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  • questhouse?
    Hallo everybody!I tried the search function (on here and google)but i didn't find an answer to the followiing newby question:What are the advantages and disadvantages of staying in a questhouse? I did read somethings about canterburytalescafe...

  • Manchester United files for IPO in US
    Thought this was interesting.http://www.nwitimes....7b0c3a5bd7.htmlcheersbert

  • red spots on the head of the penis...
    I had sex with a girl about week ago, was pretty drunk, forgot the condom, afterwards, took a shower, noticed I had red spots on the head of the penis, I thought it would go away, but now, one week as gone by, and they are still there.It does no...

  • South Pattaya for 33,000 per square meter
    I took a listing yesterday for a 100 square meter 1 bedroom home in South Pattaya that is located behind Tukom for 3.3 million. That is 33,000 baht per square meter and quite a value for the location. Here is the link:http://www.bigmangoproper...

  • Recommend a Thai buffet?
    Lots of English Breakfast threads here but can anyone recommend a good Thai buffet??Not looking at the Shangri-La 8 zillion baht just a good simple Thai buffet (if they exist)for 100-300 baht maybe (is that realistic?).I hear a lot about the...

  • What is your favorite Hotel in Pattaya?
    Well I have been to Pattaya quite a few times. The first time I went was with some monger buddies of mine and they said we had to stay at the SPAM WORD. I have to say other than the awesome pancakes for breakfast I really have nothing nice to sa...

  • My take on Pattaya
    Ok, I have been to Pattaya about 15 times since 2007. I love going there and I look forward to making my way down beach road later this month. I am not a guy who likes to take a different girl every night. I would rather pick up the perfect one...

  • Bank of England pumps more money into the economy
    London - The Bank of England (BoE) Thursday injected a further 50 billion pounds (78 billion dollars) into the economy underits quantitative easing programme.View the full article

  • Lampang police seize Bt36 million in illicit drugs
    LAMPANG, July 5 - Two drug traffickers were arrested for possession of illicit drugs with a street value of Bt36 million in this northern province on Thursday.Police Region 5 commander Pol Lt-Gen Suthep Dejraksa said Chaliew Luecha, 54, and Such...

  • A question about daily budget
    I'm sure this topic been beaten to death and I did search forums for some advice and after some consideration I have a mind set on daily budget.So what I am going with per day average is about 220€ which is about 8700baht for 21 days and that's...

  • Which Bar has the best girl this summer
    Which bar has the best girls? I heard about Teazers. Anybody else

  • Two women seriously injured in late night South Pattaya road accident
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverTwo women were injured in the early hours of Thursday in a road accident on the Sukhumvit Road in South Pattaya. Their motorbike...

  • Drug users, dealers and Bribery suspect arrested by Pattaya Police
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverPattaya Police arrested a motorbike taxi driver and two other women in connection with an undercover drug operation in South Pat...

  • Body of newborn child found in wasteland close to Pattaya
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverThe decomposing body of a newborn baby was found at an area of wasteland in the Na-Jomtien area on Wednesday afternoon. Police a...

  • Which hotel should i take
    I'm going to Thailand. I'm going to Koh Samui, but I also wan't a couple of days staying in Pattaya. So i am staying for like 4 to 5 daysThinking about 4 star Want the hotel in de center of the city

  • Pattaya Marathon 2012 preparation meeting
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverFinal preparations are under-way for the 2012 Pattaya Marathon which will take place on Sunday 15thJuly. A meeting was held at P...

  • Going to Thailand
    Hello,I'm going to Thailand in August. I planning to go to Koh Samui, but after the stories and reading about Pattaya i don't sure if i want to go to Koh Samui. What to do?

  • FreePlayo Player Trades Points for Children’s Charity
    Andrew Hall of Aberdeen is unable make it to Thailand for his annual holiday this year so he decided to do something for a good cause. Andrew’s son Daniel inspired his decision.“I first discovered Thailand about 12 years ago and have been marrie...

  • 140,000 methamphetamine pills left on Nonthaburi roadside
    NONTHABURI, July 5 - Thai police on Thursday found 140,000 methamphetamine pills, with a street value of Bt30 million, on the roadside of a Bangkok suburb.The pills were sealed in 70 packs in two bags. A traffic volunteer noticed the bags left n...

  • Yingluck evades the issue of being under Thaksin's shadow
    Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Wednesday tried to skirt around a direct question whether her brother Thaksin had the control over her government.View the full article

  • Nan braces for mudslides
     NAN, July 5- Disaster officials in this northern province are on high alert in preparation for possible mudslides and flash floods during this rainy season.Ekkrit Jittangkul, chief of the Nan Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office, on Thursd...

  • Need to rent a Car
    Hi Folks,In August I will be coming Patts for about a month. Maybe 1 week Patts. 2 weeks touring Thailand and last week again back in Patts. Since I am in the planning stage I would like to ask if any BMs do or know of reliable car rental agenci...

  • Why did I start reading this forum? arghhh!
    First of all. Sorry for my bad English and typing skills. Just not that good in english wrighting!Six weeks ago life was pretty easy. After work I did my sports, saw my friends and I enoyed my life! How could this all change?After searching o...

  • Ha Long Bay announces hot-line for tourism
    A hot-line including phone numbers, fax and email have been officially released by QuangNinh Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism on July 3. The province possessing numerous stunning tourist destinations and a new wonder of the world - Ha L...

  • Laos to boost hydro-electricity output by a quarter
    Vientiane - Laos plans to boost electricity output by 26 per cent next year, state media reported Thursday.View the full article

  • Jaral withdraws from trial on charter amendments
    Jaral Phakdeethanakul has withdrawn from the trial of the constitutional amendment bills, the Constitution Court announced Thursday.View the full article

  • Thai hospitality for TAT Media Fam Trip from Dubai
    Published : July 05, 2012 :: 15:07:51 [ 45 views ]Thai hospitality for TAT Media Fam Trip from DubaiMr. Paulo De Matos (centre), Executive Assistant Manager on Rooms of Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya.Recently welcomed to group of...

  • Four issues central to charter change inquiry
    The Constitution Court on Wednesday spelled out four legal issues which would be the basis for a verdict on charter change.View the full article

  • Modded Xbox 360 with about 200 games
    Xbox 360 For SaleXbox 3602 ControllersPowerpack20Gig Hard DriveAround 200 games - mostly in boxesThis xbox is the one that does NOT overheat.It was last chipped in January at Tuckom.The last game I bought was Fifa 2012 which plays fi...

  • 6-10 months in Pattaya, Accomodation help?
    I think in this forum i find the best pattaya experts.I have been 3 times in Patts, allways stayed 4 weeks or more in decent hotels. I love LK Metro -area and allways stayed there. Location is crusial for me!Now i finally have a change to take...

  • Thai gifts & decorative sales expected to collect more than THB300mil during 3-day event
    BANGKOK, 5 July 2012 – A gift and premium fair is now underway in Bangkok, and the organizers expect the 3-day event to generate hundreds of millions of baht in revenue.Deputy Commerce Minister Siriwat Kajornprasart said on Wednesday that the T...

  • TAT invests THB3mil to launch tourism promotion apps for smartphone
    BANGKOK, 5 July 2012 – The Thai tourism authority has decided to make sizable financial investment in developing a new application for smartphone, which is intended to help promote the country’s travel industry.Tourism Authority of Thailand (TA...

  • Charter change inquiry begins
    The Constitution Court on Thursday convened the two-day inquiry on the constitutionality of the charter change bill.View the full article

  • Sattahip Police Arrested 11 Prostitutes and 7 Amphetamine
    Police Raided Sattahip Brothel Drug Addicts and Hookers Arrested 11 Prostitutes and 7 amphetamine addicts detainedSATTAHIP – July 2, 2012 [PDN]; Pol. Col. Chonnapat Nawalak, Superintendent, Sattahip police station, Chonburi province and detecti...

  • Pattaya Cancer Stricken German Hangs Himself
    German man suffering from cancer was found dead in his bed room with TV antenna tied around his neck.PATTAYA – July 4, 2012 [PDN]; Pol. Capt. Jeerasak Aebfhaeng, Banglamung police station, Chonburi province was notified that foreign man had com...

  • Pattaya Millionaire Caught Issued Bad Cheque to Lawyer
    Pattaya Police arrested a millionaire woman, who paid her lawyer with a bouncing check.PATTAYA – July 3,2012 [PDN]; Mr.Chaiwat Lomakul, 43 years old, the victim reported to the Crime Suppression Division Investigation police to arrest Miss Pann...

  • Top 5
    Ok,First trip, 27th July, Mr T is booked, hotel (April Suites) booked, virgin, at least as far as Pattaya is concerned. Flying from Heathrow with Ethiad.For all you experienced guys out there, what are the top 5 things I should do or know for...

  • Another Kiddy Fiddler caught

  • what does a BG really costs?
    hi there fellow BM.lets break things down and find out what a bargirl really cost you???post your experience and help newby members like me to understand what the overall costs are including!!!we all know the barfine the negotiations of the cos...

  • Sites or links for New Car prices in Thailand
    Hey Guys, I havent had much luck finding general pricing for new cars in Thailand....I do know with Thai import duties I will probably be driving a piece of crap for same price I paid for my porsche twin turbo in the states....Thanks in advance fo...

  • Austrian Airlines
    I was wondering if anyone has travelled with them from London, The reason for asking is the connection time at Vienna, I see on the web that the minimum connection time for Austrian Airways is 25 Mins and the one for Bangkok is 30 Mins which sound...

  • Pattaya Videos on free adult sites
    try: www.tubegalore.com or try www.xhamster.com - search for Pattaya - lots of videos .......

  • Imitation Watch
    Hi All,I will be in Pattaya next week and I wanna buy watch.How can I find imitation watch like rolex etc.? (I know everywhere is selling it but I want to buy good quality imitation watch)

  • UFC 148?
    Does anyone know what TV channel shows the UFC events in Thailand?Is anyone going to watch it live at a bar?Any/all info much appreciated!CheersEDIT: Irish Rovers on LK Metro, Sunday 9am. All Welcome

  • Phachara Suites vs. Adelphi Suites
    Hi, I've looked at BKK hotels on Agoda and narrowed down to Phachara or Adelphi as best for the money. Anybody been to either? Both seems like great location and both somewhat luxurious and affordable. I like that both have washing machines in...

  • Late Arrival
    For my first trip to Patts I will be arriving late Friday night (Saturday morning) at about 3am. My flight arrives into BKK at 1am (best price). I am staying in the building next to Central Festival called View Talay 6 and would like to walk do...

  • What does Me Low ansd or Me Jouw mean?
    She says it's the same as "oh my god in English" but somehow I don't beleive her...

  • Getting rid of man boobs, moobs, and or mannery glands
    Alright, I've been swimming like crazy and dieting for a few months. I have two weeks left til wheels up.I need a crash course in moob removal.I'm going to focus on daily push ups, if I have the discipline. I'm also going to be working with du...

  • found 2 gems of Bars in Pattaya... 1x Disco and 1x Bar
    Lets Start with my hate of high sound Volume in bars and high drink prices. and been highly pumped for LDs.This bar did not and found staff happy in there work and attractive too, English soso not long working bar i guess..English qwener with a...

  • busty bar girls?
    Hey, what is the usual size of the bar girls? Any place in particular to find busty girls?Any recommendations will be appreciated

  • Scientists find particle consistent with Higgs boson
    Geneva - Scientists have discovered a new type of particle consistent with the long-sought Higgs boson, which would explain why there is mass in the universe, the CERN laboratory announced in Geneva Wednesday.View the full article

  • 15 witnesses to testify on charter change inquiry
    The Constitution Court has ruled to allow 15 witnesses to testify in the two-day inquiry on the charter amendment bill.View the full article

  • Anyone stayed in Sunview Place (Bukhao)?
    Seems like a sweet little place from their site (http://www.sunviewplacepattaya.com/index.html) but oddly never seen it mentioned on here.Anyone have any experience of staying there? Not far from the action, got a pool. Rates seem reasonable

  • Sabai lodge on soi 2
    Hey i was wondering if anyone knows if this hotel is ok for a first timer like myself to stay at.Is it girl friendly? Is it to far away from all the action?Its quite some time away (christmas) and i was very excited untill i read some of the "ti...

  • Apparent suicide of German at his East Pattaya home
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverA German national appeared to have hung himself at his East Pattaya home in the early hours of Wednesday. Police were called to...

  • Street Cleaner finds 800 Yabba Tablets in East Pattaya
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverA municipal street cleaner found 4 packets containing 800 Yabba Tablets hidden in undergrowth next to a street sign on Wednesday...

  • East Pattaya Restaurant Owner opens fire on three suspected thieves
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverThe owner of a Thai Restaurant in East Pattaya shot at three suspected thieves in the early hours of Wednesday following three d...

  • Skeleton found on remote Island off the coast of Sattahip
    A skeleton was discovered by a Sea Rescue Unit on a remote Island off the coast of Sattahip on Tuesday afternoon. The find was made by a local fisherman on a beach at Domor Island. The skeleton was recovered and it was confirmed it was that of a m...

  • Taking picture Girl(s) you ST-ed or LT-ed
    If this question have been asked and discussed before I apologised and please kindly post a link where I can go to. Do you guys ask permission first? Will it cost you more baht? Anything I need to know before even thinking taking their pictures? Y...

  • Report: Apple to debut smaller iPad
    San Francisco - Apple is to debut a smaller iPad this year to help fend off challenges from chief rivals Microsoft and Google, Bloomberg News reported Tuesday.View the full article

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