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Which restaurant has the best chips?

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Thought I would pose the question as I was sitting here thinking about chips. Seaside on Soi Chayapoon is good and cheap proper chips fresh every time, Pats Pies are good also but out of the way unless you've got a motor. All suggestions greatly appreciated and all will be tasted to find the ultimate good old fashioned chip.

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"Neeroys" on Soi Chaiyapoon does the best chips by far in Pattaya !!

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sea side down soi 7's alleyway near to tequila reef, i dont know if its related to the one on choyapoon, but they have the best chips cut from spuds.


and IMO some of the best cooking for falangs in pattaya. was in there today for kate and sidney pie and chips, with lashings of gravy!


top banana

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. was in there today for kate and sidney pie and chips, with lashings of gravy!

Did you mean "Steak and Kidney" ?

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Theres a chippy in Jomtein, on the main street. as you go down the hill from patts round the bend at the bottom and its on your right hand side. its ment to be good

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Theres a chippy in Jomtein, on the main street. as you go down the hill from patts round the bend at the bottom and its on your right hand side. its ment to be good

"Simons" fucking expensive and the chips are enemic, you get scraps at "Neeroys" :)

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Mc Donalds ......................

Please do not insult "Chips" :o

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I prefer Thailands McDonald chips to Englands anyday, just wish I knew why!

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I prefer Thailands McDonald chips to Englands anyday, just wish I knew why!


same here. in australia the chips are always half cold and shite. in thailand they always seem to be fresh out of the vat and very very hot.

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How to cook proper chips


Cooked potatoes, golden and crisp sounds easy to do, but can cause so many problems. Getting the right technique is all important in achieving the perfectchip.




Allow 2 medium sized potatoes per person, preferably Maris Piper, washed and peeled Ground nut oil for cooking




Cut the potatoes into slices about 1/2in thick, and 2ins long. And then cut the slices into strips 2 x 1/2 x1/2ins. Wash them well and dry them with a cloth. Place them into the basket, and lower them carefully into the deep fat at 165°C. I find the best way to cook chips is by doing it in two stages so once the potato chip has softened and become "limp", drain it thoroughly trying not to shake the basket and damage the chips. Put them aside on a plate. When required for eating simply place the chips back into a basket. Increase the fat temperature to 180-185°C and lower the chips into the fat carefully. Cook them until they are crisp and golden then drain them well, season with salt and they’re ready to eat.


You can make chips the day before you require them simply by taking them through the first cooking process. Store them covered in the refrigerator, and when ready to eat simply return them to the deep fat fryer to crispen off, colour and reheat. But I do recommend that you remove the chips from the fridge and leave for 30 minutes to help come back to room temperature.


The chip science


The right potatoes Maris Piper or King Edwards are the best to use for chips because they’re both

very starchy. Avoid waxy potatoes, like Desireés, as they contain quite a lot of water. Too much moisture makes chips go soggy, so stick to starchy spuds.


Chunky chips


The size of chip you use is important too. Imagine a large chip, which soaks up some oil through each of its different surfaces. If you cut it in two, it will soak up more oil, as you have increased the surfaces that will be contact with the oil. So bigger chips mean you end up eating less oil.


Cooking them through


The catch with bigger chips though is that you run the risk of not cooking them properly. But you’re safe with this method of cooking the chips twice. The first time you cook them, at the lower temperature of 165°C, you can make sure that whatever the thickness, they are cooked through. At this temperature, you won’t get too much browning on the outside and you are not likely to burn the chip. Whacking them in at a higher temperature afterwards, say 185°C, gets the browning reactions going on the outside of the chip, so that’s when all the tasty, golden crispiness develops.


Low fat chips!


When you come to cook the chip, it may look like the oil is boiling. But actually, the only thing that’s boiling is the water in the chip. And as water in the chip boils away, the escaping steam creates a protective layer around the chips, which stops oil from being absorbed. Just like with the fish, it’s as if the chips are being poached by all the steam. It’s when you take the chips out that the oil on the surface of the chips seeps back in through the tiny pores that the escaping steam left behind. So, if you quickly pat dry your chips with kitchen paper as soon as you take them out of the oil, you reduce the total amount of oil you eat.



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Had pork steak and chips from "Neeroys" best value for money by far !!

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Over here on the darkside I havee long been awaiting a proper chip and at last it has arrived. A existing establishment has relocated to the lakeside namely Mulligans. Popped in there two days ago my initial mission was to try the breakfast but ended up having a couple of cold ones and ordered some bread and butter and a plate of chips as I fancied a sarnie. Within 10 minutes along came the bread freshly baked and excellent to be accompanied by a fantastic looking plate of chips. Not only did they look fantastic they were out of this world, absolutely brilliant, faltless and being the fat bastard I am I ordered two more plate fulls. For all BM's over here on the daarkside I strongly urge that you check it out, trying the breakfast today in 20 mins time and will resurect the best breakfast thread if it is up to it.

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Villa will ship in Maris Piper spuds at a cost. I a sked the manageress this afternoon amd yes they will do it but you have to pay a premium.

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I have lived in this town for 16 years and I love eating out.


last week I stumbled across a little hideaway that do the best chips I have tasted in Pattaya,,,So much so I have been back 4 times this week,,,Bloody Marvelous,,, SHHH Don`t tell too many people,,,


The tiny cafe is called CRAZY MICKY`S in the NEW PLAZA, If you are on Second Road between Soi 7-Soi 8 the Plaza is straight opposite and Crazy Micky`s is about 9 shops down on the LEFT hand side...


HAM EGG AND CHIPS is 99 BAHT,,, You don`t just get 6 or 7 chips, you get about 50,,,miles too much,,,Wonderful.


These chips are crinkly chips cooked to perfection , golden brown on the outside and soft and tasty on the inside...


Check out the rest of the special menu at the back...


And if you are lucky MICKY might pop in and he is one of the most chatty guys I have ever met,,,


After you can join his pals at MICKY`S BAR in the middle of the street....


Great Guy, Great Food. Great Prices. And a Plus to those guys who have to run to the loo all the time,,He has a FREE LOO.


PLUS AN AMAZING HAPPY HOUR it lasts 24 HOURS. Most beers 45 Baht a bottle.


Try those chips put and let me know....


Cheers Cartoonman

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