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Trip Report - KL Beach Club & Thai Club

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First point to mention, for me Pattaya is where it's at (although I've not visited Angeles City yet) nonetheless I got some cheap flights with new airline Scoot so I thought I would go check out Singapore and Malaysia as I have never been, Plus I can say I have at least ventured outside of Thailand just to see what the rest of the world offers!


Ok so I read the place to go in KL is the Beach Club, Any taxi driver knows it. KL similar to BKK when they get young men in their car they want to offer you to take you to get ladies.. Also for reference any price they quote you immediately cut it in half.. They really try to scam the farang here not just with taxis but with everything.


So I head to the Beach bar, great place. Entrance fee is around 35 ringgit which includes your first drink. Went there on a Tuesday night and place is packed with western men and an abundance of Filipinos, Vietnamese and Indonesian, No locals.


There is a live band playing mostly or DJ. Band playing western rock music just to my taste. Above the main bar is a huge fish tank with two baby white tip sharks swimming around. cool!


Outside there is seating and another bar. I went in by myself. Took me all of 5 minutes to be alone and I was approached by Vietnamese. Didn't really like the look of this one but I let her stay and talk to me. Then I am looking around at the other talent and I do have to say the women here are top notch stunners.. Did spot some Chinese. After I while I am bored with this girl not my taste so I try my best to shake her telling her I want to be alone. She doesn't get the hint so in the end walk off on her until she gets the point.


Drinks here are not too bad I was paying 22 ringgit for a Jack Coke about $8 $AU so same as back home then I have run out of money. Here is the next tip. Get what cash you need from the ATM before 12am as they all seem to go offline. (I ended up getting a cab to the city to get money out the second night)


So there was one ATM near the bar and all offline. I thought I am screwed. Lucky the bar let me run a tab and pay for it with credit. I eye off this stunning girl from across the bar. She is with a friend. She has a few guys talking to here and there so I thought she is spoken for. I smile at her and she smiles back and makes BJ mouth gestures to me.


Now my first instincts would be to approach her because I thought every guy would be going after her so instead I keep smiling and she smiles back but I make no attempt to approach her. In the end I just think well if she want's it she can come get it.


Funny enough it must have worked ended up sitting by myself and she walked up and approached me and started talking and saying I saw you smiling at me etc etc. So she she asks me to dance. She's making comments about lady boys and I am freaking out thinking she is one so I am doing all the checks on her looking for adams apple and trying to feel between etc as I am wondering why no one else is punting on her


So long story short ended up LT her for 500 ringgit. Probably too much but this was my first night and the next night I got away with 400. But she was good. Very up for bedroom action. Took her back and did many positions then she let me tit fuck her she was pretty good and rocking body and happy to say 100% woman!


She told me she would give me massage too and I thought yeah they all say that but afterwards she made true to her promise. Gave me massage and then sleep and then another pop in the morning. Good fun but still I found the girls here are more interested in money and more likely to be starfish and not much GFE


So that was first night and pics attached.


Second night I went across to road to Thai Club and a bit quieter than Beach club but still cool. Sat by myself for like 10 minutes before I was approached. Girl was cute and I ended up taking her for 400. Vietnamese again but a bit more of a starfish. She told me she would go with me the next day as I wanted to go Petronas towers. In the morning after only 4 hours sleep she made good on her promise and asked me do I want her to go with me. I said up to you. So she followed me around all day, I was worried she was going to ask me to pay the entrance fee to the towers at 80 rinngit but no she paid her own way. BIg points for her.


However after doing the towers she asked if I want to see her again tonight I said no thanks so she quickly went on her way. But still nice to spend the day with someone.


So that's it. Went back to Beach club the third night but was in no position to take anyone as I won't pay that much. Especially when they are starfish. I had one girl latch onto me, These girls are keen as. She came up to me and started talking, I just answered her questions like where I am from without asking anything about herself. Pretty much ignoring her while I watched the band. I even wrote a message on my phone which I showed to her that I am not going to take her home. She nodded and still stayed with me for a while.


After that I just hung out got approached by girl from night 1 again but told her it's not going to happen. They just won't believe that I am there not to pick up and saying you want to take another girl don't you?


Anyway the night ended with me talking this this nice filipino. I was married to one for 10 years so I know how to speak a little so I was impressing her with that. She was much nicer about the whole thing saying it's nice chatting with you but you know what I am here for and I am like yeah but I cannot afford to take you home sorry. The most I could offer is 200 ringgit and a free buffet breakfast in my hotel but she politely excused herself.


Bottom line Pattaya is for mongering. Malaysia was fun but not like LOS. You can have fun there a bit higher price but still the girls aren't as keen. Good for a few nights thats it. On a side note the massage places are cool and just like Thailand. Had a RNT with a stunning Malaysian girl for 100 rinngit all inclusive. And the massage was a proper one not a quick back rub and then turn over for HJ. But bottom side is she wouldn't let me Touch her or take her gear off.. Shame she was very attractive.


Well that's it pic of first night girl attached. (front on picture not a good pic of her but she was very attactive)


Edit: found pic of second night girl but doesn't show her off. Both girls has huge breasts (real) must be something they put in the water there!




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I have got some absolute beauties from the Beach Club over the last 7 or 8 years...some great Philos and one really good Viet girl...every time I go there I want this Viet girl again but she hasn't been there.Last time in May I got 2 Viets who promised everything in the Beach Club but delivered verylittle in the loom afterwards...a big dissappointment.Probably taken 20 girls over the years from there and only had 1 dud Philo...the 2 Viets that didn't deliver what they promised were still OK.

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Brings back fond memories of the Beach Club. My only problem was that it was across the street from my office, so almost broke the bank. Caught a first night Viet girl that became pretty steady until I latched on to a philipino sweet heart. The 500 ringit sounds a little steep and although it has been a few years since I was last there, I would check some other reviews and see if you can't negotiate better next time. And the towers trip was always good with the girls and catch a movie and a meal from one of the food stalls in their style.



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I visited the Beach Club, with friends, several times when I lived in KL a couple of years ago. I was amazed by the number of beautiful women roaming around. Because I was always with a co-ed group the girls usually left me alone, except for when I took a trip across the bar to the restroom.


I finally decided to return alone to check out the business side of things. Soon after entering the bar I was approached by Sung, a mid-twenties cutie from Vietnam. We sat, had a couple of drinks, and chatted for quite a while. She spoke very good English and I enjoyed getting to know her better. Eventually she took me to a nearby short-time hotel room where we had a fantastic time. She was enthusiastic, giving, and lots of fun. I was pleased to be able to get together with her one more time before I returned to the States.


I think that the Beach Club is worth a look if you are passing through KL.

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