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Come out and Play: Beauty tips for your Thai Holiday!

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The Internet has replaced a lot of bar cruising over the years. On line dating holds a lot of surprises for both parties most of the time. We always state our age as 10 years younger on our profiles. Calculating our age always seems to be a hard mathematical task and the numbers get rounded down. The tricky part is when the door opens and we take our first “real look” at each other. It can be quite a surprise when he meets you in the flesh!

There are a few tricks that can help improve your overall appearance and these will also help in giving your self confidence a needed boost.

The first step is to actually take a good look in the mirror, realize all the effects of the abuses we have put ourselves through over the years. We all drink too much, smoke too much, stress too much.

Thonglor Clinic offers you free consultations to guide you through your transformation.

thonglor_clinic_facelift_male-233x300.jpAll these wrinkles did not appear overnight, you have trained your muscles to contract in different ways depending on your emotions. These muscles have become hypertrophied. Now the deep furrows cannot be photo-shopped like your profile picture has been! Don’t despair… Botox is here! The mode of action of Botox is easy to understand. The purified toxin prevents the muscles from contracting and relaxes the same muscles: the effect is that the lines disappear and you regain a wrinkle-free face. It can only be used for the upper parts of the face and around the eyes. The effect is only temporary; the body neutralizes the toxin within 4-6 months. But remember that the muscles forming the wrinkles are now weakened. They have been prevented from contracting for that period and just like if you had an arm in a cast, you will need to rebuild these muscles before the wrinkles reappear; luckily these wrinkles won’t be as pronounced.

Most people do get a very dramatic improvement in their appearance—looking more relaxed and refreshed. In my opinion it is one of the best value-for-money forms of beauty treatment. Botox can also be used to readjust slight facial imperfections, and most patients now don’t wait long before they return to maintain their looks. The stresses of our daily lives accentuate all these imperfections, so reducing these helps also. Maybe the happy, relaxed disposition of the young men around Thailand helps them to maintain these smooth facial structures. Foreigners have to work harder to look younger. So 4-5 days after your treatment you can update your Facebook picture and get a lot of “Like” on your pictures!

Turning the clock back does not stop there. As we age, our faces become less voluminous and we lose the baby fat on our cheeks. We can look drawn and tired. New forms of fillers can give more volume to our cheeks and fill in the deeper wrinkles that Botox is unable to smooth out.

thonglor_clinic_myo_therapy_male-213x300Fillers only act as a mechanical lifting device; they are not classified as a drug because the body does not metabolize them. They are usually composed of cross-linked hyaluronic acid holding water gel as a gel. For some living with HIV, a common sunken appearance can eventually result with time. Fillers can help to restore the fatty deposits lost to the action of retroviral drugs. You can be assured of the outmost discretion in listening to your needs, and our staff will strive to help you reach your goals.

We are on our way to rebuild your face and help you launch your new looks for the New Year.

The newest technology in creating a lifting effect is the use of very fine suture material inserted via miniscule needles in the skin to create a grid pattern that lifts the sagging parts of our faces. This procedure can easily be done in one afternoon and with minimal downtime. You can keep enjoying your holiday. No need to hide anymore. Time to come out and play!

Enjoy your stay in Thailand and take advantage of our facilities to start the New Year with a fresh new you. Mr. Right is out there waiting for you. Open the door to your future happiness, come and visit us at Thonglor Clinic.

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