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Thailand Stretch Limousine

Looking to park our 8.5 meter stretch limo somewhere, let's work together?

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Thailand Stretch Limousine

We just switched buildings and the new one doesn't have any covered parking that is suitable for us, we're considering two options.


MUST HAVE: 24/7 Security Guard/Staff that will have the car in sight at all times.


Option 1: If you've got a ample space for us to park our Limo that will grab attention for both you to get customers/raise interest off the streets (Great for Hotels or Clubs, etc..) and for us to get some static visibility we would consider something like this.


Option 2: We can pay to park at your location assuming it's covered so the car will be kept out of the elements, and there will be 24/7 security/staff. 


Keep in mind this is an 8.5 meter long car (photo attached), and it should be relatively easy to maneuver into and out of parking, and the car should be accessible at any time (no inaccessible locking gates at night/etc..)


If you're interested in either of these options send me a PM and we can work out the details.







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Wow, I had a 1960 Olds 98 convertible that was 8 meters long.

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