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Latest Threads 05/22/2012


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  • A positive note about the TGF
    I know that not a lot of positive is always posted, but I thought I would post something positive in here.My TGF does not like anything to do with my ex's, which I am fine with, as that is pretty standard the world over. This morning I received a phone call from my ex GF's mother saying that my ex had passed away only a few hours after I had last spoken to her a few days ago. Our last convers...

  • Clubs for straight male escorts in Bangkok
    Hey guys,I stumbled upon this old article about various clubs for straight male escorts in Bangkok. Does anyone have some more info on them, like names or locations?Are there only thai men working in these clubs?http://www.sukhumvit...men-in-bangkok/I’m a good looking guy currently living in BKK, and wouldn’t mind becoming a straight male escort myself.Any constructive feedback apprec...

  • serviced apartment for 4-6months stay? 100$ for best answer
    Hi, I'm planning to stay in Pattaya for 4-6 months, starting next month, and I was wondering if anyone here has any experience renting condos/serviced apartments. A serviced apartments concept like http://www.novaparkpattaya.com looks ideal. I've never stayed there before but they seem to have more or less exactly what I'm looking for, except that I'm not very impressed with the standard/stylis...

  • Farang-Deutschunterricht
    Farang-DeutschunterrichtDeutschschule in PattayaFrom:Parichat1305Views:8 0ratingsTime:03:24More inEducationSee The Video Here

  • Dancewatchers
    Can anyone give me advise on what service the dance watchers provide. I.E cleaning, information, girls extra services. Or has anyone used there redrose option. Would be nice to hear from people, who have used Dancewatchers services.Cheers

  • Any GoGo's open early?
    For the most part I am a gogo man, and a lot of the time because of work I can't stay out to late, I like to be in before 11pm so I like to get my night time fun started as early as possible.Does anyone know of any gogo bars that open before 6pm and there locations? I know there are 2 or 3 on Walking Street that open at 5-6pm (been to those). Does anyone know of any other gogo's besides WS tha...

  • Myanmar police detain Mandalay protesters in custody
    Myanmar's Special Branch police on Tuesday took into custody for questioning at least 50 people protesting for electricity shortage in Mandalay city.View the full article

  • Message from XTC
    What's up my fellow addicts? I started this thread to share a message that XTC asked me to post on his behalf. For those of you that have been in Pattaya during this month you probably have met him at either the Pool Party or the Pool Tournament that he helped plan. He has been given a 6 month "BAN" here on the site and that is why he isn't posting now. This is what he has to say:Hi all,Thi...

  • M-Storm Drift Competition 2012@Pattaya
    M-Storm Drift Competition 2012@Pattaya20 พฤษภาคม 2555 @PATTAYA M-STORM DRIFT COMPETITION AIR SEA LAND สนามที่1 สนามกีฬาภาคตะวันออก เมืองพัทย...

  • Zicos - Pattaya
    Zicos - PattayaWhat a night out? Zico's has become quite an attraction. When the two Brazilian dancers are doing their shows (2000 and 2100) crowds congregate after their shopping at the central plaza. Between bouts of wonderful Samba dances , in which you can participate, you can enjoy brazilian and international cuisine from the buffet.From:mydestinationvideoViews:0 0ratingsTim...

  • What's your favourite time of the year to visit Pattaya?
    In late spring and summer, stretching into early Autumn, the heat and humidity are far too high for it to be comfortable. Especially August and September. (Great if you like rain.) I hate walking around in the evening drenched in sweat for most of the time.So, for me it's November, with March being my second favourite and I usually do both months. January and February are just as good,...

  • Ordourless, seedless durians developed in Uttaradit
    UTTARADIT, May 22---- Thailand’s northern province of Uttaradit on Tuesday introduced two new varieties of non-smelling durians, which is bringing a boom to the province.Uttaradit Governor Yothin Samutkhiri said that the new durian varieties, the odourless, seedless ‘Longlaplae’ and ‘Linlaplae’ fruits, were developed in the province which boasts largest durian orchard in northern Thailand wit...

  • Insurgents launch bomb attack in Yala ahead of Prayuth's visit
    Yala - Insurgents launched a bomb attack in Yala hours before Army Commander-in-Chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha visited a school in this southern border province Tuesday.View the full article

  • Five Pattaya Authorities Friendship Football Tournament.wmv
    Five Pattaya Authorities Friendship Football Tournament.wmvFrom:PattayaPeopleMediaViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:52More inNews & PoliticsSee The Video Here

  • Kinderprostitution in Pattaya.mp4
    Kinderprostitution in Pattaya.mp4From:tfuellenViews:92 2ratingsTime:23:23More inScience & TechnologySee The Video Here

  • THAI FIGHT - Mathias Sitsongpeenong Vs Kemarat Sitjapae
    THAI FIGHT - Mathias Sitsongpeenong Vs Kemarat SitjapaeTHAI FIGHT Extreme 2012 - Bali Hai Pier - Pattaya, Thailand Mathias from Italy 19 yo against Kemarat from Thailand 18 yo in the opening fightFrom:maththaigalViews:72 2ratingsTime:17:04More inSportsSee The Video Here

  • Being set up by police in connivance with bar girls
    Hi guysOff late I am reading a lot of posts of board members regarding being set up by cops with the help of girls.What I mean is fixing on false charges. Has anyone had any bad experiences they can share as it will alert others who could be in similar circumstances. Since the forum is so informative and helpful it would not be a bad idea if it has some sort of arrangement with some good lawy...

  • Donations
    Looks like we made it !! Donation StatisticsTotal Donation Amount - $5,960.00Total Goal Amount - $5,959.00Still Needed - --

  • Pattaya house for rent, south Pattaya, Thailand
    Pattaya house for rent, south Pattaya, ThailandMore info :From:propertypattayaViews:2 0ratingsTime:03:14More inFilm & AnimationSee The Video Here

  • Iran and IAEA agree nuclear inspection deal
    Vienna - Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) agreed on a probe of alleged nuclear weapons projects and a deal would soon be signed, IAEA chief Yukiya Amano said Tuesday.View the full article

  • Dragon blasts off on first private flight to ISS
    Washington - A private spacecraft lit up the pre-dawn Florida sky Tuesday, in the first launch of a commercial capsule to the International Space Station.View the full article

  • Gov't at risk on compensation payments: Wissanu
    Former deputy prime minister Wissanu Kreangam on Tuesday lambasted the government on two issues - unprudent implementation of populist policies and paying Bt7 million compensation per red-shirt victim without legal mandate.View the full article

  • Walking Street - Works as a server
    I met this girl at the mall on Saturday a couple weeks back and gave her my phone number. Asked her for a picture and she sent this back to me. She says she works on Walking Street in a Gogo but doesn't "work". She seemed nice but.....well you know. Didn't want to tell me where but did say her name was Mai. Anybody know where she works? And more importantly what she "does"

  • Exchange rate
    Anyone have live update on sterling to bhat exchange rate.Thanks

  • Useful for learning Thai!
    Hi all. Not sure if this has been posted on here before. I have been logging into this site for a while now. http://www.learnthaiwithmod.com/ & here https://www.facebook...earnthaiwithmod This lady is a teacher in BKK and makes learning videos most days. She has a great way of teaching thai and responds to language queries. She also has loads of free lessons on Youtube. She is gorgeous too!!!!...

  • Residence garden impression
    Hello everybodyI can't find very much information about the RG.How is the 2 bedroom suite?Is the location good?Is there a joiner fee for taking 2 girls to a 2 bedroom suite.Is there a gym close to the hotel?How much is it with taxi to Soi6?All the information about the hotel and location is welcome.It's my first time to thailand. So i want to make sure, that i choose the right hotel....

  • Incumbent Pattaya Mayor begins his fight for re-election - Pattaya One
    Incumbent Pattaya Mayor begins his fight for re-election - Pattaya OneFrom:PattayaOneVideoNewsViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:35More inNews & PoliticsSee The Video Here

  • Grand Opening for Blue Olive Restaurant in Jomtien - Pattaya One
    Grand Opening for Blue Olive Restaurant in Jomtien - Pattaya OneFrom:PattayaOneVideoNewsViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:36More inNews & PoliticsSee The Video Here

  • Floating corpse found close to Larn Island off the coast of Pattaya - Pattaya One
    Floating corpse found close to Larn Island off the coast of Pattaya - Pattaya OneFrom:PattayaOneVideoNewsViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:39More inNews & PoliticsSee The Video Here

  • Stunt Bikes.
    I'm sure you've all seen them around. Kawasaki miniature stunt bikes? Anyway, to the point.....I was walking past a bike shop the other day and seen a second hand one for sale so I enquired about a price. The girl said 250,000 baht. I assumed she meant 25,000 baht so I thought about it. It's a couple of years old I guess and in good condition but not Mint. For some reason I thought that these...

  • Reds want amnesty for royal insult
    A group of 100 red shirts on Tuesday petitioned the government to grant amnesty for all inmates serving prison sentence for royal insult as per Article 112 of the Criminal Code.View the full article

  • 21 year old Beer Bar Worker dies in Pattaya Beach road crash
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverA road accident on Pattaya Beach, in front of Soi 6, in the early hours of Tuesday led to the instant death of a 21 year old Thai Woman. The body of Khun Pachawin was on the road next to her fallen motorbike and according to witnesses, she was travelling at a high rate of speed...

  • Laptop and Drill stolen from 24 hour Pet Hospital in South Pattaya
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverA Computer notebook and a drill were stolen from a 24 hour Vet’s Surgery in South Pattaya early on Tuesday Morning. Police were called to the Thonglor Pet Hospital just after 3am and spoke with the Vet-on-duty who directed Police to their CCTV Monitor which showed a man, wearin...

  • Incumbent Pattaya Mayor begins his fight for re-election
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverThe race to become the next Mayor of Pattaya is hotting-up and the hot favourite, the incumbent Mayor, Khun Itipon, registered himself and his team on Monday. Registration for teams who wish to compete to become the next Pattaya Administration began on Monday and finishes on 25...

  • Grand Opening for Blue Olive Restaurant in Jomtien
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverThe grand opening of a new Mediterranean style restaurant took place over the weekend. The Blue Olive Restaurant is situated inside Soi 8 off the Tepprasit Road in Jomtien and is already one of the finest restaurants in the city. Chef Raymond from Germany, who has over 25 years...

  • Birthday Surprise !
    so its my birthday today (52 - i know i don't look it)......Missus bundles me out of the condo for an hour "so she can prepare a special surprise present for me"Drove round aimlessly scratching my head thinking "dressy up" ?? "2 lady" maybe "baby oil", "warm custard" ??Anyway gets home - told to close my eyes and she leads me in..."ok you can open them now honey - happy birthday"...

  • Condo for rent at Park Lane Resort, Jomtien
    Hi GuysOur tenant has just finished his 1 year rental contract and can offer this condo again for rent on a 1-year contract at 12,000 Baht per month ...http://www.fivestarv...-JOMTIEN-RESORTI can be reached by phone on 08 1938 8391RegardsRobert

  • Nice Pattaya girls
    Her is some nice girls from Pattaya28544_119380041416755_1000003427929.jpg28544_119511364736956_1000003427929.jpg28544_119513671403392_1000003427929.jpgDSCF0038t.jpg

  • How Many Illegal Farangs in LOS?
    Just a thought so I Googled it and came up empty. Like there would have to be heaps of guys unable to get residency or sick of the border runs etc so they just move in with their Tiruk in some out of the way village. It's a crazy idea cos being caught could mean you never see daylight again, or perhaps if they don't get you ya end up looking a bit like Ben Gun in Treasure Island. Missing Fara...

  • Thaksin a loyal friend of reds: Natthawut
    Deputy Agriculture Minister Natthawut Saikua on Tuesday criticised the Democrats for trying to drive a wedge between the red shirts and former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.View the full article

  • Condo for Sale @ View Talay 2
    Condo for Sale @ View Talay 2Located in Thappraya Road, at the beginning of Jomtien, this project was built about 2004 to continue the success of the first project, and continues to be one of the most popular complexes in Pattaya real estate.From:PDNvdoViews:1 0ratingsTime:01:24More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Centara to open five-star resort at Bali’s Nusa Dua
    Centara Grand Nusa Dua Resort & Villas, the second resort hotel to be opened in Bali by Thailand’s leading hotel operator Centara hotels & Resorts, will be soft-opened during the third quarter of 2012.The five-star property will feature a combination of deluxe suites and pool villas with a choice of one, two and three bedrooms.The resort’s design concept is based on the Peranakan style, a b...

  • ก็ลมมาแรงนี่คะพ่อ
    ก็ลมมาแรงนี่คะพ่อCentara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya :Floor 15 at 07:00 am.From:phongjaknookViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:33More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • For anyone interested!
    There is a big birthdayparty at Quicky Bar Soi 6, Fon said it start at 6 aclock. Everyone welcome!

  • PTT & TOT launches free Wifi in 200 gas stations
    Published : May 22, 2012 :: 11:05:41 [ 118 views ]PTT & TOT launches free Wifi in 200 gas stationsBANGKOK, 22 May 2012 – PTT Public Company Limited and TOT Public Company Limited have joined hands providing free Wi-Fi service at 200 PTT gas stations in Bangkok and other provinces.PTT Executive Vice President for the Oil Business Unit Saran Rangkasiri has announced that PTT and TOT have c...

  • Four complaints aimed at dissolving Pheu Thai Party
    The Election Commission has completed one check and is investigating three other complaints which can lead to the disbandment of the Pheu Thai Party.View the full article

  • Thump-up for first day of budget debate: whips
    Coalition and opposition whips on Tuesday voiced satisfaction for the orderly conduct of MPs from both benches yesterday, the first day of the budget debate.View the full article

  • Inspired by Wait me here, I come back...Have you ever used an excuse/lie to get away from a barfine or just ditched one before the room?
    Note:I am not talking about problems back in the room, such as a girl going right to sleep or having to leave to go check on her sister, etc. I've had those myself when I dismissed the girl.I'm talking about you barfine a girl and take her out for a while and for whatever reason change your mind before you get to the room. Perhaps she wasn't vibing with you. Perhaps you were just drunk. Pe...

  • Sale Honda PCX 125cc
    SALE HONDA PCX 125cc , 6100 kms .. 60000 baht skype - shoooba1or write private message

  • Mongerer of the month
    There is a new "forum member of the month" its just a bit of fun. Its to highlight mongerer of the month.Forget 6 sums..... forget hottest girls in Pattaya... we can all do that!Bevster took on the sapphire lodge cleaner during an addicts party, he licked her 48 year old pussy out, got a BJ, and barebacked that pussy! He came out to a roar of cheers with blood all over his top!What a...

  • Coming this may 31-june 7, need a drinking buddy :)
    Any experienced BM want to have a drink or show me how things are done in LOS, or another first time newbie want to team up and tackle the first night a hunting together? All wingman and drinking buddies are welcome , Im around my early 20s but very adaptable so wiser and older BMs are cool too ^^. Cheers all!

  • 6Cheryl Pattaya Happiness
    6Cheryl Pattaya HappinessFrom:vo1209Views:1 0ratingsTime:03:31More inComedySee The Video Here

  • Boxing for the Origin
    Arguably one of the roughest and toughest series of sporting games held anywhere in the world kicks off late on Wednesday afternoon (Thailand time) when the first of three rugby league State of Origin matches is contested.Rugby league fans already know the drill, but if you happen to be a sport lover who appreciates great contests, and you want to see such an event in a setting designed to brin...

  • Wanted Swedish Bank Robber With Fake British Passport Caugh in Pattaya
    Pattaya Police arrested a well known Swedish criminal wanted in Denmark and Sweden. Mr. Soderback was arrested with his girl friend while consuming "ya-ice" in Pattaya where he had lived almost one year.PATTAYA – May 20, 2012 [PDN]; Pol. Col. Kreetha Tankanarat, commander of Children and Women Rights Protection and Anti-Human Trafficking Region 2, said the Swedish police had confirmed that B...

  • Pattaya the Happy Bar
    Pattaya the Happy BarOnly a short clip showing some of my favourite bar girls after ringing the bell !From:MonarchoflosViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:23More inNews & PoliticsSee The Video Here

  • PRK
    I'm interested in getting PRK while I'm on vacation in BKK. Choosing PRK over LASIK because I will be doing extreme sports. What hospitals and doctors are recommended? Price is not a real factor because sight is important to me.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

  • Westerly Hill Guesthouse
    Apologies if I am duplicating a topic already created but a search didn't yield anything of value to me.I am looking forward to my first trip to Pattaya in September and looking at hotels/guesthouses. In searching around Agoda, I stumbled upon the Westerly Hill Guesthouse on Soi 13/1. It seems like a great location and at around 1000 baht per night, it seems like a great deal too. Am I mis...

  • Best medicine for sleep from pharmacy at pattaya
    I have usually buy valium from pharmacy (use for sleeping)Today i test first time AlprazomamI think you can get good sleep with both of theseBut when i take valium i usually very tired when i wake upIn my home coyntry i usually use zopiclone for sleepingBut i have not found zopiclone at prarmacys in pattayaSo what is your favourite medisine for sleep when you mongering at pattaya...

  • Where do you think would be a good place for a new bar area
    With some of the sois losing many of their bars to new developments/hotels sois 2 and 8 for example it got me thinking where would be a good area for new bar areas , central road soi 12 moo 9 springs to mind for those who dont know this area it goes from central road just above April Suites and goes on past the soi where citin loft is past the amari suites[i think its the suites its the one wi...

  • Info. on New Simon Bar Complex Girl
    Mates,Any info. on this beautiful girl named Yu who works at a bar in New Simon Bar Complex? She formerly worked at X-Zone. Quite the beauty that I spent 3 fun filled days with....


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