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A few days in Yangon.

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photo1.JPGphoto1.JPGLanding in Yangon with my best mate after a couple of extremely fun nights in BKK was a little surreal. Neither of us knew what to expect as we hadn't studied anything about Myanmar, we had no idea how far the airport was from town, what the currency was called or whether many of the locals spoke English.Let alone what the P4P situation in this town was like or even if they had one.

We arrived at the airport quickly changed some money "2 really cute girls behind the exchange counter" then headed to the taxi desk where the girl had great English and was really helpful.Into the cab and off on our way to the hotel the cab driver was awesome telling us where to eat and what to see around town but not much info for us on bars or nightclubs.


We arrived at our hotel which was "The Summit Parkview" the receptionist was really beautiful and had a great smile, all looking good so far in the looks department with Burmese chicks. We dumped our stuff in our room then headed down to the hotel bar it was 8.30 and we were the only 2 people in the bar. It wasn't looking promising so we ordered a couple of Myanmar larger long necks which were $5 us each pretty good tasting beer.


After downing our beers we headed back to reception and asked what else was around in the entertainment department. The sexy receptionist recommended a few bars that were next door to our hotel. We went into 3 different bars and they were all quiet so it was back to the hotel bar.


Well what a difference 45 mins made. There were now about 8 girls in the bar all dressed pretty smartly as well as 6-7 asian guys who were staying at the hotel.After a quick look around the bar it was pretty obvious that the girls were P4P and a few of them were extremely bangable. A few beers later and we were talking to most of the girls and shouting a few drinks. They all had pretty good English and a few of them had a really lovely nature and were quite humorous.


The bar closed about 12 and after a quick chat with the girls decided on our next port of call next door to our hotel in one of the nightclubs, can't recall it's name. The club was full of pretty good looking girls and had a great atmosphere. By this stage we were getting pretty drunk and everything was a bit of a blur and seeing as we had to get up at 7 in the morning to get some work done called it a night around 3. Pretty unexpected if not a pretty fun night.


Next day was work which basically for us is eating as much street food and getting our photos taken doing it. We had lunch in a little restaurant on the lake which was great scenery. Then it was back to the hotel for a nap followed by dinner in a Burmese cuisine restaurant, which turned out to be really good. We ate so much food I think we had 12 different dishes and countless different wines including a few of the local drops "the rose was great". There was 4 of us and as I said we didn't hold back and the bill was about $115 USD.


After saying goodbye to the other 2 my mate and I headed back to our hotel bar. It was pretty much the same crowd as the night before with a few more people and Karaoke up on the stage. We ended up hanging out with the 2 cutest girls who told us they were sisters (who knows)the one I was taking the most interest in was named YuYu, a lovely girl who I think was 24. Her supposed sister was 20 and really lovely as well.


My mate was buggered and headed up to the room and I stayed around and was in a take no prisoners frame of mind. After a bit of a chat with YuYu it was decided she was coming upstairs with me for $50 USD. When i'm smashed I'm useless and bartering. Then my plan hit a snag as I was sharing a room with a mate, something I've never done before. My way out of this dilemma was of course to take the other one upstairs for my mate, genius. Off to reception and a $15 joiner fee for each girl, the girls actually got fingerprinted.


Up to the room and a surprised if not scared looking mate answered the door. Into the room a quick shower then into some bed athletics. I was pissed so I didn't give a shit that my mate was in the same room. I really didn't hold back and YuYu was pretty much up for anything unfortunately no anal though. She had a great body and a really tight pussy with a lovely little hair patch, I love pubic hair.

My mate wasn't into it at all so when YuYu jumped in the shower I grabbed the other one, pulled her into bed and went down on her. YuYu came back said something to her in Burmese and jumped into bed and the other one got up and jumped in my mates bed. I crashed out after that was woken up about 6 by my alarm and the girls headed off home.


It was off to the Golden Pagoda for more photos then another day of eating. That night we went to 19th street which is the night time street food place. We hit a bar that had 85cent Mojitas made with the local rum then it was back to the hotel bar. As expected the girls were at the bar I didn't muck around too much and took YuYu upstairs for a bit of alone time. Once again she was heaps of fun and really sexy. Back downstairs for a few more beers then for a few drinks at the nightclub next door. Then off to bed for an early wake up to get a flight to BKK.


We landed in BKK just after 12.30 dumped our bags at the luggage counter near door 4 then grabbed a cab to Pattaya. We got dropped off at TQ had a few beers then said hello to a few friends at The Beergarden and the bars out the front. Then it was off to the 6 and a couple of short times including the amazing Ning at Nightwish. Back into a cab around 9 then off to the airport for our midnight flight.

All in all a pretty good trip.


A few things I learnt about Yangon. We couldn't get any phone service. They girls are rely pretty. The street food is pretty crap. The group of bars/nightclubs next to my hotel was the only nightclubs I saw. It's a pretty nice looking place, very green.

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Thanks for the report, magpie. Coincidentally, I stayed at the Summit Parkview myself in October 2010. The joiner fee was $10 then and they took my girl's thumbprint! She only set me back 30,000 Kyat LT too ($30) - nice to see the Burmese girls have caught up to the price of a Pattaya freelancer in 3 years!


The girls there are sweet and like you said, quite green. I remember the bar in the hotel. Had a drink there but picked up at JJ's - are places like that and Emperor still going with the "fashion shows"?


You certainly covered a lot of territory in a few days, and what a job you have! I like the Burmese food. Try some ethnic Shan food next time. You get some excellent Indian food in Yangon too and there were very good Japanese and Italian restaurants too, surprisingly.

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Fuck I forgot I posted this, what a fantastic time and great memories.

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