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  • which visa please
    Hi my girlfriend is currently here in the UK on a 6 month visa, returning to Thailand early september.We are looking to get her back to the UK asap to stay permanently.On her return we plan to get married,she will have to renew passport as it ru...

  • Is there anyone genuinely looking at purchasing a bar here?
    Its a mates bar (he's not a member), he is looking for a quick sale and is offering the bar at a great price, its a proven money maker (all accounts for past 2 years) very low rent (12,000 baht)( English owned) in a popular soi off Soi Buakow he's...

  • Aussie Expats - fares/airlines to Oz?
    Time to start planning an escape from Songkran(early I know ....).I've done the regional bolt-holes, but fancy dropping down to Oz to see old pals in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. Any prelim advice about fares BKK-OZ-BKK, Thai agents who off...

  • There more Happy in the Bar
    I know a girl that has been in the Bar for years---Cashier and hooker and I know for a fact she was sharing a tiny room with 3 other girls each paying 900 Baht a month....Her Salary in the bar was 2500 a Month plus commission on drinks and short t...

  • Stock-Futures Commission trading fees-who is lower?
    I have a stock-futures trading account with Kasikorn. It seems like the commission fees are VERY high, especially for the futures trading. Has anyone compared commission fees with Siam Bank(SCB) or KrungSri bank ? Are they all about the same ?...

  • One soldier killed, 3 wounded during bomb attack in Narathiwat
    NARATHIWAT, July 7 - One soldier was killed and three others wounded on Saturday during a bomb attack in Narathiwat's Cho-airong district.The injured were admitted to a local hospital before being transferred to Naradhiwasrajanagarindra Hospital...

  • Iranian and Burmese caught working illegally at South Pattaya Coffee Shops
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverPattaya Police conducted raids of two Coffee Shops in South Pattaya on Friday Night following complaints that foreign nationals...

  • Pattaya Police seize guns, drugs and cards in Larn Islands raid
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverLarn Island was the focus of a Police operation on Friday and resulted in the arrest of nine people and the seizure of drugs, gu...

  • Suspected Illegal Money Lender Brothers caught by Pattaya Police
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverTwo brothers, suspected of working as illegal money lenders were arrested by Pattaya Police on Pattaya Second Road in front of S...

  • Police hunt for shooter at Central Pattaya Pub
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverA shooting incident occurred outside of a Thai Pub in the early hours of Saturday and although no one was hurt, around 30 suspec...

  • The Lewis Grand Hotel in Angeles - Offering a 10% Discount for Pattaya-Addicts Board Members... :-)
    Hi to All !What a great Board you guys have here... !I know that this is normally for THAILAND and it' s many beautiful Destinations...BUT... there are also some other nice Destinations, with sensual Women (trust me !), like for example ANGE...

  • pregnancy, most likley scam but..
    to cut the long story short finished with my girl friend a few days ago and now the pregnancy stories are coming. whilst im trying to move on she is determined to bring the hate and the guilt.she was due to start a new job at samitivej hospital...

  • best hotel for a newbie?
    what is the best girl friendly hotel for a newbie?

  • Red EYE!
    Anyone else get struck down with this ailment? Had it twice over in pattaya, usually starts with itchy and sore eyes then goes into full blown version after a few days.. not nice..I woke one morning, looked in the mirror and my face was almost u...

  • US $3,000
    First time going to LOS..I will be staying for 1week I'm taking 3k cash will that be enough for a good time? hotel already booked and paid for so i will have exactly 3k to play with...will that be good

  • Wall Street falls after weak jobs report
    Washington - Major US stock indices were off Friday after the government's monthly employment report showed anaemic job growth in June.View the full article

  • how many times can i shoot my load?
    Hey guy, just wondering if I get a girl for LT how many times can i shoot my load?...is it one and done or can i cum multiple times. What about soapy massage is it one and done also?..thx guys

  • Thai victims of land scam detained in Myanmar
    RANONG, July 6 – Thai and Lao rubber workers being held in Myanmar by that countries authorities reportedly have been misled and victimized by brokers telling them the land—inside Myanmar—was in Thailand and that it was available for sale and s...

  • Massive Black Mountain of Waste Causes Mild Panic at Sattahip
    People became alarmed when they saw several tons of unknown black material being dumped in the back of 700 rais market fair. However, the owner of the black sludge later insisted that it was just “Sambust” (a firing material for steel boat rust...

  • Nonthaburi Millionaire Reports 107 Million Baht Missing From Her Bank Account
    A representative of SCB bank went to see the police Crime Suppression Division to report that a Nonthaburi woman millionaire apparently lost 102 million THB in her bank account. The bank revealed that they have stopped the responsible manager f...

  • Money!
    Hey, I have never travelled over seas before. So what is the best way to get money out in thailand, best place for exchange? Etc etc Any advice would be great.

  • "No Hands" restaurant in parts..
    Is there one in pattaya? Or not worth the time at all?Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk 2

  • Body Massage
    My friend told me a body massage made him crazy in a good way. He said that he would be ashamed if i didn't get one. So here was my question. Where can i get a very good body massage.

  • R U Insured on that M/Bike? - R U Sure?
    Lifted from Thaivisa :-Travel insurance fails as Phuket tourist faces B600k medical billPhuket GazetteAmy Myles with Sean Kenzie. Family and friends are struggling to raise funds for Sean’s spiralling medical expenses after travel insurance...

  • Condo Sale - Jomtiem - Falang Name - Cheap
    Condominium for sale at JOMTIEM BEACH CONDOMINIUM. 30SQMThis condo complex has 2 massive pools and 2 Gyms and is also the complex is situated on the beach, there are many restaurants, massage shops, laundry's, shops and parking for cars and bike...

  • Golf Index in the next couple of weeks (Jul 2012)
    Hi all,I am planning to visit Pattaya in about a week and I am wondering if I should bring my golf clubs with me. Any advice on the weather situation on the ground will be appreciated. I understand it rains in July (tropical weather) but my th...

  • massage with own room
    hi pps just wanting to no were the best place to go to get a oil massage and soapy with ya own private room ? thanks

  • How long does it take to get through the airport?
    I am looking to book a bus (maybe the bell bus??) but am not sure how long it will take to get through. I am coming from the UK if that is a factor? I arrive at 'BANGKOK (BKK) at 1225 HRS' on a Saturday. What time should I book a bus for?

  • Pattaya Timeshare
    Hi All,Most people associate Timeshare with a word that makes you run a mile, you are always warned not to be coerced into buying timeshare by a well dressed man or woman offering a Parker Pen as an incentive to attend a lecture on it .Just cu...

  • New Forum Feature - testing only
    I am adding 6 new areas/features at great time and expense LOLThere are a few Pattaya only social networking sites that have emerged, but they are allowing girls on there and the privacy settings are good enough. IMOI have made one for us as a...

  • Fishing in Pattaya
    Anyone done much sea fishing out there? Tips on boats, costs, End July to early August, fancy a four hour trip after barracuda, sitting back sipping a beer, and having a blast. If anyone else is into fishing and out in Patts over the next few week...

  • UK guys with vodafone
    Thought I would let the guys in the UK using vodafone that they have an offer on now when you top up £10 you get 60 free minutes international calling, pretty good.http://www.vodafone.co.uk/personal/price-plans/pay-as-you-go/vodafone-freebees/in...

  • Can't find topics from IPS Community/Latest Threads
    Hello all,I'm sure many of you if not all members receive the "Latest Threads" from the IPS Community News Letter via Pattaya Addicts every so often. If I recall correctly, I used to be able to click on an interesting topic shown in this emai...

  • Alternative Retirement Plan: 6 Months in Patts, 6 Months back home
    Hello, I'm curious if any members of the Ex-Pats is living for 6 months in Pattya, then back home for 6 months. It seems like a reasonable alternative, i.e. keeps things "fresh" on both sides. Thanks for any feedback.

  • The Stay v.s. Page 10
    Curious to hear from anyone who's stayed at both which they preferred and why. Staying at Page 10 right now. I started out in a delux but switched to superior after the first night because I didn't like he noise from the bar downstairs (it's the b...

  • quiet bar recommendations?
    can anyone recommend a few quiet type of bars where you could take your Teelak for a drink?

  • western union
    tried sending some money to thailand via western union,my bank stopped it,is it dodgy? anyone tried this before? any help,cheers.

  • Costing him a fortune in Long distance calls
    There is a Local massage shop I go to often...No more then 3 women but the Lady Boss has a boyfriend from Europe.....She is on the Game and will service most men with extras for a price of course... He is Madly in Love with her and thinks she is...

  • IMF to cut global growth outlook
    Tokyo - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) would lower its assessment of the world economy in 2012, Managing Director Christine Lagarde said Friday.View the full article

  • Pattaya Bay Resort or Nova park - Long term accomodation?
    Im going to spend about 6 months in Patts and looking for a good price long time accomodation with decent facilities; Pool, Breakfast and Gym.Guest houses are out of guestion. I think for a long time stay hotel is better. And guesthouses usually...

  • good deal
    looking for a room condo or hotel or guesthouseperiod 18/10 till 17/11on bath bus waysare they good deals for the moment in pattaya.budjet max 18000 bath all innall suggestions very [email protected]

  • Multinational call centre gang arrested
    Multinational call centre gang arrestedวันศุกร์ ที่ 06 ก.ค. 2555BANGKOK, July 6 - A multi-national call centre gang was arrested on Friday in the Thai capital, according to Thai immigration police.The gang of 15 persons, comprised of six...

  • Asean Plus Three agree to cooperate on universal health
    Asean and its key partner countries including Japan, South Korea and China Friday strongly agreed to make universal health coverage as essential health services to provide to over billion people in the region.View the full article

  • Somsak insists he did nothing wrong related to leaked tape
    House Speaker Somsak Kiatsuranond Friday insisted he did nothing wrong to discuss politics with his Pheu Thai Party members as he was recorded in a tape leaked by pro-Democrat Party Blue Sky Satellite Television earlier this week.View the full art...

  • Arrive late - recommendations
    Flight only gets in to BKK Sun 15 July at 10:45 pm. Booked Mr T but will only get to PattsI at about 1 am. What are the recommendations for that time of night?

  • Turkish robbery suspect caught by Police in Pattaya
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverA Turkish man accused of stealing cash from two outlets in Sriracha District has been arrested. Officers from the Chonburi Provi...

  • Panic as fire consumes Sauna Room at North Pattaya Massage & Spa
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverA fire at a massage & Spa in North Pattaya caused panic amongst customers and staff on Thursday. A quick response by Pattaya Fir...

  • Illegal Gun dealer caught in undercover sting at Pattaya Petrol Station
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverAn illegal gun salesman was arrested by Pattaya Police on Thursday afternoon. Police Colonel Pantanna, Acting Pattaya Police Chi...

  • Kasikornbank exclusive loan promotions launched at Central Pattaya Branch
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverKasikornbank have launched a new promotion for those wishing to borrow money. The offers are available at branches throughout Ch...

  • Term deposits
    Hi,is is a good idea to deposit my dollars in a bank and live on the interest?what is the down side of that?how much the interest can be?Thanks

  • For what it's worth...
    So here’s what I’ve learned after being on this board for a few weeks and having been to Pattaya a few times with hopefully another trip in October.1. There’s no place like Pattaya in the entire world.2. It’s all about the money, always.3. I...

  • Do hotels allow to take TG to swimming pool
    Im going to stay in Areca and wondering do they allows this?I have read that many hotels do, example Lk-metropole, but dunno about this.I allready know areca is guest friendly as long as i take only one tg at the time and 20y or older.

  • Thai authorities seek release of over 80 Thais captured by Myanmar officials
    Thai officials in Ranong are seeking to negotiate with their Myanmar counterparts for release of over 80 Thais captured by Myanmar authorities for encroaching on Myanmar soil.View the full article

  • Myanmar approves appointment of US ambassador
    Yangon - Myanmar has approved the appointment of the first US ambassador to the former pariah state in 22 years, state media reported on Friday.View the full article

  • Thaksin gets US visa
    Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra has, for the past few months, sought and received visa to enter the United States, his legal adviser Noppadon Pattama said on Friday.View the full article

  • Second Hand Bicycle
    If anyone has got a road bike in reasonable condition hanging around, I would be interested in buying. Something to peddle along Beach Road and up to Jomtien. ThanksPhil

  • New Bumblebee buzzes Bira
    There’s a new bumblebee all set to give the established order in Super Car Thailand a real buzzing this year – rapid Dutch driver Henk J Kiks and the B-Quik Racing outfit are ready to stir up the hornets nest this year by stepping right on the gea...

  • Reply to Kee Niaw
    Has anyone got a witty comeback for when a Thai calls you ขีเหนียว I would like to think that ขีเหนียว was used in a positive light, ie. I am being careful with my money, rather than I'm a tight bastard. But of course, being falang we are expec...

  • Three justices not excused to exit charter change inquiry
    Constitution Court president Wasant Soypisudh and two justices, Nurak Marpraneet and Suphot Khaimuk will remain presiding over the inquiry on the charter amendment bill after the high court panel turned down their respective requests to withdraw t...

  • Citin garden promo tomorrow
    From compass hospitality's Facebook pagehttp://www.compassho...ay_stay_online/Looks like a great deal, anyone know what the hotel is like?Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD

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