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Do they like it hairy? How to look sexy in Pattaya

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Facial hair seems to be frowned on in Fun Town, especially by most web board posters, who, if they are to be believed, claim Pattaya's women also hate it on a man - although unless and until banknotes can grown hair, a brief flash of sufficient of them should always be enough to soothe even the most powerful objections to crumb catchers and lip caterpillars.

To learn more about whether (male) facial hair is a sexual aphrodisiac for Pattaya’s women, or an excuse for them to quickly plead:  "I go dance", I reviewed a Pattaya Addicts thread called: Do they hate guys with beards?

Deepthroat2 asked: Anyone really know if my having a neatly-trimmed beard (picture Sigmund Freud, not Grizzly Adams) will be an impediment with the girls?

I've heard that Thais find beards to be "unclean" and think your face looks "dirty" if not clean-shaven. I'm not planning to shave, but am wondering how much of a crimp it will put in my style.

Pallmall replied:

I think the crimp in your style will come from having a neatly trimmed wallet. The advantage of having a beard is you always find some of your lunch in there if you are feeling peckish later.

Devil Plaything said: When I grew a beard the response from the girls was about 1,000:1 against it; although big shooter said: Beards are "in" again and most of the young women I know here love them. I chat with a non bg Thai girl and she asked if I would grow a beard before my trip (she loves them too).

As long as your wallet is full, it doesn't matter what you have.

Culvers pretty much summed up the negativity towards beards with:

yawn - the question isn't whether girls will go with guys who have beards, it is do girls "hate" beards.  The answer is a resounding yes, beards are very unpopular with Thai women.

Sure, you will still get loads of girls to go with you if you have a beard, the same as girls will go with grossly overweight ugly men. But for some reason beards are not seen as a good thing. I started growing one once when I was over there, and every girl I knew practically begged me to shave.

While the jury returned a clear majority verdict on the relative un-attractivenss of beards in Pattaya, it would not be splitting hairs to say that I could find no threads on the sexiness of moustaches.

Until I do, worried readers and fans of the soup strainer should form their own judgment and consult the internet about the wisdom of sporting these items in Pattaya.

If anyone can point me to a moustache thread on a Pattaya web board I would be grateful, as I haven't been able to find one.



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