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Beware of spiders and angry maroons

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Spider-in-the-kitchen-Jan-2012-300x239.jThe Boxing Roo beer boozer and sports emporium will yet again be the place to be to watch the third and final rugby league State of Origin match between New South Wales and Queensland.
The kick-off is at about 5:00pm on Wednesday 4 July and, as usual, the management of the Boxing Roo will be offering the free liver waster Poison in the ofrm of ‘shots’ as well as tasty pizza at half time and prizes at the end of the match.
With the score at one game apiece and Queensland looking to snare their seventh successive title, NSW will need to be deaf and dumb to be able to walk away winners. Deaf, because the last thing they need is to be listening to is a parochial home crowd up in the cauldron of Lang Park in Brisbane, and dumb because they must go into the match thinking they can actually win.
One major reason for going to the Roo on Wednesday for regulars will be to say g’day to Uncle Kenny who is fresh out of a long stint in hospital.
Apparently, about a week or so prior to the second Origin game, Kenny’s right leg (I think) began to disintegrate. That is, the skin and muscle began to take on the look and the texture of a bad pate, the kind of entrée you find at posh parties and served by the upwardly mobile set.
I saw photos and it wasn’t a pretty sight. The worst aspect, from what I understand, was that as the leg was slowly being eaten away and Kenny was lying flat on his back in a hospital bed, the quacks were unable to determine the cause of this mysterious wasting.
Yet my old mate the Fool in Paradise went online in search of a possible answer and came up with the possibility that Kenny had been bitten by a nasty little spider, called a Brown Recluse (or somesuch). Apparently, this little arachnid is capable of inflicting the kind of damage for which Kenny was suffering.
I did ask whether the white-coated quacks at the hospital had been informed of the possibility of this being the cause of Kenny’s malaise. The Fool said they had but, being doctors and not just ordinary mortals, they were still discussing and testing and probing, and, of course, billing while they did so.
The doctors may have been stumped and the way things were going that’s all that would have been left of Kenny’s leg, a stump, if nature hadn’t begun to help in the mending process.
I won’t mention the hospital. Suffice to say it’s in Pattaya -far from Bangkok- and not a government-run facility.
So, just another reason to be at Boxing Roo (Third Road, opposite Soi Lengkee) on Wednesday: watch NSW try and hold back the angry maroon tide and ask for a look at Kenny’s mangy leg. Not sure what will be worse!

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Symptoms sound like a bite from a "White tail", a reasonably new migrant to Western Australia (from the other states)


Not sure if there is even a cure, most of the deadliest snakes and spiders live here so not a lot you can do.


Last time anything bit me was a red back, yeah not deadly to some but a pain to get over it.

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