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Where is it?


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How many times on this forum to you see the words "Where is it?" in relation to a bar, A go-go, hotel etc . . .


You can Google it! (kind of). :closedeyes:


If you've got Google Earth loaded on your machine, you can see Pattaya in what they call 'Satellite' view. Now this is where the fun (and information) starts. You can share your 'pin' locations with others. You save your 'pin' in .kml format (save as) and put the file somewhere others can load it from (the net). You can even email the 'pin' to a friend.


Now remember I'm a newbie, so the locations I've got pinned are based on information from websites, and being to Pattaya a few times (yes mainly at night and pissed) Chokdee.gif


In your 'pin' you can add extra information that is available when you click on the pin. This can include images (logo) and even a link to a website.


Here are some samples of what they look like in Google Maps (in no particular order, just click on the link) :-


The Rock House



The Cherry Bar



If you have Google Earth loaded on your machine (can be downloaded from here it's free) you can load a compiled (PKZip file .KMZ) list of 'pins' held in category folders. You can then load Pattaya Streets which also has a street image overlay. Google Earth will run offline (not connected to the internet), but will only show what you've already looked at when you was connected (it caches the information).


Now, you can load the compiled (.KMZ) in Google Maps, but it slows your browser down a bit due to the size of the Streets Image Overlay (did a quick example). But you can have a look anyway.


You can even get Google Maps on your mobile (I haven't tried this).


Now you don't just have to stop at Pattaya, its not called Google Earth for nothing :-

Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP)

Angeles City (AC) Philippines

Subic - Philippines


Now, ideally these .KML (location) and .KMZ (compiled) files would be located somewhere on the internet where everyone could access and contribute for free and freely (Gee www.pattaya-addicts.com sounds like a good place :D ). I wouldn't want to see every single bar in Pattaya 'pin'ned, but rather places where other BMs visit, or may need to go (places recommended by other BMs).


Now, I have no control over this. You guys can go nuts with Google Earth (please do - it's a lot of fun). Just suggesting we could do it in a slightly more chaotic manner using the Forum.


If want or need any help creating a 'pin' (.KML) of your favourite location (Bar, A-Go-Go, hotel, massage, Retail etc..) please reply to this topic (rather than PM) so we can share the knowledge. But, to be honest, they couldn't have made it any easier (they have Tutorials, Reference Documents and a Forum if your a DYI kind of guy).


I'm off for a Jim Beam and Coke :)




PS. Remember that the locations in the above are examples (.kml and .kmz) and maybe out by a building or two. I'm usually either pissed, getting pissed, recovering or otherwise entertained, rather than wondering exactly where I am. B)

Work Hard, Ride Hard, Play Hard, Stay Hard

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Nice one Bones,now all i have to do is Zoom into Lennies to see Yu and the girls Beer2.gif

'From the Purr of Pattaya to the Lure of Luzon!'

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Well, now that CCTV is becoming more popular, it wouldn't take that much to either live-stream, or snap shot a picture every few minutes! :Drunk_Party:


Any other feedback on Google Earth/Maps?



Work Hard, Ride Hard, Play Hard, Stay Hard

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Whilst i appreciate your posting as a good way of locating places, it is far to complicated to an computer ignorant c**t such as myself. FAR easier to just explain the exact location of a place with a few simple words.


Keep things simple, it is always the best way come the end...................


Pin / .KML format / PKZip file / KMZ .........What are they ????


Whats wrong with something like '' You will find Royal Garden Plaza, on the left, about 400 mtrs along 2nd. road from the traffic lights on Pattaya south road. Look out for Sizzlers and the big red plane buried into the side of the building."


Job done................



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Sorry bones , you've lost me ... :What1:


I'm a grumpy old man , I know ... :Drunk_Party:

Edited by jawadde

I stopped making NY's resolutions

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Another way to find what you are looking for is to use my maps at


Its made with help of a gps and I have also used Google eart to do it!

So far you can not add anything yourself. All the places that is on the map

are paying customers (200baht/month) and that means that it never will be

complete with all places!

But it's very accurate and will never be out of date as I update it very

frequently! Sometimes every day!

You can search in different categorys and when you click on the red dot

that represent the place it will link You to the actual places own webb site!

How fun with the map and you are welcome with critics and tips about how to

make it better!

If you have a place in Pattaya that you want to add you are welcome to contact


Contactinfo at the bottom of the map!

Best regards

Claes Gustafsson


Siam Tourist Maps


PS. You need Java installed in your computer!

Can be downloades free at www.java.com

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Kind of looses some detail but it will give you an idea




FLB = 12.925677, 100.871363


Walking Street Tree = 12.925709, 100.871727


Shenanigans = 12.929073, 100.879125


Areca Lodge = 12.929515, 100.883265

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Not sure how many people have discovered Google Earth/Maps, but it is fast becoming the 'current fashion' for mashup maps (yes more geek speak). I've spent way too much time cruising the planet, and revisiting places I've been.


I've been having a lot of fun playing with this stuff, so I thought I'd share with the forum.


Example of the Secrets pin in Google Earth



Example of The Rock House in Maps Google




Work Hard, Ride Hard, Play Hard, Stay Hard

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So Bones, regarding CCTV, WHERE IS IT? :Dance1:

Burn rubber not your soul.

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