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  • Updated Map?
    With all the changes and new bars in the soi buakhao area does anyone have and updated bar and agogo map for Patts?

  • Pattaya Mai 2012.WMV
    Pattaya Mai 2012.WMVEin paar Bilder aus PattayaFrom:zeus9931Views:0 0ratingsTime:05:17More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Topping up thai sim card
    Hi guys just a quick question on my trip i bought a ditac payg sim, i think it is valid till dec this year but i wont be going to pattaya now untill feb. Is there a way i can top it up to keep it active?thanks

  • Devils Den Staff Party
    Hi Guys just a heads up about the Devils Den staff party pictures on their Facebook page.Thay have had the party on Wednesday night and thay been posting some pictures of it on their Facebook page all week.It's up to 47 pictures.These are great pictures of the girls having a drink and dancing.Go and have a look beccause i can not stop looking at them.Toyotman

  • Graphic film on Female Sex Tourism cheered in Cannes
    Seems like more and more relatively(compared to 3rd world) rich European women going to Africa or Carribean to find a 'rastatute'....not sure if there's an equivalent of Pattaya for women but it shows that sex tourism is a growth industry and despite the pious nonsense spoken to most it's not just a thing for men....Sign of the times..."However as their affair continues, his demands for mone...

  • Page10 (Pattaya).wmv
    Page10 (Pattaya).wmvRum 513From:Bumpen66Views:0 0ratingsTime:01:59More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Sunset at Jomtien Beach Pattaya
    Sunset at Jomtien Beach PattayaFrom:abbkungViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:27More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • The Iron Club, world class poledancing!
    The Iron Club has been one of my most visited GoGos since it opened, inspite of crappy seatings, disrupted views, expensive barfines and loud eardeafening music!Reason they have some of the sexiest looking nude dancers in town!Also some very naughty girls doing lesbian acts hanging in the roman rings over the Jacuzzi!Although this year I've been a bit disappointed it's gone a bit downhill a...

  • In room Jacuzzi/Spa Bangkok
    Hey does anyone recommend or know a good hotel in Bangkokwith in room Jacuzzi/Spa Want to spend 3 nights in BKK during my next trip in August beforehitting Patts Cheers !

  • LL Dance-Off MC.mov
    LL Dance-Off MC.mov Lima Lima Night Club in Pattaya, Thailand presents the "Dance-Off". 1 winner will take home 10000 baht and other great prizes. The dance contest will be hosted by none other than Phoenyx Novelle from the house band "Foreign Exchange" and guest host Tino-V from Candy Shop band located on Walking Street. If you think you have what it takes to be named the Lima Lima #1...

  • Pattaya 2 Arabs have safe cracked....
    I just saw on Pattaya addicts how 2 Arabs had there safe broken into and a large amout of money taken..It did not seem to be damaged the safe (small hotel type) So i looked up how this could be done on thenet.. There a video of some kid opening one.. You just bang them on the top and they open up..Theres also some one doing it with a potato.. I knew they where not that safe becuse of mast...

  • Who to get a rep watch from ?
    In Pattaya in a week and a mate wants an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch ---- I am a watch fiend and love them but cant remember who the best dude in Patts for a knockoff is. Search "buy watch pattaya" yeilded 38 pages so anyone can suggest a dealer and how to find em it would be greatly appreciatedCheers

  • Eastiny Place (Pattaya).wmv
    Eastiny Place (Pattaya).wmvRum A704From:Bumpen66Views:3 0ratingsTime:01:10More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Airport To Pattaya
    Mr T unfortunately for some reason does not have a taxi for me , anyone knows how else can i get to Pattaya? If anyone is arriving at the Bangkok Airport on 22nd around noon then i would be more than happy for some company!

  • a piano to play?
    I play the piano. Not very well ... and I can not play any songs you would know... but, I can play the blues ( in the key of C) .. and I like to just make stuff up. I have been playing for about 20 years and would like to find access to a piano I could play for awhile. .. ... The town I am from in in Iowa, USA actually had 10 pianos on various street corners for people to play .. like publi...

  • At Mind (Pattaya).wmv
    At Mind (Pattaya).wmvRum 1617From:Bumpen66Views:0 0ratingsTime:01:40More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Fun Trip itenerary for 23 days (BKK-KUL-SIN-AC)
    hello everyone, i will arrive to BKK from istanbul on 16 june.i already have been in pattaya and angeles so this time i want to explore other cities too.beside pattaya, i plan to visit Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Angeles city.which option would you recommend mei could not decide where yo start my fun trip? should i start it from pattaya? or better to put pattaya to the last days of my itene...

  • What time does Made in Thailand Beer Bar Complex open?
    What time does the action start at Made in Thailand Beer Bar Complex? Are there short time rooms available or nearby? What are the ladies like? cost - ladies. rooms and drinks?Thanks

  • Beautiful 1 BR condo for sale at Chateau Dale
    Condo for Sale in Pattaya (Jomtien) - Chateau Dale - 1 BR, 68 sqm, 4.2 million Fantastic renovated condo at Chateau Dale. Imported Italian floor tiles, gourmet kitchen, hand crafted leather furniture, raised ceilings and splendid sea and city views. Thoughtful design and impeccable quality throughout! View more details by clicking on the link below.http://www.bigmangop...teau-dale/26112...

  • Can anyone translate this form me
    Got these texts on my TGF's phone the other day, she is a bit cloudy on explaining what they mean in english.Anyone able to translate for me, I have tried all the online shit but nothing makes much sense.thxsms 1 : มิ้วว่างโทรหาพี่ดวย้มีเรี่องจะปรึกสาดว่นดาย้sms 2 : ต่ายโทรกลับหาพี่ด้วยตอนนี้อยู่ใหนสบายดีหรึอเปล่าหรึอยังงัยพี่คิดถึงเรานะsms 3 : กบอยู่ใหนวันเสาร์เราจะขึ้นไปพัทยาแ...

  • Getting Kamagra into Thailand
    Will I have a problem at the airport if bring Kamagra or any other similar stuff into the country?

  • Dj Leo Gancore Club@Pattaya Music Festival 2012
    Dj Leo Gancore Club@Pattaya Music Festival 2012GMM Z Arena เวทีสีม่วง Central Festival Pattaya วันศุกร์ที่ 27 เมษายน 2555From:BulletbwoyzViews:2 0ratingsTime:19:09More inMusicSee The Video Here

  • Party at Quicky Bar, tuesday May 22 (Fons birthday)
    The standard open-bar-happy-birthday-schuubang, with free food, funky live music, a few free shots, stapled hundred baht notes hung around the neck of an exceedingly dolled up, rosy cheeked birthday girl, girls somewhat more drunk and amped up than usual. It will all be there, and given the usual high athmospheric standards provided at QB – prognosis is that it will probably be worth a visit....

  • So how many of you carry your passports all the time?
    As Thai law states, you should be able to produce a passport on demand, be it you're outside of your hotel having lunch, at disco, etc. What happens if you aren't able to produce one immediately? Will the BiB take some sort of small tea money and let you go?

  • Viewtalay6 condo for rent. 26 floor. From June 3, 2012 - July 3, 2012.
    We are in Viewtalay6 condo next to Central Festival beach shopping center on the 26th floor facing Walking Street. Extremely clean and quiet condo studio condo with balcony available for only 16,000 baht. From June 3, 2012 - July 3, 2012.Amenities include:-Swimming pool.-Wifi.-Cable.-Laundry.-Massage.-Hot water.-Large fridge.-Great view.-24 hour security.-Covered parking.-Fully fur...

  • cost of 4 hr 'take away' on soi 6?
    As the title says........

  • Enduro Pattaya 19-05-2012.mov
    Enduro Pattaya 19-05-2012.movSaturday morning ride after a good nights rain, KX450f (2012) KX250f (2012) and Drink Up on a 700cc Raptor.From:EnduroThailandFunViews:0 0ratingsTime:07:01More inPeople & BlogsSee The Video Here

  • KWANJAI SAMSON - Tathip WATCH OUT this GIRL - THAILAND/Pattaya/Bangkok
    KWANJAI SAMSON - Tathip WATCH OUT this GIRL - THAILAND/Pattaya/BangkokWARNING : This Thai girl name Kwan - Kwanjai - Hard living in Pattaya - Bangkok - Soensang (Korat) is very clever and smart girl.This lady try many Farang to manipulate and slowly take money-gold-Family support and especially building her house in Ban Rat.(Isaan).She seams to be the perfect Thai girl....but inside is a mo...

  • Which gym should i get a 1 year or lifetime
    Hi Guys,Just been reading the forum and it seems Tony's Gyms were up for Sale last month, Now bad news for C wow. I dont mind training at either one. However just cant be bothered buying a membership and having it go bust the next.Any one know the price for a yearly or life time forTony :Califonia Wow :Also does anyone recoomend another gym which has good weights and cardi regards Ray

  • Rayong Annual Fruit Fair 2012 Kick’s Off May 25 – Rhambutan Fruit @ 1 THB/Kg!
    Farmers were in trouble, so the Rayong provincial municipality intervened by organising Rayong Fruit Fair 2012. During the fair there will be rambutan fruit sold at only 1 THB per kilogram.Rayong’s Annual Fruit Fair 2012 fair will run from May 25-27. Location: Rayong convention center Ma’Yong, Makhamkoo, Pattananikom.There will be many kinds of fruits and fish products for sale. Activities...

  • Pattaya Mother & Daughter Beggar Duo Arrested on Walking Street
    CWCP Police 2 arrested a drunken mother who was begging with her 8-years-old daughter who sat on mat with a puppy on Pattaya Walking Street. The mother claimed that she didn’t force her daughter to beg but the daughter didn’t want go to school. She begged because she needed money to feed their dogs and cats.PATTAYA – May 17, 2012 [PDN]; Pol.Lt.Col.Ormsin Sukkarnka- Vice Director of Children...

  • Ban Chang Bar Crawl Tuesday May 22 THE DRUNKEN DUCK & IRISH ROVERS
    THE DRUNKEN DUCK AND THE IRISH ROVERSwill be doing bar crawls to BAN CHANGevery week as a combined effort so stop into eitherTHE DRUNKEN DUCK AND THE IRISH ROVERSand sign up for theBan Chang Bar CrawlTuesday May 22Cost is 300B which includes a mini bus ride to and back From Ban ChangBe at THE DRUNKEN DUCK or THE IRISH ROVERS at 2:30 pmDeparture Time from Ban Chang is 8:00 pm...

  • Pattaya for 1 year....
    Its safe to say im addicted to Pattaya. Been 4 times, will be going again and thats all i think about. Ive had good times, bad times and lots of crazy times and i want more.So much so that im thinking about taking a year oif from work and moving to Pattaya. A permanent holiday for one year doing what i love most.Has anyone actually done this??The only thing stopping me is career. Is it w...

  • 20120427 Pattaya ICE แพ้แล้วพาล
    20120427 Pattaya ICE แพ้แล้วพาลFrom:1231yukikoViews:0 0ratingsTime:05:53More inMusicSee The Video Here

  • Pattaya park 1.wmv
    Pattaya park 1.wmvเช้าวันแรกที่ถึงพัทยา เรานั่งทานอาหารเช้าที่โรงแรมพัทย...

  • 20120427 Pattaya ICE Nah Ruk Gurn
    20120427 Pattaya ICE Nah Ruk GurnFrom:1231yukikoViews:0 0ratingsTime:03:41More inScience & TechnologySee The Video Here

  • Ricardo trifft Richard und erklärt die Aussprache
    Ricardo trifft Richard und erklärt die AusspracheRicardo trifft Richard zu später Stunde im Moon River Pub in PattayaFrom:Albert2961Views:0 0ratingsTime:00:18More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Ahead of crucial talks, G8 leaders press Iran
    Camp David, Maryland - G8 leaders Saturday pressured Iran to comply with demands by the international community that it come clean about its nuclear programme.View the full article

  • 20120427 Pattaya BIE Look Like Love
    20120427 Pattaya BIE Look Like LoveFrom:1231yukikoViews:0 0ratingsTime:02:05More inMusicSee The Video Here

  • 20120428 Pattaya WAN 3
    20120428 Pattaya WAN 3From:1231yukikoViews:0 0ratingsTime:03:14More inScience & TechnologySee The Video Here

  • 20120428 Pattaya WAN 2
    20120428 Pattaya WAN 2From:1231yukikoViews:0 0ratingsTime:05:21More inMusicSee The Video Here

  • Chelsea beat Bayern to win the Champions League
    Munich - Chelsea beat Bayern Munich 4-3 in a penalty shoot-out in the final of the Champions League on Saturday in Munich after the match finished 1-1 after extra time.View the full article

  • Pattaya Girls Walking Street. HD
    Pattaya Girls Walking Street. HDA 360 degree turn in Walking Street. Interesting perspective. Clearest video, it feels like im back there. You never know who you might meet, while traveling down Walking Street. lol pattayagirlsFrom:realpattayagirlsViews:1 0ratingsTime:01:08More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Mongering in Hua Hin
    Can anyone please help me out. Myself and a few mates have had 5 trips to Pattaya now (got back from the last one 2 weeks ago) and a couple of the wives are asking why go back to the same place.A thought is to break up the next trip with a couple of days in Hua Hin before we get to Pattaya.Whats the mongering scene like there and is it expensive (girls, grog, accomodation) ? I also believe...

  • Best website before I arrive
    I would like to get to know some TG's before I arrive.Is there one website much better than any of the others?Is there a website that BG's or go-go girls frequent?Is there a website that is just pretty much for hook-up's when people arrive?My trips vary greatly in time from 6 weeks to 3 days, it's on these 3 day trips I'd like to do some preliminary "work" to maximize my enjoyment.Thank...

  • Have anyone received a blow job at work from their secretary or underlings?
    I have been living the dream for the past decade or so here is my story fellas...I hired a beautiful Vietnamese secretary about 10 years ago. At the time she was 30 years old and happily married for the previous 10 years. At the time I hired her she was straight off the boat, very subservient, shy, and submissive. Even today she has a hard time looking me in the eyes. Anyway I saw tremen...

  • Congratulations Chelsea! European Champions 2012
    What an amazing game of football and what a strike by Drogba....and I never thought I would see the day an English team (albeit mostly foreign players) beat a German team on penalties!I'm very pleased the trophy has come back to England again.Abramovich has his dream come true finally and surely Di Matteo should be given the job, anyone else would be a complete injustice.Well done Chelsea

  • Will you ever get married (again)?
    After discovering Asia I decided not to marry here in the States. Reason: when the divorce happens I have a lot of money to lose and would be forced to work until old age! Divorce is the reason most Yanks work until they are old and gray.Anybody agree with my thinking?

  • French softcore erotic movie filmed in Thailand.
    The name is Le Journal Erotique d'une thailande. The movie was filmed in the 70's and shows the Grand Palace Temples empty and in shambles. The Temple of the Dawn Temple surrounded by dirt roads. A Patpong gogo bar bananna show. This is the Thailand before the tourist invasion. No English subtitltles.I loved it. You can download it on the pirate bay site.

  • Pattaya - Dudes Looking Like Ladies.wmv
    Pattaya - Dudes Looking Like Ladies.wmvPattaya lady boys often prettier than their female bar girl counter parts - can you spot the boys from the girls? A woman with a penis or a chick with a dick.From:andyfreeman6942Views:2 0ratingsTime:07:37More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • 17 mai Pattaya.mp4
    17 mai Pattaya.mp4Nordic i Thailand har laget en video fra 17 mai feiringen i Thailand nærmere bestemt Pattaya hvor det foregår på sjømannskirken. Det var en flott feiring og alle var i god stemning på vår alles bursdag.From:coast2coastfilmViews:6 0ratingsTime:08:07More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Behind-The-Scenes @ Eastern Drift Pattaya (Apr 2012)
    Behind-The-Scenes @ Eastern Drift Pattaya (Apr 2012)Behind-the-scenes @ Eastern Drift Pattaya (Apr 2012)From:RacingNewsThailandViews:1 0ratingsTime:05:56More inAutos & VehiclesSee The Video Here

  • Pattaya croco-woman
    Pattaya croco-womanFrom:TheoisxViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:23More inMusicSee The Video Here

  • Bangkok’s Infrastructure Woes
    Thailand's planners and politicians seem incapable of building major infrastructure projects which put the needs of passengers first.Instead, commuter ends up with badly designed, ill-thought out schemes, which seem to have considerations other than passenger comfort and convenience at their heart.The MRT, airport link, and even the airport itself, were all clearly deficient when it came to w...

  • 101 reasons to keep Walking Street
    According to sources not even remotely close to the decision makers, the buildings along the bayside section of Walking Street will be replaced by a posse of bulldozers and earthmovers within the next six months. Ho Hum. We’ve been hearing this rumour for years and years and one day, I suppose, it will eventually happen and all the rumourmongers will say, “I told you so.”Don’t worry, the above...

  • Wish You Were Here in Pattaya, Thailand
    Wish You Were Here in Pattaya, ThailandVisit our Facebook Page: ow.ly and Subscribe on your Youtube Channel: ow.ly Thailand is a wondrous kingdom, featuring Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, and spectacular islands. Along with a fascinating history and a unique culture that includes delectable Thai food and massage, Thailand features a modern capital city, and friendly people who epitomize...

  • Thailand Tourism Situation Pattaya
    Thailand Tourism Situation PattayaFrom:BrianleidenViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:43More inEducationSee The Video Here

  • Thailand Tourism Situation Pattaya by Tourists from China
    Thailand Tourism Situation Pattaya by Tourists from ChinaFrom:BrianleidenViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:54More inEducationSee The Video Here

  • Thailand Tourism Situation Pattaya by Tourist from Sweden
    Thailand Tourism Situation Pattaya by Tourist from SwedenFrom:BrianleidenViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:57More inEducationSee The Video Here

  • Thailand Tourism Situation Pattaya by Tourist from Norway 2
    Thailand Tourism Situation Pattaya by Tourist from Norway 2From:BrianleidenViews:0 0ratingsTime:01:30More inEducationSee The Video Here


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