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  • Dj Nut - Live @ music festival pattaya 2012.mp4
    Dj Nut - Live @ music festival pattaya 2012.mp4Dj Nut - Live @ music festival pattaya 2012From:uffskyViews:0 0ratingsTime:02:08More inHowto & StyleSee The Video Here

  • do you tell the girls you`ve had a kamagrs cialis etc.....
    For all those who take kamagras viagras cialis etc do you ever admit to your TG of the moment that you `ve taken one.Theres no doubt in my mind most of them have an idea,especially when you are going at it hammer and tongs for ages after having a skinful,but are probably too polite to say anything.when i`ve had a few i sometimes pop a kamagra,i sometimes go to the kiss restaraunt with the new...

  • 17. Mai 2012 Pattaya.mpg
    17. Mai 2012 Pattaya.mpg17. mai 2012 i den norske sjømannskirken i Pattaya. Nesten 400 mennesker var tilstede, faktisk ny rekord for oppmøte til et enkelt arrangement i sjømannskirka, og litt flere enn de hadde regnet med. Det ble en veldig fin 17. mai med gratis frokost, bløtekaker, varme pølser, brus, kaffe, T-skjorter til barna, fin gudstjeneste, allsan...

  • 17. mai på Sjømannskirka
    17. mai på SjømannskirkaThe Norwegians celebrated their Constitution Day at the Seaman Church in Pattaya. See more videos on www.jomtienpeople.comFrom:pkdurumViews:0 0ratingsTime:08:59More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Yingluck launches anticorruption campaign
    Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra Friday instructed top officials to rally behind the campaign to root out corruption, especially in relation to bribes being taken in exchange for government positions.View the full article

  • Immigration shut down another illegal Chinese Call Center situated in Pattaya
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverImmigration Police have uncovered yet another foreign call center based in Pattaya. Police Colonel Itipon, Deputy Commander of Immigration Region 3 led the operation to shut-down the center on the strength of a search warrant for a property in Nong Pla Lai on the outskirts of P...

  • Suspected drug dealer caught with drugs and gun by Pattaya Police
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverFollowing the arrest of low level drug users, a high-level drug dealer has been arrested by Pattaya Police. Information regarding the target, Khun Saeksan aged 28 was collated and led to his arrest on Thursday Night. He was caught with 129 Yabba Tablets, 27.49g of Crystal Metha...

  • Buying cigarettes in LOS.....
    Do they sell international brands or should I bring my own supply?

  • Mother and Daughter street beggars detained by Pattaya Police on Walking Street
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverPeople on Walking Street in South Pattaya complained to Pattaya Police regarding a woman, who appeared constantly drunk who was accompanied by a young child who would be seen begging for money while her mother sat nearby drinking Thai whisky. Police detained the woman, Khun Pig...

  • Thai-US CARAT Military Exercise begins
    pattya city real estate property condos house sale rent buy jomtien bangkok luxury hotel spa resort store gold silverThe arrival of four U.S. Navy ships and several aircraft at various ports on Thursday marks the beginning of 18th Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) Thailand 2012. CARAT is a series of bilateral military exercises between the U.S. Navy and the Armed Forces of Ban...

  • Three more suspects arrested in call centre scam
     BANGKOK, May 18 – The Thai authorities arrested three more men in connection with call scams which surfaced in the past week, and seized a large amount of equipment used in the international operation.Police on Friday searched a house in Bangkok's Ramkhamhaeng area after six suspects had been arrested at a supermarket on Thursday while they were withdrawing cash of Bt1.3 million, believed to...

  • Ann - Sky Bar
    Out of pure curiosity, anyone seen this chick around? was with her for a day/night in December, awesome rack, best english.Said she was from surat thani and was only in pattaya for a few months which is most likely bullshit because her english was way too good.Just curious, was a cool chick.

  • DSI: Thai state officials connected to 22 deaths in 2010 protest
    BANGKOK, May 18 – Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation (DSI) said on Friday it has concluded that 16 deaths during the 2010 political riots might have been caused by state officials, while 12 other deaths may be caused by red shirt protesters.DSI Chief Tharit Pengdit said there is solid evidence proving state officials were involved with the deaths of 16 out of 89 persons during the...

  • Fantasy of love making in hotel swimming pool
    hi all ! i am going to pattaya next month and looking to fulfill all my fantasy .. one of them is to making out in hotel swimming pool at night :-) is it possible in Pattaya ? ? or BKK ? have lot of such wish.. pls .. help me !

  • Thai police arrest Taiwanese on suspicion of selling human foetuses
    Thai police on Friday arrested a Taiwanese man for allegedly selling human foetuses over the internet as good luck charms, media reports said.View the full article

  • Main Water Pipe in North Pattaya Left Broken.wmv
    Main Water Pipe in North Pattaya Left Broken.wmvFrom:PattayaPeopleMediaViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:56More inNews & PoliticsSee The Video Here

  • Mandarin bar update
    Has anybody recently been to Mandarin? Is it a fun destination for late afternoon/evening fun or is it as dead as a dodo?Went there one evening last August and there was a cracking chick with long legs to die for dancing on stage.

  • “Vietnamese Specials” at Ginger & Lime Restaurant
    Published : May 18, 2012 :: 16:05:06 [ 17 views ]“Vietnamese Specials” at Ginger & Lime RestaurantThroughout the month of May, “Ginger and Lime” the Asian Restaurant of Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya is serving an exotic collection of Vietnamese specialties.Saigonese Pancake (Baht 490++), a Crispy Vietnamese pancake with scallops, tiger prawns and mushrooms. Saigonese Steak (B...

  • Hilton Pattaya Receives Recognition in Asia Pacific as “Highly Commended Best Hotel Thailand”
    The well-designed hotel creates waves internationally with innovative service and best in class Thai hospitalityPATTAYA, Thailand – May 8 2012 – Hilton Pattaya was today awarded “Highly Commended for Best hotel, Thailand” by the inaugural Asia Pacific hotel Awards 2012-2013. Held in association with HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad, the award is rated across various categories for specific types an...

  • 17. mai på Sjømannskirka
    17. mai på SjømannskirkaThe Norwegians celebrated their Constitution Day at the Seaman Church in Pattaya. See more videos on www.jomtienpeople.comFrom:pkdurumViews:3 0ratingsTime:08:59More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Police, red shirts prepare for second anniversary commemoration
    Police plan to deploy more than 1,000 police to the red shirts' commemoration of the second anniversary of the political violence at Ratchaprasong intersection on Saturday.View the full article

  • Where to get a hair cut in Pattaya
    Hi All,I've used this lady several times in the past and her hair trims and or hair cuts have been outstanding so far. She will cut your hair how you want it cut.Just let her know that you just want a little bit of a trim and still covering the ears and she will do it that way for you.I've had some shockers with some salons in Thailand as they just want to get out the electric razor and shav...

  • OUTPUT_AVSEQ01.avi
    OUTPUT_AVSEQ01.aviPattaya Dolphins World and ResortFrom:Pattaya1957Views:0 0ratingsTime:00:05More inEntertainmentSee The Video Here

  • Briton of Chinese origin arrested with six foetuses
    BANGKOK, May 18 - A British citizen was detained today in possession of six human foetuses set to be smuggled into Taiwan, according to police.Police from the Children and Women’s Protection Sub-Division on Friday told a news briefing that Chow Hok Kuen, a 28-year old British citizen of Taiwanese origin, was apprehended at a hotel room in Bangkok's Chinatown area.At the site, police found and...

  • Constitution Court disqualifies Jatuporn
    The Constitution Court Friday disqualified Jatuporn Promphan as a Pheu Thai MP.View the full article

  • Project Update – May 2012
    May 2012 Newsletter Construction is well under way at Bang Saray Beach Condo. The fourth floor is finished and prices are increasing 10% soon!Download the Project Update Photos hereWith the building going up, we will be INCREASING PRICES by 10% on June 1, 2012.Download updated prices and availability here: http://www.bangsaraybeachcondo.com/BBC_Prices.pdfReserve a unit before that date an...

  • Ned Kelly Bar, Pattaya (Soi Lengkee)
    They do a least two set English breakfast menus, I chose the 95 Baht option. Enjoy the pictures!

  • Myanmar media censorship to end next month
    Yangon - The Myanmar government's strict censorship of political news content will cease next month with the establishment of a press council, media industry sources said Friday.View the full article

  • Facebook sets 38-dollar share price for record IPO
    San Francisco - Facebook on Thursday finalized the price at which it will offer its shares to the public for the first time on Friday in the largest ever initial public offering for a US technology company.View the full article

  • Revenge Shop Owner in Pattaya Thialand
    Revenge Shop Owner in Pattaya ThialandFrom:Views:0 0ratingsTime:01:23More inPeople & BlogsSee The Video Here

  • Amazon Condominium Jomtien Pattaya Thailand
    Amazon Condominium Jomtien Pattaya Thailandparadiserealty.ruFrom:ParadiseRealtyTVViews:0 0ratingsTime:02:56More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Good Food, Cheap Price - Eating Out in Jomtien Beach, Pattaya Thailand
    Good Food, Cheap Price - Eating Out in Jomtien Beach, Pattaya ThailandVisit my website at www.junglejoel.com - eating out is a favorite local restaurant in Jomtien Beach, Thailand. Everything is cooked fresh and the typical entree costs about US $1.00. Please rate and comment, thanks.From:joelp63Views:26 2ratingsTime:01:53More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Guesthouse Recommendation, Please?
    Hi, I took a look at the top 14 or so (pinned) hotels, but they didn't list their prices, and that's important to me, so-I'm just asking if any of you can recommend a guesthouse to me, please.This is what I'm looking for:Location- Loosely speaking, Soi Buakhow, around Soi LK/Diana areaPrice- 3,000~3,500 Baht weeklyAmenities- Wifi IN THE ROOM- Not merely a sign that claims to have that...

  • My gf is being threatened by mafia
    hello allim looking for some constructive advice or comments. stupid me, fallen in love with a tg in pattaya. we did meet in a gogo, but she also runs a salon.a few months after we met and on her own accord she quit the gogo. like many thai farang relationships we have the occassional misunderstandings. on the whole she isnt particularly materislistic and is mostly down to earth. she doesnt...

  • Greenfields 4, Pattaya Pool Villa For Sale
    Greenfields 4, Pattaya Pool Villa For Salethanks for watching for more info; www.propertyselectpattaya.com/present/ref/PSH009From:propertyselectViews:4 0ratingsTime:02:15More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Greedy Chonburi Daughter Tricked Her Mother To Sign Over a Land Deed
    A daughter planned to take to her siblings’ inheritance from their 81-years-old mother by changing the name in the deed in 2002.CHONBURI – May 16, 2012 [PDN]; Mrs.Boonplook Lamsamang a 81-years-old woman was left to live alone by her children because they had moved out to live with their own families. She owns 6.400 square meters of land, to be equally divided by her three children. But the...

  • Bada Bing still coyote
    Yesterday evening I visited Bada Bing for the second and probably last time. I saw 5 male waiters, some door girls sheltering from the rain, 2 teams of 5-6 overdressed coyotes (most of them older ones with ugly bellies), 1 team of topless coyotes (in black shorts), 1 (ONE) fat katoey in a striped dress and 2 (TWO) other customers. The toilets are still those of the old TQ2. I also went to 2 of...

  • West Ham Blackburn Play-off final for EPL
    Would anyone know if any bars are showing the English championship play-off final between Blackburn and West Ham this Saturday evening at 9pm?Cheers

  • So you want a free hotel upgrade?
    I am starting this thread with a bit of trepidation as i got flamed by a few guys for my previous thread "So you want to get a free business class flight upgrade"??? Nobody likes it being implied that they are making things up, are a fantasisist or a purveyor of porkies, so I was thinking of aborting this thread. Then I thought WTF!The intention is to start a debate and discussion about how b...

  • Greenfields 3, Pattaya House For Rent
    Greenfields 3, Pattaya House For Rentthanks for watching for more info; www.propertyselectpattaya.com/present/ref/PSH012From:propertyselectViews:2 0ratingsTime:02:01More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Pattaya Girls Beach Road At Night. PART 2
    Pattaya Girls Beach Road At Night. PART 2Hot Pattaya girls come out to play at night. Beach road Pattaya Thailand. Shot with Dslr with 35mm 1.8 lensFrom:realpattayagirlsViews:3 0ratingsTime:02:15More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • MoohinTV - Pattaya Floating market
    MoohinTV - Pattaya Floating marketwww.moohin.com ตลาดน้ำ 4 ภาค เสน่ห์พัทยาแห่งใหม่ เป็นสถานที่ท่องเที่...

  • How long is short time ?
    How long is short time ? IME in the past there has never been a hard limit and I have known many girls who didn’t go back to their gogo after the deed. Recently I’ve heard from several girls that they have to get back to the gogo within a certain time. It’s only mentioned when you’re in the room already or when you ask it explicitly up front. I’m not sure about it, but there could be a link to...

  • Greenfields 4, 2storey, Pattaya Pool Villa For Sale
    Greenfields 4, 2storey, Pattaya Pool Villa For Salethanks for watching for more info; www.propertyselectpattaya.com/present/ref/PSH011From:propertyselectViews:5 0ratingsTime:03:06More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Pattaya Girls Beach Road. At Night.
    Pattaya Girls Beach Road. At Night.Pattaya Girls come out to play at night.. Walking down beach road pattaya Thailand.From:realpattayagirlsViews:3 0ratingsTime:01:32More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Real Cajun food
    Being here in Japan, Cajun food is really hard to come by.I remember I saw a couple of signs for cajun restaurants on soi 13, I think.Can we get real Cajun food in Pattaya?I know Coup at the Chicken Coup cooks up some grub sometimes. So they have a standing menu?Cheers!!

  • SangSom PostParty Pattaya TNN 15-05-12
    SangSom PostParty Pattaya TNN 15-05-12From:Views:0 0ratingsTime:01:03More inPeople & BlogsSee The Video Here

  • Pattaya Cops Catch Illegal Mobile Phone Sellers at Tuk Com
    Pattaya Thai Police and Department of Intellectual Property arrested intellectual property violators at Tuk Com in South Pattaya.PATTAYA – May 16, 2012 [PDN]; The Director the Center of Protection of Intellectual Property, Pol. Col. Theeraphol Jindaluang and his team arrested vedors of illegal of mobile phones on the second floor of Tukcom Pattaya, South Pattaya.The arrested vendors are: Ms...

  • Pattaya Girls Beach Road.
    Pattaya Girls Beach Road.Pattaya Girls come out to play. Walking down beach road pattaya Thailand at night.From:realpattayagirlsViews:6 0ratingsTime:01:32More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Sms to to thai phone from pc ?
    Is there a internet or pc program where you can send a sms message to a thai phone from you pc in the usa?

  • View from my rented Dancewatchers condo VT6
    May 2012 ,Room 1006, 26 FloorPanorama 1-001.JPGPanorama 3-001.JPGPanorama 4-001.JPGPanorama 5-001.JPGPanorama 6-001.JPGPanorama 8-001.JPGPanorama 9-001.JPGPanorama 10-001.JPGPanorama 11-001.JPG[attachment=331416:Pan...

  • The Ultimate GFE ? but Beware!
    Whilst I understand that writing this may well evoke some comments that I may not like or want to hear I still feel the need to write it as it may help me and others and perhaps answer some questions, though that I doubt.I met Joi last year, she was a hostess at one of the gogos on Walking Street, you know how it happens, a smile on the way in and then a few minutes later she is sitting by yo...

  • WANTED by the Style Police
    The 1980s Fashion Police recently issued this photograph of a suave, handsome, hirsuite individual, now said to now be go-going about the sois of Fun Town.It is believed they have found a highly toxic  Rick Astley, Bucks Fizz, Buggles and Duran Duran compilation tape in the dinner jacket he hired to go to The Opera in the 1980s, which he mistakenly attended believing it to be a posh go-go bar....

  • Huge White Tiger poses with Janine at Stone Park Pattaya
    Huge White Tiger poses with Janine at Stone Park PattayaFrom:pjspear1Views:0 0ratingsTime:05:44More inTravel & EventsSee The Video Here

  • Where can I buy Cutters Choice tobacco?
    Hi guys does anyone know were i can buy Cutters Choice tobacco?

  • The Truly Obsessed about Pattaya Section
    Are you a Pattaya addict?Can't sleep at night because your thinking about Pattaya?Read all the threads twice already?Obsessive compulsive "view new content" button disorder?We have more content for your addiction.http://www.pattaya-a...-pattaya-extra/This section is fed by a feed from google alerts, every new page on the internet with the word Pattaya in it or Pattaya related, will...

  • Facebook richest tech IPO
    Facebook on Friday is to make the richest-ever share offering for a technology firm, raking in billions of dollars it could wield to dethrone Google as king of the Internet.Bufferc11fe4c47fad7a3f0e1b0283920e7e05View the full article

  • VIP mini bus
    Hi,I am looking for a VIP Mini Bus based in Pattaya or Bkk. What I want is basically a mini bus with at least four large single seats, if possible with seats that can be turned around so that two are sitting straight forward and the other two are turned towards them, but still providing lots of legroom for all.It can be a normal minibus, without any luxury - i just want the comfortable sing...

  • Betrayal/your country
    Guys would you betray your country in the unlikely event of war between/UK/,US/GERMANY/AUSTRALIA/NORWAY and others. i would i love Thailand much more it has given me more pleasure and happiness and i would be a traitor in the unlikely event of war between the UK and Thailand shit yeah

  • Pattaya Girls.. Funny Little Things..
    Pattaya Girls.. Funny Little Things..From:timsharkmanViews:12 0ratingsTime:01:18More inEntertainmentSee The Video Here


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