to Pattaya as yet but this is my 2nd trip to Phuket and after reading this site and it appeared to me that there is little in the way of P to P action in Phuket, well at least in the obvious sense that Pattaya has (going there for the 1st time in Dec 13 ;), anyway...


If you have been to Phuket you will know that most of the action centres on Bangla Rd, which runs between Beach Rd and Rat-U-Thit Rd, this forms a kind of elongated racetrack with most traffic entering Rat U Thit Rd when coming from the airport, going down Rat U Thit Rd in a one way only direction then turning after about 3 k's down unknown name Rd, joining the Beach Rd and going back in the other direction (again one way) to complete the lap for about another 3 or so k's before joining the bottom of the road that you entered the top previously. Picture a big racetrack type situation and you have it ;). 


Bangla Rd joins the two one way roads crossing between them just over 1/2 way down on the 1st lap (or Rat-U-Thit Rd), it is blocked off to vehicle traffic at night but during the day is open to vehicles for deliveries etc, lined with bars and then soi's off the Rd itself it is the main 'atrtaction' for 'nightlife' in Patong/Phuket area. I can't say with definitive accuracy but I gather you can barfine 'some' of the staff at the bars, although I think most of them are there simply to drag in customers to drink, the thinking being the more people inside the more inviting it looks to passers by (if it has that many people in it...it must be good) and the majority of tourist traffic does seem to be young males (not noted for smarts upstairs at the best of times let alone on holidays ;), either side of Bangla Rd on Rat-U-thit Rd are hundreds of massage shops, restaurants, bars, markets, pharmacy's, money changers, t-shirt vendors etc, if you have been to the LOS you know what I mean, if your experience is Kuta (I'm Australian but have never been) then apparently its virtually the same. 


Our hotel was some ways down Rat-U-Thit Rd past Bangla Rd (about 15m walk) and yes I am/was here with my partner and we have walked up and down Rat-U-Thit Rd a number ot times to get to both Bangla Rd & the JungCeylon Shopping Centre. JungCeylon (JC) is diaganally opposite Bangla Rd and has a bunch of shops of both fashion and trinket kind as well as the Big C supermarket inside (cheapest beer in Patong !!!).


As you walk up Rat-U-Thit Rd 'against' the traffic and almost reach JCSC on the same side as Bangla Rd there is a very small alley which is no wider than maybe 1-1&1/2 car widths, on the wall of the building facing you as you are walking (against the traffic !!!) about 9 feet off the ground is a sign saying 'Saigon Massage' with an arrow pointing down the alley, at the mouth of the alley (on Rat-U-Thit Rd) during the day you will find one if not two girls with a flyer announcing massage and at night this number doubles if not triples ie 4 - 6 and they will be both sitting and standing around. How do you know which girls are which though, you ask ? Well if you look at most of the massage shops their staff have T-Shirts with the name of the massage shop on them and although low cut again from what I can gather, its all show and no go once they have you inside, they may or may not do extras but I think this may depend on the girl and most of the massage shop have massive glass windows so you can see inside, so I'm thinking 'it looks good on the outside but reality will be somewhat disappointing' and what are you going to say once your inside....'I thought she was going to pull my cock/suck my cock and she didn't', no I don't think so.


The girls from Saigon massage don't have a uniform as such what they do have on is what I would call 'nightclub/whore' IE revealing and easy to get off & back on, if you are a single guy walking they will have no hesitation in approaching you about a massage and asking if you want one or in my case if you would like 'sucky,sucky', if you are part of a couple you get what I term 'the slide off stare".

I was approached twice when by myself (during the day) and went once, the prices I was quoted were the following:


300 Baht - Oil massage

500 Baht - BJ + HJ

800 Baht - Happy Ending & Oil massage

1000 Baht - Full Service

500 Baht - 1 Hour - Long Time, but I think this was misunderstood by the girl offering it to me and this occurred on the 2nd offer as I made my way down Rat-U-Thit Rd.


I took the 500 Baht option and was led down the alley and upstairs through a very narrow door about 25m on the right down the alley. Upstairs are two 'client' rooms each divided into 3 sectioned off by curtains (think hospital room dividing style), a kitchen for the girls and a small sleeping area for the girls, As I went during the day this was ok however at night (& having been past the alley a number of times) its not very well lit and some people would find it very intimidating to say the least, throw in the 'in your face approach' and I would guess that they might lose more customers than they gain as horror stories would be going through peoples heads (dark alley, tourist abroad etc), during the day however, its fine.


The client rooms have very thin mattress's on the floor with a towel on the mattress, no shower asked for or offered and the curtain pulled closed, strangely enough the lights were left off and in fact turned off when I put them on, Noi (?) left me alone for about 2 minutes at the start after asking me to strip off, when she came back I was gently motioned/helped to lie down (naked) before Noi

took off her top and started to wipe me down (gently) with a moist flannel, all the time playing with me ;). In no time at all I was lying back and receiving a bbbj !!! And here's me thinking it would be a covered affair, but no ;). This went on for about 5-8 minutes before I was well ready to almost launch, sensing this Noi got up, took off all her clothes ;) and then straddled me reverse cow girl style where she ended up sitting on my chest (maybe she was 40 kg dripping wet) and propping herself on her knees either side of me and then finishing me off with her hands, I must admit it didn't take long, where it ended up I have no idea but it think Noi copped a fair load on her chest ;). All over red rover ;), now here's the funny part, then I paid, up until then there had been no mention of money or indication to ask if I did in fact have the baht, maybe I have an honest face or perhaps because it was during the day but this went against the practice I have found other places, anyway I dutifully paid, got dressed (T-shirt, thongs and boardies) and left the same way I came in. Inside for a total of 15 minutes tops I would think, and I passed another customer coming in on the way out.


All in all, this suited me, the approach was matter of fact, no inflated extra's, the service was excellent, although basic the room was clean and it was surprisingly quiet considering how close it was to one of the main drags in Patong. I would suggest going first during the day if you are unsure as like I said at night it 'looks' dodgy/intimidating. There are a number of freelancers around but out with my 

partner they tend to give you a wide berth but single guys should have no trouble making 'friends', my partner for what it's worth has no problem with P4P (lucky me ;) and the girls in the bars I'm in two minds about, price wise I have NO idea, sorry.


Hope this helps in some way, I've read here that Christin massage (on Rat-U-Tit Rd as well) is the place to go for a 'soapy' but we're going to try Bali Hai massage (on you guessed it, Rat-U-Tit Rd) as a couple and see what 'extra's' they offer ;). Will let you know ;),

enjoy Patong/Phuket, wish I had found the place 15 years ago when I was younger & 'more' single. See you in Pattaya in December ;)


MrBuff (Phil)






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Good tip.


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were all these prices verbal or printed? i haven't see the printed kinds with the special services as yet... and i hope that most massage places don't go down the route.... most massage places do offer special services, but usually in the privacy of the massage "room" 5555

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