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The Jim Bolen SOG Interviews: Part 2 – Into the Jungle

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Above Photo: RT Auger after a mission into Cambodia

Jim Bolen is a former Special Forces operative, who went into Laos and Cambodia on dangerous and top secret SOG operations to the Ho Chi Minh and Sihanouk Trails during the Vietnam War. He was a recon team leader and went on over 40 SOG missions, being extracted under fire from over 30 of them. A highly decorated soldier, Jim has also written a remarkable account of his life, before, during and after his time in Vietnam. Amazon:  No Guts, No Glory.

The link to part 1 of this interview is here: http://peteralanlloyd.com/general-news/the-jim-bolen-sog-interviews-part-1-across-the-fence/

Jim was interviewed by Peter Alan Lloyd.

Helicopter over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos (Fred Thompson 174ahc.org)

Helicopter over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos (Fred Thompson 174ahc.org)

PAL: What were your immediate actions once your team hit the ground after being inserted by helicopter, far behind enemy lines?

JB: When you leave the chopper you are prepared for the worst and ready for it, anticipating enemy contact. If it do

es not happen then that is the first positive thing on your mission. Once on the ground you and your team head to the cover of the Jungle. You, your team and the insertion pilots all know what your direction of movement will be.  This is gone over prior to the mission, in briefings.

The only time this would change is if contact with the enemy was made right after insertion. This could also change if you were inserted next to an enemy compound, even though it might be empty, which was not visible from the air due to the heavy canopy cover.

PAL: Roughly how far from your target would you be dropped by the helicopter?

JB:  Normally I would like to be at least a 2 day walk away from my target. If you are inserted too close to your prime target it does nothing but stir up the enemy.

Huey at an LZ (Major Derald Smith 174ahc.org

Huey at an LZ (Major Derald Smith 174ahc.org

Interview and photos continue here: http://peteralanlloyd.com/back-part-1/the-jim-bolen-sog-interviews-part-2-into-the-jungle/

©Peter Alan Lloyd

Amazon: Back Parts 1 and 2

Smashwords: Back Parts 1 and 2

Website: www.peteralanlloyd.com

Twitter: @PeterAlanLloyd

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