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Hgh (human growth hormone )

Mr Soi Hok

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hi guys new to pattaya and new to this type of conversation but was curious about a topic and wish to discuss it here without any anger or negative repsonse



i have never used steroids or HGH but i would like to maybe try hgh



is it possible to get human growth hormone shots in Thailand that are real and not fakes 

in my country a week does could cost up to $800 Aus i believe but in thailand i believe it should be no where near this if possible ... i would appreciate some serious feedback and anyone wanting to have a go at me or troll or whatever please F#ck off as ive heard this is a very friendly site and people like to help each other out ... if anyone can point me in the right direction i would appreciate it 


btw i am not sure if i will actually buy and use hgh just very curious and assessing my options


thank you   

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pharm in bkk sells hgh for 500 baht per box. was thinking of trying some out but chickened out

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The trouble with HGH anywhere when it is not supplied on prescription is its authenticity. Being a high value item there are multiple copies/fakes around, Testing if it is real is almost as costly as buying it.


Unless you are able to contact someone that you trust that has a supply route to a known product you are most likely going to end up with fake HGH.


I am in no way saying this to put you off but it really is a matter of you pays your money and makes your choice. Many pharmacies will tell you straight that they cannot guarantee what they are selling as HGH is the real stuff.

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HGH is long term so unless you plan to stay in Thailand for 6 months plus or smuggle a shit load back to Aus then forget it.


Better of doing a cycle of test.


If your set on HGH or any cycle for that matter, head to one of the Gyms and start talking to the biggest mofo you see. A dude like that is not hard to find in pattaya.

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to much fake shit.. most of it is hcg with new label's or just sugar  :Anger8:



I believe in unicorn's

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Anyone tried from these guys: http://hgh5.org/go/thailand-eng/


I have found fake Hygetropin from the 2nd Road pharmacy.  Not sure what it was but tested it, on myself, with a morning post fasting blood test, then 2 IU of Hygetropin and 4 hour later blood test. No increase of HGH.


This website is linked to 2 supposed manufacturers and says delivery in Thailand, in chilled boxes, and money back guarantee.  They have a phone number, but no address!

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